Yacht charter Terms and Conditions

Yacht charter Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions 

Here is an example of standard Boking Agreement for the bareboat boat charter. If you would like to charter skippered boat or crewed yacht, please send us an inquiry to 12@12knots.com and we will send you standard terms for these types of charters.

12 Knots LLC acts as a mediator for processing bookings between The Client and the Local Parner (Charter Company)

Main steps to complete booking:

  1. Offer confirmation. Once 12 Knots receives an online inquiry from the client, 12 Knots will send the client yacht option confirmation – reservation valid for 1-4 days from the day it was sent.
  2. Reservation. Once client has received offer he/she has 4-day period to confirm the booking via e-mail, or reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  3. Invoice. After booking confirmation from the client 12 Knots will send the client an: 1) Invoice 2) Booking agreement
  4. Booking. Once 12 Knots receive first installment from the client, 12 Knots will send to the client: 1) Payment confirmation via e-mail 2) Charter terms and conditions (Don't book any flights or make trip arrangements before final confirmation from 12 Knots).

Important! It is solely customer’s responsibility to check and confirm all boat details and extras PRIOR to the booking (paying the invoice). 12Knots will not refund or cancel bookings based on customer preference or the boat not being equipped with desired amenities.

  1. If charter date is within 3 days – 45 days: Full payment of booking is required within 48 hours.
  2. If charter date is 46 day or more – 50% of full payment is required within 48 hours of booking and final payment is required 45 days prior to the due date.
  3. Failure to make first installment in time once opting to book will result in cancellation of the booking.
  4. Failure to make second installment in time (within 24 hours of the payment due) may result in booking cancellation and first installment will be retained.
  5. All payments should be transferred to the 12 Knots LLC account on time, according to payment due on page 1.
  6. All payments should be done in USD according to the central bank foreign exchange rate on the day of payment.

All funds received by the Broker against this Booking Agreement excluding broker commission, will be transferred upon receipt to local partner account indicated in this Booking Agreement (Charter company), no later than 5 days from the day when Broker receives funds from a Charterer.

Payment can be made using the following means of payment:

  • Wire Transfer: 12 Knots LLC Bank account details are provided on the Invoice.
  • Credit card: upon request of the client. Processing fees may apply. (American Express and Amex are not excepted)

The client is responsible to ensure that the correct amount is transferred to 12 Knots account (reference official exchange rates for USD $ conversion). The client carries responsibility for payment receipts to be forwarded to 12 Knots.com in time ensuring that payment has been received by 12 Knots. If payment upon this Booking Agreement is made by person or company other than indicated in the in this Booking Agreement, it is clients responsibility to notify 12 Knots in writing that this payment was made on his behalf.

12 Knots LLC has the right to change and update means of payment at any time, without prior notification to the Client.

Payment using credit(s) card(s) is (are) accepted in accordance with the limits authorised by your credit card issuer;
The credit card holder must be identified as the client / charterer (the "client" mentioned in the booking agreement) OR needs to have written consent in the form of a third party authorisation form for use of another’s credit card. Failure to do so can result in legal proceedings and prosecution.

12 Knots charter quote is based on the yacht charter price including discounts and/or special offers. Additional sum indicated as Security Deposit indicates the maximum amount of money client is liable for in case of damage to the yacht. This excess amount can be waived in some cases by purchasing optional insurance (Damage Waiver) at the time of booking or check-in on the boat.

Additional charges on top of the basic charter price may include:

  1. Obligatory extras - mandatory additional charges for final cleaning, transit log, processing or any other fees on top of the yacht charter price. These fees are indicated in the Invoice and should be paid by the client accordingly.
  2. Optional extras: Skipper, Cook, Hostess service and/or additional equipment may be charged on top of the base charter price.

All Optional Extras should be confirmed by the client in advance, at least 14 days prior to the first day of charter.

  1. All transactions beyond the final payment should be completed directly with the local partner – i.e. additional Extras to be paid at base. 12 Knots bares no responsibility for any errors committed by the local partner in regards to pricing of extras, transaction errors and/or deposit returns.
  2. If the boat is returned without fuel, in an untoward condition or in a particularly unclean state, the local partner is liable to charge the client for the re-fueling, repair and/or additional cleaning of the yacht. 12 Knots accepts no responsibility for any additional costs incurred as a result.
  3. The client lays under commitment to pay the safety / damage deposit at the time of embarkation on the Vessel in full. The deposit shall be refunded in its entirety upon the return of the vessel, unless the existence of a damage or a defect on the vessel or the equipment is found during the takeover of the vessel. In case of loss or damage of the equipment, particular parts of the vessel or the vessel itself, local partner shall retain the amount (a part or the whole deposit), which corresponds to the value of repair, acquisition and/or purchasing the equipment or particular part of the vessel. In case the caused damage has the consequence that the vessel cannot be further chartered, local partner has the right to retain the amount corresponding to the loss of profit from the amount of the deposit.

Amount of deposit depends on the policy of the ‘Local partner’ and may vary from one boat, partner or country to another. 12 Knots bares no responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of the boat damage, retention of the deposit by the local partner or any disputes between client (charterer) and local partner.

  1. The client undertakes responsibility to be in possession of a valid navigation permit (sailing license), or leave navigation of the Vessel to a crewmember that has the relevant permit or license. The client guarantees his own nautical knowledge and competence in that area, both his own and the qualification of his crew, as well as his ability to operate the Vessel safely with regard to weather conditions and/or any other circumstances, taking over full responsibility for rational exploitation of the Vessel and it’s equipment.
  2. If local partner comes to conclusion that the client (skipper) does not possess appropriate and necessary knowledge and nautical competence, local partner may make a breach of charter Contract at any time without being obliged to pay back any amount or, in accordance with the established competence he may determine the limits of sailing for the duration of this Contract. Local partner is authorized for making such limitations if weather conditions or some other serious reasons should force to do so. For the reason of establishing the nautical competence of the client (skipper) local partner may organize a short common navigation knowledge test with the client. If the client (skipper) or at least one member of his crew do not possess appropriate and necessary knowledge and/or nautical competence, the client may use the Vessel as a "hotel". Boat documents, which have to be on board during the entire time of sailing will not be handed over to the client. In this case if there are additional marina fees applicable they will be paid by the client.

For important information regarding the licensing requirements for each country – Please consult 12 Knots.

Cancellation before embarkation:

If the client informs 12 Knots on his withdrawal from use of the Vessel not later than 8 weeks before the agreed charter should start, 50% of the total charter price will be retained. If the cancellation is later than 8 weeks or less, even due to objective reasons (death in family, heavy injury, illness (including Covid-19 or any other diseases or illnesses) etc.), paid price won't be paid back.

In the event the booked boat cannot be provided by the local partner at designated time and place (because of an accident or boat damage prior to the charter period, or due to any other reason) client will be contacted for a suitable replacement or re-imbursement according to the local partner charter terms and conditions.

However, regardless of possible reasons and extend of client’s associated expenses, the responsibility of local partner towards the client is limited to the amount of the paid charter price.

If for any reason the client is late for the booked charter dates, it is sole responsibility of the client to inform 12 Knots and contact the local partner (details provided in Base information)

Failure to collect the vessel in time – prior to closure of the local partner office without prior notification of the possible delay may result in booking cancellation without compensation. The local partner is liable to allow another booking to proceed the day following check-in day.

Failure to return the vessel at the designated ‘check-in’ time and place will result in extra charges. These extra charges will be indicated and charged by the Local partner. 12 Knots accepts no responsibility for clients who fail to return the vessel at the specified check-in time and place.

Neither party shall be liable for failure in its performance hereunder caused by any case of Force Majeure. "Force Majeure" shall be considered - as defined by the applicable regulation(s) - as any irresistible or unforeseeable event, independent of the party suffering of the case of Force Majeure, which prevents this party from fulfilling its obligations. Force Majeure event include but not limited to acts of God, fire, epidemics, war (declared or undeclared), warlike actions, insurrection, revolution or civil strifle, pieracy, civil war or hostile actions, strikes, acts of public enemy, federal or state laws, rules and regulations of any government authorities having or asserting jurisdiction in the premises of of any other group, organization or informal association (whether or not formally recognized as government), and any other cause beyond the reasonable control of 12 Knots LLC and or local parner which makes continuance of operations impossible.

12 Knots accepts no respinsibility for additional costs incurred by the client as a result of changes to the charter due to force majeure.

In the event of a delay or failure of performance due to Force Majeure:
i.    Payments made by the Charterer to the Broker upon this booking agreement towards the charter shall be used as credit for future charter with the same charter company / local parner. No refunds will be provided.
ii.    Charter company / local partner will work with Charterer to reschedule the charter to new dates or book a new charter on the same or different Vessel agreeable to the Charterer, based upon availability and the Charterer’s preference. If the parties cannot book a new charter at that time, Charterer’s deposit will remain as a credit with charter company / local partner.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that 12 Knots LLC, its officers, directors, employees will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to: damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data and/or other intangible losses (even if 12 Knots.com has been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from the online booking.

12 Knots in this Agreement have no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to the person or property of the client or any of the Guests, and furthermore, 12 Knots is under no liability for any errors of judgment or description or otherwise, of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising, and shall be under no further obligation, duty or responsibility to the local partner or the client save as set out herein. 12 Knots have no responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of changes in the charter initiated by the client or local partner or any disputes raised between the client and local partner. 12 Knots have no responsibility for any claims or disputes arised by the client in case of bankruptcy or inability of local partner (charter company) to provide requested boat. All claims and disputes should be solely resolved, directly between charterer and local partner.

If you need additional information on your booking and/or any query prior to your arrival at the booking location, please contact the customer service team at 12 Knots.com on the email address or numbers provided on 12 Knots.com and on your booking confirmation.

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