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Trimaran charters

12 Knots offers trimarans charter – type of yachts that consists of three hulls: main hull and two smaller on the sides. Polynesian boat builders invented first trimarans. Construction of trimaran makes it a stable and spacious sailing boat offering comfort even for a big crew. Trimarans are well known for their speed and seaworthiness. Sport trimarans can reach speed over 45 knots (more than 50 mph), while standard cruising trimaran can do over 15 to 20 knots.

Free cancellation of reservation without obligations! You may reserve any boat and it will be on hold for you for 4 days free of charge
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South Africa

“Thank you Irina and the 12 Knots team”

Thank you Irina and your entire team for your excellent service culminating in a wonderful sailing holiday out of Fethiye, Turkey. The team at the Fethiye base was on top of their game and accommodating in every respect. The boat was in excellent con…

Peter Shaw

South Africa




“Great company that provides great…”

Great company that provides great customer service and find the best deals. I'm especially grateful to Grigory for helping us negotiate and reschedule our multi boat sailing trip that had to be postponed because of COVID-19. Great job and thank you!

Igor N





“Everything was perfect”

Everything was perfect from start to finish. Responses to my questions were fast, clear and reliable. We were confident when we arrived at the marina that everything would go as planned. And it did. We were greeted at the hotel, driven to the marina …

Sally McLaughlin




“Way more than expected!!!”

Preparing our trip the manager was really helpful finding the right yacht AND a German speaking captain. Our transfer to the yacht was outstanding. But the Yacht... we could not believe our eyes. It looked like brand new, was in a perfect condition. …

Myrthe van Bree

Germany / The Netherlands




“Would recommend!”

Grigory was wonderful to work with. We planned our first catamaran trip in less than 4 weeks, knowing very little. Grigory was easily accessible, and worked hard to make sure we had everything we needed. The actual trip was really a success due to ou…






“Great customer service!”

We had a fantastic experience using 12 Knots to find the perfect long-term charter situation for our family during COVID. They were extremely fast in responding to our inquiries and patient with a million questions on our end. We worked closely with …

Ann-Tyler Conradi



What Is a Trimaran?

A trimaran, is a multihull sailboat that features two smaller outrigger hulls connected by lateral beams to a wider, central main hull. The trimarans unique three hull design offers sailing enthusiasts the best of both worlds - the sailing capabilities of a monohull and the speed of a catamaran. Also referred to as a double outrigger, the design of this vessel makes them incredibly stable, buoyant, and fast.  

Initially developed by Austronesian people over four thousand years ago, trimarans were originally used for fishing in Southeast Asia; and, are still considered the traditional fishing boat in this part of the world.  Trimarans have also been used in times of war and as ferries to transport people, goods, and automobiles. 

Yet, it wasn’t until a Ukrainian immigrant, by the name of Victor Tchetchet, developed a more modernized sailing trimaran in 1945 -which piqued the interest of other boat builders who have since enhanced his design. Fast forward to the 1960’s and 1970’s when the trimaran made a name for itself in the boating world- quickly gaining popularity as both an exceptional recreational and racing sailboat. 

Trimaran Charters

Today’s modern trimarans are revered in the boating world for their remarkable speed and seaworthiness. The design and construction of trimaran yacht charter makes this sailboat exceptionally stable, so they are difficult to capsize even in the roughest waters. Their interior and exterior also offers comfortable sailing; and depending on the size, enough room to accommodate a large crew or group of passengers. 

12 Knots offers a terrific selection of exciting trimaran charters available in destinations throughout the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Caribbean. Whether you want to rent a bareboat and sail off on your own or hire a crewed sailboat to ensure a relaxing, stress-free vacation with family or friends, 12 Knots can assist you in finding the perfect trimaran for your trip. At 12 Knots, you’ll also be able to choose from an impressive collection of the most popular models such asCorsaire Marine, Motive, Exploder, Neels, Dragonfly, Farrier Marine, and more! 

Trimarans, Catamarans, and Monohulls- What’s the difference?

As with any boat rental you choose for your vacation, it’s important to know the differences in the sailboats available for charter. While some people will prefer a leisurely vacation where they can cruise along the coast, there are others who will prefer a more exhilarating high-seas adventure flying across the open waterLearning more about the different characteristics and features of these sailing vessels can certainly help you select the best charter for your needs, purpose, and the type of sailing trip you want to experience. 


Design, Performance, Stability, and Safety  

  • A monohull is a traditional sailboat featuring only one hull and sails. They can be powered by sails or an engine. 

  • All monohulls are designed with a ballast keel which is necessary to ensure its balance and stability on the water. 

  • A monohulls keel will increase displacement (weight of the water moved as the boat sails) and produce a greater wetted surface area- which will increase the drag (resistance on the water); creating a lower, sometimes more favorable, cruising speed. 

  • The heel (tipping to one side or the other) can be greater than that of a multihull sailboat (up to 20 degrees at speed) which for many passengers, can be either exciting or a nuisance. 

Space and Comfort 

  • Depending on the size, a monohull can be quite comfortable and spacious.  

  • Although unlike its multihull counterparts, the cabins, bathrooms, and gallery are located in the boat’s one hull (below deck). 

  • The ‘triangle’ shape of a monohull’s bow makes it less space-efficient than a multihull. 

Docking and Anchoring  

  • Docking at a marina is both effortless and less expensive because of its maneuverability and width.  

  • Unlike multihulls, the keel on a monohull doesn’t allow it to anchor close to shore or sail in shallow waters. 


Design, Performance, Stability and Safety 

  • Catamarans have two hulls and trimarans have three. They can be powered by sails or an engine(s). 

  • Designed without a keel, a multihulls weight is distributed between the hulls which creates balance and stability on the water. 

  • A multihull’s lack of a keel will produce a minimal wetted surface area, which in turn will cause less drag on the water- creating more lift and speed. 

  • Although multihull sailboats certainly have a reputation for speed, Trimarans surpass both monohulls and catamarans in regard to speed; with effortless acceleration, sport trimarans can reach speeds over 45 knots (more than 50 mph), while standard cruising trimaran can do over 15 to 20 knots. 

  • In terms of stability, a trimaran surpasses that of a catamaran or a monohull. A trimaran’s design of one main hull and two over-hanging hulls makes this vessel safe and more stable -faring much better in unpredictable weather/rougher waters and less likely to capsize than its counterparts. 

  • With a limited heel of only 5-10 degrees at speed, multihulls offer a much smoother and predictable sailing cruise on the water-safer for small children and elderly passengers 

Space and Comfort 

  • A trimaran’s living space is limited because it’s centered on the middle hull. Catamarans offer a more spacious living area; both offer comfortable cabins located in the hulls. 

Docking and Anchoring  

  • Multihulls are much wider than monohulls, so docking options might be limited and fees will be slightly higher. 

  • Unlike a monohull, multihulls can anchor in almost any bay. The absence of a keel results in having a lower/shallow draft which enables a cat or trimaran to venture much closer to shore. 

Cost of a Trimaran Rental

On the average, you can rent a trimaran for as little as $2,100 US dollars per week cruising Marseille- with luxury charters costing up to $14,000 per week sailing around Martinique. 

With special offers and booking discounts offered at 12 Knots, renting a trimaran is one of the most fun and exciting ways to travel the globe. Whether you decide on a bareboat rental or a hire a crew for your next vacation or race, the cost of your charter will always depend on the following factors: 

  • Trimaran size, age, and model 

  • Type of charter-crewed/bareboat 

  • Destination  

  • Duration of trip  

  • Season/time of year  

  • Amenities 

 For the best price and value for your money, you’ll want to contact 12 Knots to take advantage of their booking discounts and charter special offers 

Best Destinations for a Trimaran Charter

Although Trimaran charters are available throughout regions around the world, The Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Caribbean are some of the most popular destinations with home bases in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Martinique, Guadeloupe, Corsica, South of France, Northern France, and Croatia. 

Charter Trimaran Requirements

Bareboat trimaran charters in many countries will require a sailing license to operate the vessel. However, depending on the destination, a license might not always be necessary- but documentation stating your experience and sailing history will be requested. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from chartering a trimaran, as you can always choose to book a skipper for your sailing vacation. 

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