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12 Knots offers gulet charter – luxury sailing yacht originally developed in Turkey. These luxury sailing boats are available across Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic and other sailing destinations. The only way possible to charter a gulet is with a professional crew (usually the captain, first mate and cook) that does all the work. Spacious and well balanced, a gulet provides comfortable sailing for a large number of passengers. Length of these yachts varies from 18 to 35 meters, enough to comfortably accommodate 8 - 16 passengers. All cabins are equipped with double beds and spacious bathrooms. Rent gulet ensures guests an unforgettable sea adventure!

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Rent a boat Gulet (2002) in Greece

17.5 m
3 cabins
Min. duration:
7 Days
Equipment: standard


per week

Gulet gulet charter (2008)

17.5 m
3 cabins
Min. duration:
7 Days


per week

What Is a Gulet Charter?

Gulets are Turkish wooden motor-sailing yachts that are unique not only their appearance but also in their history. Derived from the French term golette, a gulet’s classic design resembles a schooner, featuring a wide broad beam body with a raised bow, rounded stern, and two or three masts. Enhancing its ‘old world’ charm, these distinctive vessels are crafted from a variety of pine finished in teak and mahogany. 

Native to the southwestern region of Turkey, gulets were traditionally built in Bodrum and Marmaris for the purpose of fishing and transporting goods along the Mediterranean coast. While gulets are still built in Turkish shipyards from wood and other contemporary materials, they have since evolved into one of the most renowned cruising charters that can now be found in many regions around the world. 

Today, all gulet charters come with a professional crew-typically a captain, first mate, and chef. Having a captain to operate the vessel and a chef to prepare meals, allows passengers to truly relax and enjoy their vacation. Spacious and well balanced, a gulet provides comfortable sailing for a large number of passengers-which is why a crew is essential on this type of charter.  

The length of a gulet can vary from 18 to 55 meters- enough room to comfortably accommodate 8-16 passengers, with mega yachts accommodating up to 20 guests or more. These vessels offer spacious interiors and exteriors with a broad beam design that provides a considerable stern deck area, a large, fully equipped galley, ample storage space, and roomy, comfortable cabins and private heads (bathrooms). 

12 Knots offers a number of amazing gulet charters available in destinations across the Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic, as well as other worldwide sailing locations. Infused with the beautiful artistry of Turkish craftsmanship, modern technology, and innovation, 12 Knot’s gulet rental offers travelers comfort and convenience to ensure an unforgettable sea adventure! 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting a Gulet


Cost - Gulets are one of the most affordable options for a sailing vacation. This type of charter offers the best value for your money when travelling with a large group of people- or, if you simply want to book a private cabin and share the living space with other guests on board 

Space and comfort - The substantial size and design of this particular charter offers both spacious and comfortable interior and exterior areasUnlike a monohull sailboat, catamaran, or powerboat, a gulet can easily accommodate larger groups -generally, up to 16 people. 

Performance -Technically speaking, gulets are considered motorsailers; and, although they are outfitted with sails, they generally rely on diesel engines as their power source. This ensures a comfortable, smoother, and safer trip- which is beneficial for those travelling with children and elderly adults. 

Safety - As large and sturdy vessels, gulets are a safe way to travel in almost any weather condition. 

Convenience - Every gulet charter comes with a professional crew (generally available 24/7) who will cater to all your needs and preferences- providing you with a stress-free vacation. 

All inclusive - When you hire a gulet, meals, beverages, amenities, fuel, etc. will be included in the total cost. 

Amenities - Modern gulets offer a wide variety of amenities- In addition to state-of-the art fishing equipment, snorkeling gear, and other watersport toys, many of these charters provide air conditioning, hot tubs, fully stocked bars, jet skis, spacious sundecks, and more! 

Personalized Charter- Generally, gulet yachting offers more flexibility- where you can choose the route you want to take, the meals you’ll have on board, and any activities you want to participate in. 


  • Gulet charters do not offer the option of a bareboat rental- because a professional crew is needed to operate and maintain this particular vessel. 

  • Because of the size, gulet can carry more passengers than a motor or sailboat, so privacy might be an issue. 

  • These boats are designed for leisurely sailing along the coastal areas, unlike sail and motorboats that perform well on the open sea. 

  • Unlike sail and motorboats built from lighter-weight materials, gulets constructed from wood cannot match the speed of catamarans and powerboats. 

  • Maneuverability is more of a challenge than that of a sail or motorboat because of a gulet’s size. 

  • Docking fees might also be more expensive than a monohull or speedboat because of its substantial size. 

How to Choose the Right Gulet Charter for the Best Price

You simply can’t go wrong when you choose a gulet charter because you’ll always enjoy a world-class sailing experience on a uniquely beautiful and comfortable yacht. However, there are considerations that will affect the cost:  

  • Gulet size, age, and model 

  • Type of charter- entire boat or cabin rental 

  • Package- all inclusive: standard, deluxe, or luxury 

  • The crew’s wages (usually included in price) 

  • Destination  

  • Duration of trip  

  • Season/time of year  

  • Amenities 


Generally speaking, the cost of a standard gulet charter can range from $350US dollars to $1,200 per person/ per day with luxury charters starting at $3,000 and up.  

Most gulet charter destinations will be located around the Mediterranean; therefore, knowing when the low, mid, and high seasons are will be helpful in determining the price you’ll pay 

Low-seasonGreat deals are available during the months of May and October-which also means you’ll have more boat options to choose from. 

Mid-season - Although it’s popular time for bookings and a bit more expensive than low season, good deals can still be found in both June and September. 

High-season - The months of July and August are the most popular and busiest months for booking a gulet charter- options will be a bit more limited, but you can still find the perfect gulet rental that will suit both your needs and your budget. 

For the best price and value for your money, you’ll want to contact 12 Knots to take advantage of their booking discounts and charter special offers 

Destinations with the Best Selection of Gulet Charters

Renting a gulet is a terrific way to explore the beauty of the MediterraneanAegean, or Adriatic Sea while sailing with family or friends. And, no matter where you choose to sail to, you will always be surrounded by a professional crew- whose only goal is to provide you exceptional service while ensuring your comfort! 

Although many gulet charters have become available in various regions around the world, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, and Italy still offer the best destinations and largest selection of vessels when you’re looking to rent a unique yacht for your next vacation! 

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