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the Cabin Charters in Greece

12 Knots offers by the cabin charter in Greece on luxury catamarans, sailing yachts and gulets. Book a cabin and enjoy 7 day all-inclusive sailing vacations visiting magnificent isles of Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades, and Ionians. You may also choose to join a racing team and take part in offshore sailing race from Kos to Rhodes – Rhodes Cup regatta.


12 Knots invites you to become part of the racing team in Rhodes Cup regatta - international sailing race annually held in Greece. Candidates with little to no sailing experience are invited.

42ft м
3 Cabins
8 places

from €157

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7 Days / 6 Nights



Imagine boundless horizon in front of you and the wind fills white sails. It's a perfect sailing vacation in Greece by the cabin charter.

64m м
18 Cabins
42 places
Full board

from €243

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7 Days / 6 Nights



For many years, the Aegean Sea has been known as destination for relaxed sailing cruises under the Mediterranean sun, accompanied with great local cuisine and most turquoise sea. Explore Greek islands on board of a luxury motor-sailer and visit Mikonos and Santorini with its distinctive architecture and isolated beaches.

47m м
25 Cabins
49 places
Full board

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French Polynesia

“The trip was very good and the catering exceeded expectations”

The crew were very good and the catering exceeded my expectations. Our captain Hugo did more than expected to ensure we had a good time. The boat was OK considering its age but the cabins were hot at night. After first few nights I slept in the cockp…

Norman Best




“We had an excellent time in Seychelles!”

We had an excellent time in Seychelles ¡Excellent staff, everything went perfect and we had a lot of fun! I really want to thank you for all your cooperation and help during this time! Now I am back home with very nice memories and experience Again t…

Angelica Ziebe



French Polynesia

“The boat was beautiful and the crew was awesome!”

Hello Grigory, Our trip was great! We weren't really sure what to expect since we had never chartered a cabin before..... It definitely exceeded our expectations! The boat was beautiful and the crew was awesome! Definitely some of the best food and s…

Meredith Mason




“I had a great time and would definitely do it again”

We had a great time, the boat was beautiful, clean, and in working order. Our chef (Ina) was excellent and provided a variety of fresh dishes in astounding volumes. There was plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, water etc. Damien, the captain deviated …

Jennifer Tumlin




“I was slightly nervous going in”

It was absolutely terrific and if you’ll let me know which websites you list on I’m happy to leave 100% positive reviews there. I was slightly nervous going in, because you have a relatively small English language web presence, but I couldn’t be more…

Colin Bond




“We have enjoyed a lot 2 weeks on Catamaran in Bahamas”

We have enjoyed a lot 2 weeks on Catamaran in Bahamas. We have sailed in Abaco and mainly in Exuma; we did a great tour. The catamaran was very nice and roomy. The captain, Tony, was great: very professional and capable, always at our disposal, famil…

Alberto Monzoni



French Polynesia

“It couldn't have been better”

We had a really great time. It couldn't have been better!! Boat, crew, location were all awesome. Thanks so much. Alicia

Alicia Buckles




“Our sailing vacation was awesome / Lagoon 62 / May 2019 / BVI”

The captain (Damien) and chief (Michael) went out of their way to make the week special for everyone aboard. What we noticed about Damien was his concern about everyone’s safety during the week. We felt very secure with his expertise in handling the …

Tom Duckett




“It was truly a unique experience / Jne 2019 / BVI / Lagoon 620”

It was truly a unique experience. Despite a mishap that kept Ron out of the water due to fear of infection (he cut his leg pretty good while we were waiting for the ferry to scrub island) it was still enjoyable. The boat was great. Certainly the corr…

Karen E Grves




“Week onboard this lovely Lagoon 62 / BVI”

We spent a week onboard this lovely 62' sailing catamaran with 5 other couples (total 12 guests) The captain and chef were both French and at times it was difficult to understand what they were saying, but not a big deal. The captain (Damian) would a…

Ronald Garves




“Yacht was perfect”

Yacht was perfect - plenty of space and nooks to hang out in. Having sailed on a monohull before, the personal bathroom for each cabin on the catamaran was much appreciated. A/C in cabins was very nice. Plenty of hot water for showers. Ou…

Steven Wolter



Sailing holidays in Greece

Kos is one of the biggest islands Greece that represents a  unique mixture of Ancient Greece and Ottoman Empire culture. During your  sailing cruise, you will discover its rich history, this beautiful  island was the home of Hippocrates, numerous monuments, sandy beaches  and beautiful nature. It is very cozy, with warm energy and cheerful  islanders.

The Castle of Joanites (The Castle of the Knights of Saint John) is  considered to be the major attraction in Kos. A rather big castle that  has withstood the ravages of time is located right on the bay near the  harbor. The construction of the castle was started by the Knights of the  order of Saint John who came to Kos Island in 14th century.

After crossing a small bridge, you will find the Plane Tree of  Hippocrates. According to the legend this tree was planted about 2400  years ago by Hippocrates who toughed his students under the shade of  this tree.

By the cabin charter in Astypalaia

Miracles in Greece are not always explained by myths and  legends. Yacht cruise to Astypalea is a good example. This island in a  shape of butterfly, has never been mentioned in mythology, so there is  plenty of room to create your own story! The narrowest place of this  island is only 130 meters wide with beautiful shores from both parts.

Western part – Horus, is the second name of Astypalea. Here you may  visit one of the most beautiful settlements in the Aegean Sea. Build in  13th century Venetian fortress of Guerini is surrounded with white  houses with blue windows, doors, balconies and wooden handrails.

In the center, there is the 13th century Venetian castle. At the  castle entrance you can see the church "Our Lady of the Castle" and the  church of "St.Goerge" on the other side of the castle. The white church  of "Lady Portaitissa" (18th century) is situated below the castle. In  Analipsi there are many beautiful historical churches: St. Barbara,  Analipsi and the important monastery of "Our Lady Poulriani". At Agios  Andreas and Vathi, you will find sandy beaches with clear shallow water  and at the taverns you can enjoy fresh fish. A visit to Dragon's Cave  (Vathi), will give you the chance to see beautiful stalactites.

Santorini crewed yacht vacations

Sailing cruise to the most beautiful island in Greece -  Santorini. There are few sailing destinations that can boast beautiful  beaches, spectacular scenery, ancient cities, amazing restaurants and an  active volcano. But Santorini has all this and more. This island is  famous for the largest sea volcano in the world and picturesque  coastline.

Part of its crater went under water during an eruption, thus creating  a caldera – a funnel filled with sea water. The edge of the caldera is  an upright rock, approximately 300 meters high. You can get to the top,  conquering 687 steps, or simply taking a funicular. On the height of 220  meters above sea level, you reach Fira – the capital of Santorini. This  picturesque town is perched high up on the edge of the Caldera and  looks like a marvelous painting. Located high above on a cliff it offers an amazing view of the volcano.

During this sailing vacation, you will enjoy a thrilling panorama of  the island, admire the volcano and stroll along the town streets. Do not  miss Wine Museum, where you may learn the history of wine making on  Santorini Island.

The highest point of the island is the 16th century Monastery of  Profitis Ilias located on the mountain. Go ahead and enjoy the panoramic  view of the island and take beautiful pictures. Our final stop will be  in Fira - the island’s capital. The town offers a thrilling view of the  caldera and the volcano. Enjoy a stroll along the town streets, which  offer plenty of venues to buy souvenirs.

Iya is considered the second capital of Santorini Island. It is one  of the most picturesque settlements, offering the best sunsets on the  island. You cannot stay indifferent to this town with all its  attractions – the narrow side streets, white houses, bright blue of  domes and doors. Iya won the 1981 Italian architectural contest as a  town with best architecture. A visit to the Koutsoyannopoulos winery and  the winemaking museum therein offers a great wine tasting opportunity.  The museum, located at the very entrance to the winery, gives a glimpse  of wine production from the ancient times to present. Moving wax figures  demonstrate the process of wine making in the twenty four rooms of the  museum. Once the museum tour is over, we can get to the actual wine  tasting and even purchase any of your favorite wines.

Family sailing vacations to Paros

Most of the small ship cruises stop on this most typical Greek  island – with quiet villages, narrow streets and monasteries, walls of  which have been filled with prayers over the centuries. Paros Island was  famous for its fine marble, used in almost all ancient statues and  temples. These marble quarries can still be found near Marathi village.

Second half of the day crewed yacht will sail to Antiparos tiny  little island with low hills, splendid beaches and a small picturesque  port. Antiparos is one of the beloved places among Hollywood  celebrities: Tom Hanks, Monika Bellucci and many others.

To visit Parikia, the capital of Paros during the Greek sailing  holidays is the must. It is a beautiful Cycladic village with  whitewashed cubic houses and impressive neoclassical mansions. A  well-preserved 13th century Venetian castle stands proudly on a hill at  the center of the village offering an amazing view of Parikia. In the  capital, you can also admire an important ecclesiastical monument, the  6th century church of Panayia Ekatontapyliani, also called Katapoliani.  You have the chance to visit the baptistery (4th century AD), one of the  best-preserved baptisteries in the Orthodox East.


Sailing tour to one of the most unique places in the world – Delos  island. This place can be considered as one large outdoor museum. Here  you will feel like a real archeologist getting lost in ancient town!  Take a walk around the island to discover beautiful terrace of lions  that protect the Holy Lake where, according Greek mythology god Apollo  was born. Stop by in the theatre to have a look on wonderful mosaics in  the House of Dolphins.


Out next sailing trip will be to Mykonos. This island is  completely opposite to Delos, and considered to be Greece most famous  cosmopolitan island. According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the  petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. The island took its name  from the grandson of Apollo, “Mykonos”.

During vacation visit the Terrace of the Lions, dedicated to Apollo,  the Minoan Fountain, the House of the dolphins, decorated with numerous  mosaics is one of the unique landmarks you can admire at Delos. The  excavations began in 1873 and in 1990 Delos was included in world's  cultural heritage, protected by the UNESCO, because of its religious  importance.

You can enjoy a Mykonos Town, a jumble of white houses, scrubbed and  polished and accessorized with blue doors and flower-filled balconies.  The whole place is a warren of narrow lanes and endless nooks and  crannies hiding a little church here, a tiny boutique there. It climbs  from the port up the gentle inclines of a hillside, watched over by the  island’s 16th-century windmills. At the end of the tour you will get on  board in the evening hours and sail to the island of Mykonos. Relax with  a refreshing drink in your hand and watch the fantastic red sun  disappear in the waters of the Aegean Sea.


Arrival at 10:00 am to a worldwide known island famous for  being a place where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation. Patmos is  an ideal destination for nature lovers offering lace-like coastline,  sheer cliffs and volcanic soil.

The Cave of the Apocalypse is the main attraction and pride of  Patmos. It is located between Skala and Chora. John the Theologian (also  known as St. John), who lived here in 95 – 97 A.D., heard the Voice of  God in this cave and wrote his Revelations. The cave still stands today  and is a place of pilgrimage and worship. The cave has two aisles - the  Revelation Cave itself and the second dedicated to Saint Anna. The cave  is on the World Heritage List.

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