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12 Knots offers cabin charters on a sailing yacht in Montenegro. Enjoy unforgettable sailing trip on skippered yacht for the price of a cabin. Great itinerary with stops in Tivat, Budva, Herceg Novi, Cavtat and others.

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By the cabin charter

Sailing vacations is an exciting and thrilling adventure, and the most important is not expensive as some may think!

Great variety of sailing trips by the stateroom charter. Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive luxury yacht or exciting sailing adventure aboard a racing boat, or a three-mast sailing ship, we have something to offer! Advantages 1) Personal air conditioned cabin with bathroom, 2) provisions including 3 meals a day, plus beverages, 3) short passages and plenty of time for excursions and sunbathing, 4) luxury sailing vacation for a price of cabin!

Surprisingly, even today, when almost every second person can boast with a sailing vacation on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea or Thailand, there is a huge number of people that still believe it is unaffordable expensive, too extreme, or if there is no suitable company, then you should not go. We will try to dispel these doubts and give you some tips on different types and options of sailing vacations you may choose from.

Cabin charter price

Let's start with the price. Of course, there is a number of offers with different price levels depending on destination, duration or type of the yacht. But in most cases price for the cabin charter equals to the price of a hotel room and varies from 100 to 250 US dollars per person. This price includes meal, beverages including fuel costs, berths for the yacht ets. So, by taking this charter you receive all-inclusive sailing vacation on a luxury yacht.

Friends to go with for a sailing vacation

I do not have travel mates for this kind of trip, so there is no chance for me to go. This is perhaps the most annoying misconception, because during this yacht trip, you will find new friends and travel mates. With cabin charter you get luxury yacht, professional capital, crew, cook and even detailed itinerary with marked places of interests. Everything is done for you to indulge your sailing trip with no organizational things to worry about. All you have to do is just to pick up your destination and date of the cabin charter and make an on-line reservation on our web site.

Sailing tours options

Sailing trips are different, and are not only extreme when you spend days and nights not seeing the ground. Of course you can also find this kind of sailing tours offered by 12 Knots, for example trip on one of the most famous Russian frigates Pallada used by Naval Academy to train cadets. But this kind of sailing is for adventurers and extreme lovers, while the majority of sailing trips passages are made along the shoreline with a mandatory daily stop in some beautiful place or comfortable yacht marina.

By the cabin sailing vacation - is unhurried, measured rest on board of a luxury yacht perfect for romantic trip or a family holiday. But even though this type of sailing tour is completely different from a tour on a cruise ship, where only ten guests instead of thousands of tourists are travelling together with you.

Yacht regatta, or sailing race and passages are completely different types of sailing tour to a leisurely vacation on a luxury yacht.

Sailing race or sailing regatta - sports event - competition of men and boats. This type of sailing tour is more suitable for energetic people, venturous, those who do not want to lie imposingly on the deck with glass of white wine, but those who prefer to work in a team, compete and dream of getting trophy and feel the taste of victory.

Offshore sailing passages – prepared especially for those who would like to try something special. Offshore passages can be divided into two categories:

Transatlantic Rally – a chance to cross Atlantic like famous "tea clippers" in the ancient times sailing from England to Canary Islands and finally to Caribbean. Watch keeping day and night, practicing seamanship and celestial navigation – and as a reward sailing with dolphins, watching amazing sunsets and sunrises, great team spirit and finally, the long-awaited earth appearance on the horizon. Right choice of sailing tour time, professional skipper and instructor will make your sailing vacation safe and fun.

Sailing ship adventures on clipper or frigate. If you want to try exiting sailing adventure, you may join educational sailing trip on the famous Russian frigate "Pallada". 96-meter long, three-mast ship - the winner of many international regattas and boat shows and one of few ships that made round the world sailing trip. Thousands of marine students were trained on this ship. Choose your route, date, and enjoy sailing tour on one of the most famous sailing ships.

To sum up, we can say with confidence that there are number of yacht tours by the cabin charter, so everyone can find the one that will fit their needs and expectations. Our web site offers more than 100 sailing trips and sailing vacations options available by the cabin charter. All tips with tailor made itineraries in different world areas from the Caribbean to South Korea, not to mention the most famous Mediterranean Sea.

All sailing trips can be divided into 2 categories: Cruise sailing vacations, Regatta trips and passages. Let's see what is the fundamental difference between these two concepts / proposals.

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