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12 Knots offers modern catamarans for charter in 36 locations around the world – spacious, comfortable vessels gained popularity among sailors in past few years. Modern cruising catamarans provide stability, excellent sailing performance and habitability: spacious cabins, functional deck space.

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Catamaran charters Yacht Charter Reviews with 12knots

Christopher Lavelanet



“12 knots Charter Experience”

I had a great experience with Grigory and 12 knots for my wife and I’s inaugural weeklong bareboat charter leaving out of La Paz, MX back in Jan 2021. We had originally booked a week charter out of Puerto Rico back in April, 2020 which was cancelled …

Alberto Goosen



“We had a great time in Greece”

We had a great time in Greece, the first three days we had constant 20-25knots of wind, so we were able to do a lot of sailing. The boat was also in good condition and everything in working order…the boat did however look a bit older than a 2018 mode…

Flori Grottoli



“Spanish Virgin Islands are stunning / March 2019 / Puerto Rico / Dufour 412”

The experience was beautiful and the Spanish Virgin Islands are stunning! Even though we started off with a few setbacks (had to switch boats because of technical issues), the marina made good and was very accommodating....they did the very best they…

Sally McLaughlin



“Everything was perfect”

Everything was perfect from start to finish. Responses to my questions were fast, clear and reliable. We were confident when we arrived at the marina that everything would go as planned. And it did. We were greeted at the hotel, driven to the marina …

Matthew Gunnison



“Thanks for helping to coordinate!”

It was terrific, thanks. Sail Marine is a great outfit. Thanks for helping to coordinate! Best, Matt

Alberto Goosen



“Thank you and your team so much for arranging everything”

Dear Grigory, I have been wanting to write you since I got back. Thank you and your team so much for arranging everything. Everything turned out as planned and we had an unforgettable trip! There were some unexpected surprises along the way…. but tha…

What is a Catamaran?

What is a Catamaran?

A catamaran is defined as a boat with two hulls that connect to a structured bridging- which serves as the boat’s deck. In a catamaran, the staterooms and respective heads are housed within the two hulls, while the deckhouse typically features a navigational ‘cockpit’, saloon, and galley. Also referred to as a cat, these types of boats offer either sailing or power capabilities- or both. 

The origins of a Catamaran date back to the 17th century. Designed as a raft consisting of two logs connected by planks, they were used by natives in the Indonesian Archipelago and South Pacific for the purpose of fishing, visiting, war, and exploration. These primitive catamarans originally paddled by a group of men (and, eventually outfitted with a sail), have since evolved into one of the most innovative and revered sailboats in the world.  

Today’s catamarans have seen an increased demand and popularity for vacationers looking to rent a spacious sailboat, sailors who want to cruise the world on a bareboat catamaran charter- even sailboat enthusiasts looking for fun daytime adventure on a smaller sailing cat.  

12 Knots offers over 11,000 modern catamarans for charter in 36 locations around the world. Modern cruising catamarans not only provide stability and excellent sailing performance- they also offer comfortable cabins, as well as functional, spacious decks-often outfitted with netting ideal for sunbathing. 

The Popularity of Chartering a Catamaran

So, what makes a catamaran charter so popular? In addition to a number of appealing attributes, there are also many advantages when you chose to rent a catamaran for your next sailing adventure: 


Space - Catamarans have about 2 times the space than their monohull counterparts- offering an extensive decking and a much more comfortable and spacious interior area with up to 4 cabins, as well as ample room for storage. A catamaran’s living space also sits above the water line which increases a better flow of air circulation/ventilation, more light, and fabulous views. 

Stability - The design of a catamaran’s twin parallel hulls creates a natural stability. This results in less bobbing on the waves-providing a smoother ride. This is beneficial to travelers who are prone to seasickness or those traveling with children or elderly passengers. 

Greater Speed - With the absence of a keel and a lower wetted surface areacatamarans are much lighter than their monohull counterparts enabling them to reach higher speeds (sometimes up to 50% faster)-especially when their sails are kept perpendicular to the wind. 

ManeuverabilityTwin engines located in each hull, along with its two rudders, allows for greater maneuverability with the ability to turn 360 degrees within the length of the boat. This is a great advantage when trying to dock in a narrow marina.  

Shallow Draft - Unlike a monohull, a catamaran can anchor in almost any bay. The absence of a keel results in having a lower/shallow draft which enables a cat to venture closer to shore- this feature is advantageous when exploring coral reefs and the many islands throughout the Caribbean. 

Fuel - Even with twin engines, a catamaran charter can be economical when they rely on their sails and the wind. 

Safety - Without a keel, cats are virtually unsinkable; because unlike a monohull, the chances of them hitting something in the water and causing damage to the boat are much less unlikely. A modern catamaran built of light weight foam construction will also provide greater buoyancy on the water. A catamaran’s flat deck also makes it safer and easier for passengers (and pets) to move about the boat when it is sailing. 


While there are certainly many advantages when you charter a catamaran, there can also be a few disadvantages.  

Sailing - With the absence of a keel, sailing a cat is sometimes more challenging because they can’t sail as high into the wind as a monohull. Catamarans can also experience issues with maintaining momentum because they are more difficult to tack. 

Docking - Unlike their monohull counterpart, the wide width design of a catamaran will require more room to dock; because they take up a greater amount of space, docking options may be limited and fees are often doubled. 

Fuel consumption - Compared to a monohull, fuel consumption can be greater because of a catamaran’s twin engines. 

Noise - A catamarans design of a wide deck strapped between two hulls can sometimes cause an irritating slapping or pounding sound-especially while sailing in rougher seas. 

Safety - Unlike monohulls that were designed to correct themselves if they flip-over, cats are much more difficult to correct if they turn upside down. 

Price - Depending on the boat itself, catamarans for charter can be more expensive than monohull sailboat rentals because of all the benefits they offer. 

Cost of a Catamaran Charter

The total cost of renting a catamaran is considerably less than most people think- it is comparable to a weeks’ vacation at an all-inclusive beach resort. 

The cost to charter a catamaran will always vary, but on the average, they usually run anywhere from $2,500 to 35,000 per week. The price of a catamaran rental will always be determined by the following factors: 

  • Catamaran size, age and model 

  • Destination  

  • Duration of trip  

  • Season/time of year (high season vs low/off season)  

  • Amenities- such as kayaks, jet skis, diving and snorkeling equipment 

  • Bareboat or crewed- Bareboat charters will always be less expensive than a crewed charter 


For the best price and value for your money, you’ll want to contact 12 Knots to take advantage of their booking discounts and charter special offers 

Finding the Right Catamaran Rental

Popular models of catamarans for rent (cruising and sport): 

  • Lagoon 

  • Catana 

  • Fountain Pajot 

  • Corsair 

  • CraigCat 

  • Nautitech 

  • Privilege 

  • Megayacht Catamarans 

Depending on your purpose for chartering a catamaran, it will be important to know the two types, as well as their functionality and characteristics: 

Cruising catamarans  

  • If your goal is a tranquil and relaxing vacation, cruising charter catamarans are the perfect choice. 

  • Use only the wind and sails as its source of energy- which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly boat typesCruising catamarans that have engines generally only use them when necessary. 

  • Ideal for both couples and families (safer option for families travelling with children and elderly passengers). 

  • Known for their stability, reliability, and speed 

  • Popular choice for bareboat catamaran charters and crewed charters because they provide ample living space, comfortable cabins, and a netted deck area perfect for sunbathing. 

Sport catamarans  

  • Ideal for races and regattas 

  • Need proficient sailing skills and manpower to operate (crewed) 

  • Known for achieving high speeds and exceptional maneuverability 

  • Offer performance and functionality over comfort 

Best Catamaran Charter Destinations  

Some of the best destinations for catamaran charters are: Caribbean, South East Asia, GreeceSardinia, and Croatia. 

These locations are favorable because anchorage and moorings are generally plentiful and easy to access rather than marinas in the Mediterranean- which are typically more crowded; and, quite often, will charge you double the price for docking space because the size of your boat. 

Charter Sailboat Requirements 

Bareboat catamaran charters in most countries will require a license to operate the vessel. However, in the United States, France, and the Caribbean a license is not necessary- but documentation stating your experience and sailing history is required. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from chartering a catamaran as you can always choose to book a skipper for your sailing vacation. 

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