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St. Lucia Yacht charters

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“Thanks for helping to coordinate!”

It was terrific, thanks. Sail Marine is a great outfit. Thanks for helping to coordinate! Best, Matt

Matthew Gunnison




“Everything was great! The boat was perfect for our needs”

Dear Grigory, Everything was great! The boat was perfect for our needs and the skipper, Slavin, was really friendly. The only downside was that the boat was late getting ready - 6:30pm - but we were still able to make it out of port that night so in …

Trisha Lawrence





“Everything was perfect!”

Dear Grigory, Everything was perfect! Thank you :) Please see the attached photo.

Ven Dobrinov





“Thank you for all your help in arranging our first charter experience”

Hi Julia, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in arranging our first charter experience. The boat was incredible and the skipper was amazing! Two thumbs up for Dream Yacht Charter. Pacome was very helpful and everything went according to…

Ron Skinner





“12 knots Charter Experience”

I had a great experience with Grigory and 12 knots for my wife and I’s inaugural weeklong bareboat charter leaving out of La Paz, MX back in Jan 2021. We had originally booked a week charter out of Puerto Rico back in April, 2020 which was cancelled …

Christopher Lavelanet





“We all enjoyed the vacation very much”

Hi Grigory, The boat was in great condition! and it really is a beautiful location. Thanks for all the organizing you’ve done to make the trip a success. Mark

Mark Etheridge

New Zeland



Puerto Rico

“Spanish Virgin Islands are stunning / March 2019 / Puerto Rico / Dufour 412”

The experience was beautiful and the Spanish Virgin Islands are stunning! Even though we started off with a few setbacks (had to switch boats because of technical issues), the marina made good and was very accommodating....they did the very best they…

Flori Grottoli



St. Lucia Yacht Charters

St. Lucia Yacht Charters

For the adventurous travelers, the ones who find lazing in  standard yacht charter destinations or sightseeing in a tourist town too  boring to call a vacation, a St. Lucia yacht charter is absolutely  perfect. This small gem in the Windward islands rests between Martinique  and St. Vincent, on the outer edge of the curve of training islands  towards South America. Sitting close to the equator and influenced by  the trade winds year round, St. Lucia is a perfect place to go sailing  or to charter a motor yacht. 12 Knots offers the highest quality  charters with luxury amenities, crew assistance, and other services to  ensure your vacation is smooth sailing.

From trekking the wild jungles to tackling waves on the open ocean,  St. Lucia brings sailors and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity of a  lifetime. With so much to do and see, you’ll probably come back to the  island more than once if you get the chance. St. Lucia is a hidden  wonder of the Caribbean. Its rich history, ideal climate, exotic  landscapes and wildlife offer a treat for anyone who has a love for the  island lifestyle. A sailing vacation is just one way to experience the  island, but many say that a private yacht charter provides the most  freedom and authenticity when visiting the Caribbean for the first, or  the hundredth time. You won’t be disappointed choosing St. Lucia for  your next sailing vacation.

History of St. Lucia

St. Lucia was first inhabited by the Caribs, an indigenous  tribal people who controlled much of the Caribbean islands. However,  French and English settlers arrived in the 1660s, and fought over  ownership of the land for several decades. France and England fought  over most of the Caribbean until the Treaty of Paris. St. Lucia switched  rulers over fourteen times before 1814, and is sometimes called the  "Helen of the West Indies" after the famous Helen of Troy. While Britain  gained final control of St. Lucia, the French were the ones to name it.  Saint Lucia was chosen to honor Saint Lucy of Syracuse, and is the only  country in the world to be named after a woman.

The island was solely British territory until the late 1950s, when it  became a part of the Federation of the West Indies. This Federation  allowed European countries to maintain control of their territories, yet  gave some freedom over internal affairs to the states. However, St.  Lucia fought for sovereignty and in 1979 received it. Saint Lucia is now  an independent state, and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.  Though it gained independence from the European countries, St. Lucia  still carries much of the history and culture from its ancestors. From  the first Caribs to the settling French and English, St. Lucia is a  wonderful blend of European sophistication with the island carefree  lifestyle.

Geography and Wildlife

St. Lucia was not always a luscious rainforest island with  wildlife and beautiful seascapes. Its origins come from volcanic  eruptions and continental shifts to form the craggy peaks and mountains  that shape the island’s inland. St. Lucia is significantly more rugged  than most of the islands, with its highest peak, Mount Gimie, reaching  over 950 metres (3,120 feet) above sea level. This provides a beautiful  backdrop for sailors as they cruise along the shoreline looking for  adventure.

Two towering mountains, the Pitons, make a statement on the island’s  coastline. They sit between Soufrière and Choiseul on the western side,  and act as a landmark for sailors  to know they’ve arrived at St. Lucia.  However, these two peaks are not even the greatest sight in St. Lucia.  You’ll have to travel to the Sulphur Springs in Soufrière to see the  world’s only drive-in volcano. The Sulphur Springs is one of the only  places where you can take a trip into a volcano’s hot springs and see  the natural ecosystem up close.

In addition to the beautiful landscapes, you’ll be surrounded by  exotic wildlife on your St. Lucia yacht charter. All sorts of tropical  animals, from dangerous reptiles including boa constrictors and  fer-de-lance snakes, to the more tame ones like the iguana, and the  hundreds of tropical birds that decorate the skies, can be found here.  St Lucia is home to a very rare species of lizard, the St. Lucia  Whiptail. This creature wasn’t discovered until 1958, and it only  inhabits the southern portion of the island around Vieux Fort. This  lizard is both rare and beautiful, characterized by white spots and a  vibrant tail and underbelly. Rodents like manicao and mongoose also  graze along the forest floor and are a common sight along the hiking  trails on St. Lucia.

Culture and Local Attractions

Culture and Local Attractions

St. Lucia is a wonderful melting pot of African, East Indian,  French, and English culture. Because of its long-lasting British rule,  the official language of St. Lucia is English. However, most of the  population also speak a Saint Lucian-specific French Creole, known  locally as Patois, or"Patwa." Much of the music and literature from St.  Lucia natives is written in the Antillean Creole language. You may be  able to pick up some of the dialect during your sailing vacation, or  appreciate the beauty of the native language in the traditional song and  dance of St. Lucia, exhibited in their many festivals and street  markets.

Music and dance are an integral part of the St. Lucian culture. The  island hosts several different festivals throughout the year to honor  the history, culture, and indigenous customs of the people who lived  there. The La Rose and La Marguerite celebrate different secret  societies and fraternal organizations on the island. St. Lucia also  holds an annual carnival to celebrate before Lent, as many other  Caribbean islands do. However, the biggest festival on the island is the  Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. This festival brings musicians from all  across the Caribbean. In addition to jazz, St. Lucia is a fertile  creative ground for music genres such as Calypso, Soca, Dancehall,  Reggae, Zouk, Salsa, and indigenous folk music.

If you’re looking for more outdoor attractions during your yacht  charter in St. Lucia, visit Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. These  gardens are in bloom year round because of the perfect growing  conditions on the island. You can see a variety of tropical flowers,  trees, and bushes while visiting. Then if you have time, take a nature  hike to the Diamond Waterfall or visit the spa on site for a relaxed  afternoon treat.

The other main outdoor attraction you should visit on your St. Lucia  sailing vacation is Pigeon Island National Park. This park features  walking trails, military ruins dating back to the 1600s, stunning  beaches and a local restaurant where you can try the local food and  drink. Of course, as a famed sailing destination, St. Lucia has plenty  of places where you can reserve boat trips, go ziplining, rent a kayak,  or do just about anything else your islander heart desires.

Nearby Islands

St. Lucia is right in the middle of the Windward Islands. This  part of the Caribbean is very close to South America, and rests just  above the equator, making a perfect place for sailing all throughout the  year. It is warm and winds are strong, and the islands here are close  enough to visit each one during your private yacht charter vacation. St.  Lucia is surrounded by three other main islands, all within a day or  two’s sailing trip from the 12 Knots port at the Rodney Bay Marina.

Sailing south of St. Lucia you will eventually meet Saint Vincent.  This island is surrounded by several underwater volcanoes, and the  inland is covered in tropical rainforest. The beaches here are unique,  because the sand is unlike most other islands in the Caribbean. It is  95% black, because the sand originates from the volcanic rock basalt.  St. Vincent is a wonderful place to explore the jungles or take a nap on  the hot sand.

To the north is Martinique, an island of heavy French influence. When  walking down the streets of Martinique, you’ll likely see the latest  fashions from the Paris runways, and smell pastries and fine French  cuisine from the local bistros. However, this island hasn’t lost its  true flavor, as you can find delicious seafood almost anywhere on the  island. Like many of the Caribbean islands, St. Lucia specializes in  spiced seafood and unique dishes with parallels to African and Indian  cuisine. Many sailors’ favorite part of visiting St. Lucia during a  yacht charter is savoring the local food and meeting with the islanders  to learn about their unique lifestyle.

If you sail southwest, you will find Barbados. This beautiful island  of the Lesser Antilles is home to a variety of foods, flora, and fun  activities that your whole crew will enjoy. The island has many  different festivals throughout the year, and several outdoor excursions  including beach horseback riding, swimming with sea turtles, and  explorations through the island’s jungles and beach gardens.

Motor Yacht Charters in St. Lucia

12 Knots Yachting Club offers sailing boats, catamarans, and  crewed yachts for those who want to explore and enjoy St. Lucia. Whether  you’re looking for a short, hassle-free sailing vacation or are looking  for a challenge to test your skill, 12 Knots has a charter perfect for  you. 12 Knots offers several different sailing and motor yachts, each  with optional amenities including crew assistance and watersport  equipment rentals.

St. Lucia is a great place for beginner and advanced sailors alike.  The weather is governed by the northeast trade winds. The best time for  sailing is in the beginning of the year, from December to May, because  the rain showers and thunderstorms are less prevalent. The rainy season  lasts typically from June until November. Because of its proximity to  the equator, temperatures in St. Lucia hover around 29 °C (84.2 °F) year  round. In the wintertime the northeast trade winds travel at a steady  10 knots to a livelier 25 knots in the summer. Wind speed and strength  increases as you reach the northern ends of the islands.

We recommend beginners plan their trip during the winter or spring,  as summer and fall may be too windy or rainy for a novice to want to  venture. However, temperatures are perfect year round and no matter when  you choose to visit, St. Lucia will have a unique adventure waiting for  you. 12 Knots helps you plan your trip, making it an easy sailing  experience filled with luxury and laughter. We offer luxury as well as  bareboat yachts, and motorboats and yachts for those less experienced in  sailing. However, if learning to sail interests you (especially after  taking your first Caribbean sailing vacation), 12 Knots Yachting Club  has a sailing school, where you can learn the ropes of exploring the  open ocean.

12 Knots invites you to book a yacht charter and explore St. Lucia  with us. Our charter fleet of sailing yachts are perfect for families,  friends, or solo travelers. We offer affordable weeklong trips, where  you can be guided to the best destinations in and around St. Lucia, or  venture off on your own into the Caribbean Sea. From small bareboat  vessels to grand luxury yachts, 12 Knots has everything you’re looking  for. Meet us at the Rodney Bay Marina for the St. Lucia vacation of a  lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions about yachting in St. Lucia

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in St. Lucia ?

The price of yacht charter in St. Lucia depends on number of factors (age & size of the boat, time of the year). On our web site you may find boats from $2,292 per week and all the way up to $34,770 per week. The median price for a one week charter in St. Lucia is around $18,532

How many boats are available for rent in St. Lucia ?

We offer professional fleet of 26 yachts available for bareboat or crewed charter in St. Lucia.

What are the main yacht charter bases in St. Lucia ?

Most of the boats for charter in St. Lucia are available at the following bases: Rodney Bay Marina - 35 boats

What boats are available for charter in St. Lucia ?

The following yacht types are available for bareboat charter in St. Lucia : 14 - Sail yachts 21 - Catamarans
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