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Belize offers sailors a network of 450 isolated cays that border with tropical Caribbean Sea, Mexico and Guatemala. Apart of being famous for it’s ancient civilization, Belize has the world’s second longest unbroken barrier reef, and extensive cave network, historic Mayan ruins and a diverse underwater ecosystem.

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Boat rentals in Belize

300km-long Belize Barrier Reef is the UNESCO World Heritage protected and a renowned snorkeling and destination for scuba diving. During your sailing vacation in Belize you can visit Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve, South Water Cay Marine Reserve and sail to the Blue Hole Natural Monument, an impressive 1,000 ft-wide sinkhole ringed with coral.

Things to do during yacht charter in Belize

  1. Explore the Mayan ruins of Altun Ha. This could be one of the first things to do when you get ashore. Take a walk around ancient stone structures built by the Mayans dated back to 800-900 BC. Altun Ha is located just 30 miles north from Belize City.
  2. Set up sails to Ambergris Caye. This caye is the largest island in Belize, and remains unspoiled despite being very popular among sailors. You can do some fishing in the morning and  then prepare your catch of the day for dinner.
  3. Sail to famous Blue Hole. If you are certified diver, don’t miss the famous Blue Hole – a perfectly circular underwater sinkhole with the Lighthouse Feef Atoll. You’ll find huge coral formations, abundant marine life, and deep caves filled with stalactites.
  4. Visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is known as the world’s first jaguar sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to exotic flora and fauna, as well as waterfalls for a refreshing swim.
  5. Explore Cayo Region: Sail along Belize wester border, an ideal destination for adventurer skippers. Actun Tunichil Muknal will amaze you with its cave systems, subterranean waterfalls and ancient rivers. Adrenaline-inducing zip-lining experiences can also be found here.

Regulations for bareboat charters

  • Night sailing is forbidden in Belize.
  • A certificate of competency is mandatory for bareboat charter in Belize. If you renting a boat in Belize, you need to apply for this document to Belize Port Authority. The application is simple but should be made 2 weeks prior to your arrival. We will assist you and submit it for you locally.
  • Fishing is forbidden in marine reserves. 
  • Please also note that marine reserves typically charge fees per person of for the moorings.

Sailing in Belize

Main yacht charter base is located in Placencia, perfect start for you sailing vacation offering sandy low-lying cays where you can immerse yourself in beautiful, untouched and peaceful surroundings.

While ashore, you may discover Mayan ruins and meet locals who speak English and a dialect called Belizean Creole. The nation’s multi-cultural influences are everywhere, including the Mexican / Jamaican fusion cuisine and Afro-Caribbean music.

During your yacht charter in Belize you may visit three atolls: Glover’s Reef, Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe. There reefs will surprise you with rich marine life. Take a swim among 500 species of fish, 100 types of coral, sharks, rays, and dolphins.

You may also set up sails to Coco Plum Cay, Wippari Cay, Lark Cay, South Water Cay, Lagoon Cay and Hatchet Cay. Please note, three of these coral atolls are outside of the reef and you will need a local skipper to sail the open water.

Weather in Belize

The best time to rent a boat in Belize is during the dry season, from late November to mid-April. Warm temperatures, sunny skies and access to top attractions can be experienced this time of year. The temperature remain fairly consistent all year-round with an average range from 74°F to 84°F.

  • Summer high in September is around 88°F
  • Winter low in January is about 72°F

Belize yacht charter vacation offers balmy easterly trade winds year-round with the wind speed between 15 and 22 knots ideal for cruising conditions. Also you may enjoy calm waters while sailing inside the barrier reef.

Most passages are short and primarily line-of-sight, but plotting courses and referencing to the charts is must, due to the many reefs. Avoid Tom Owens Island as there are too many difficult underwater reefs. Also note that you’ll need local guide or skipper if you plan to sail outside of the barrier reef to Glover’s, Turneffe or Lighthouse Reefs.

Belize trade winds blow along the coastal cays consistently most of the year. Although cold fronts affect the country from October through to April the most likely months for frontal passages are December, January and February. In December and January fronts are most likely to become stationary over Belize.

You may check Belize weather forecast at

Frequently Asked Questions about yachting in Belize

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Belize ?

The price of yacht charter in Belize depends on number of factors (age & size of the boat, time of the year). On our web site you may find boats from $1,792 per week and all the way up to $10,359 per week. The median price for a one week charter in Belize is around $6,076

How many boats are available for rent in Belize ?

We offer professional fleet of 39 yachts available for bareboat or crewed charter in Belize.

What are the main yacht charter bases in Belize ?

Most of the boats for charter in Belize are available at the following bases: Belize City - 7 boats , Placencia - 32 boats

What boats are available for charter in Belize ?

The following yacht types are available for bareboat charter in Belize : 1 - Power boats 38 - Catamarans
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