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12 Knots offers sailing tours to Caribbean - the legendary islands of freedom with excellent beaches, friendly ocean and a tropical sun. You can make a cabin reservation aboard of the luxury sailing catamaran and experience a great mix of sailing adventure and relaxing vacation you will never forget.

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      Caribbean cabin charters

      If you dream of luxury vacation, carefree and relaxed, Caribbean sailing cruise is the best choice for you. Whilst visiting the Caribbean islands you discover world-known snow-white beaches, thickets of coconut, dazzling sun and aquamarine sea with its coral reefs. You can make your Caribbean sailing vacations even more colorful, by getting acquainted with the local culture. And comfortable cabin of the yacht will be your safe haven in the Caribbean sailing trips.

      Things to know

      During your sailing cruise Caribbean Islands will appear in all the splendor of a huge arc stretching from North to South America, between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Geographers divide the Caribbean into two archipelagoes: the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. The former includes: Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. The second one is a chain of small bleak islets. It is not by chance that within the Lesser Antilles two groups are distinguished with the names Windward and Leeward. Offering vast variety and rather diverse sailing trips Caribbean region will open you all its secrets.

      Time for sailing vacation

      Climate and weather conditions are great for yachting in the Caribbean islands almost all year round, except for the stormy season in August-October. Fair winds of 10 to 25 knots, can sometimes suddenly change directions and makes sailing in this are even more interesting. Taking all this into consideration we can definitely say that Caribbean region offers a wide variety of destinations for unforgettable sailing vacation. And of course, choosing by the cabin charter sailing vacation in Caribbean region will give you more freedom, comfort and carefree time, while professional crew and skipper will bring you to the most stunning destinations no one could ever think about.

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