A St. Martin yacht charter is the right choice if you appreciate gourmet food, sophisticated nightlife, world class duty free shopping, stunning sandy beaches and warm climate. Yacht rentals in St Martin provide a good mix of island hopping and open blue water cruising along with cosmopolitan atmosphere. Whether you are a party seeker or enjoy quiet times contemplating the calm of nature – St Martin has something for you.

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St. Martin Yacht Charter Reviews with 12knots

St. Martin yacht rentals

St. Martin yacht rentals

St. Martin-Saint Maarten is a stunning tropical escape in the  Leeward Islands. Characterized by white sandy beaches, warm trade winds  and year-long brilliant sunshine, St. Martin is an ideal destination for  experienced sailors and novices alike. 12 Knots Yachting Club makes it  possible for explorers to experience the joy and unique beauty of St.  Martin. We offer bareboat and crewed yacht charters, and sailing classes  for you to prepare for your excursion. 12 Knots offers you the best  sailing yachts and equipment to ensure your sailing vacation is fun and  hassle-free.

Located in the Leeward Islands St Martin is an intriguing Caribbean  delight. Divided nearly equally between France and Netherlands this is  the place where two cultures combines and exist in perfect serenity,  maintaining the individuality of their homeland and giving St Maarten a  charm of its own.

An idyllic climate, sunshine refreshed by cooling trade winds. A  pleasant temperature that hardly varies during the year, transparent  waters and a variety of scenery that changes in just a few miles.

St. Martin-St. Maarten was colonized in the late 1600s by both French  and Dutch settlers. The island was officially divided into two  territories in 1648, and has been dual-governed ever since. The French  side is known for its fine restaurants and bustling beaches, whereas the  Dutch territory is home to hundreds of casinos, bars and other  nightlife. There are plenty of attractions to enjoy on the island, and  beautiful waters to explore during your sailing vacation to St. Martin.

Islands and Points of Interest near St. Martin

St. Martin is the convergence of the French West Indies and the  Dutch Antilles. Starting from St. Maarten you can explore the entirety  of the Leeward Islands on your sailing yacht charter, reaching as far as  the French island of Guadeloupe. The other nearby islands, including  St. Bart, Prickly Pear, and Tintamarre provide sailors with an array of  natural sights and excursions to enjoy on their Caribbean vacation. Each  of these islands is within a day or two’s sailing trip, and each has  its own unique cultural flavor that all sailors will enjoy during their  trip.

Sailing Yachts in St. Martin

A St. Martin yacht charter provides vast choice between the  adventure of long, challenging sails and relaxing short hops from one  fantastic beach and snorkeling spot to another.

Within one week of vacation in St. Martin you will experience the  French West Indies (St. Martin and St. Barts), the Netherland or Dutch  Antilles (St. Maarten) and Anguilla one of the British independent  islands.

St Martin yacht charter will be a good progression after your first  yacht charter in the BVI. Novice and experienced sailors alike will find  here experience ideally suited to match their competence and  skills.More confident skippers will enjoy liveliest sailing with 20 to  25 knot northeasterly prevailing winds and medium seas during the winter  months while beginners may find their sailing paradise with lightest  winds 10 to 15 knots, during the summer. Temperatures average 78 F (26  C) year round.

12 Knots Yachting Club offers a variety of sailing yachts, catamarans  for charter in the St. Martin-St. Maarten area. The best time to plan  your trip is between May and June or between November and mid-December,  as rain showers and thunderstorms are less likely. You can expect  temperatures of approximately 27°C (81°F) year round. During the winter  you can expect northeastern winds of 20 to 25 knots, while in the summer  beginners can handle the light winds of 10 to 15 knots. However, if you  are a beginner but crave the taste of adventure, 12 Knots offers crewed  charters, and sailing classes for you to prepare and enjoy your sailing  vacation.

St Maarten is a perfect starting point for a yacht charter vacation.  Sail south through all the Leeward Islands on an epic adventure ending  on the French island of Guadeloupe.

Off the beaten path you will also find little outlying islands,  mostly deserted, such as Dog Island, Prickly Pear, Sandy Island, Ile  Pinel and Tintamarre.

Where to go

Where to go

To make your St. Martin Yacht Charter more pleasant, we  accumulated on the web site yachts and catamarans that will provide  comfort, performance and fun onboard to make you enjoy your vacation  with family and friends.

Yacht charter in St. Martin, is perfect combination of magnificent  sailing in good winds, moderate seas and indulging Caribbean style and  European food and flavor.

Sailing to Grand Case

1Whilst chartering yacht in St Maarten, be sure to unleash your  inner gourmet and visit ‘Dining Capital of the Caribbean’ located in  Grand Case. Here you can enjoy lunch or dinner right on the beach and  contemplate beautiful views and sunsets.

St. Bart

With your St. Bart’s boat charter be sure to visit one of the very  finest anchorages in the Caribbean. Anse de Colombier is horseshoe bay,  part of the St. Bart’s Marine Reserve and ideal for snorkeling and  swimming in its turquoise waters.


This island is just off the North-East coast of St. Marten and is  ideal for a beach-hangout. Tintamarre anchorage is perfect place for a  lunch or some snorkeling. It also provides one of the best Caribbean  beaches rarely crowded, as it is only accessible by boat.

Sailing to Anguilla

When St. Martin boat charter takes you to Anguilla don’t miss  Prickly Pear. A beautiful cay located inside the Anguillian Marine Park.  It also has a little restaurant for those who wish to enjoy fresh fish  and nice local food.

Frequently Asked Questions about yachting in St. Martin

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in St. Martin ?

The price of yacht charter in St. Martin depends on number of factors (age & size of the boat, time of the year). On our web site you may find boats from $1,407 per week and all the way up to $76,977 per week. The median price for a one week charter in St. Martin is around $5,908

How many boats are available for rent in St. Martin ?

We offer professional fleet of 100 yachts available for bareboat or crewed charter in St. Martin.

What boats are available for charter in St. Martin ?

The following yacht types are available for bareboat charter in St. Martin : 18 - Sailboats 82 - Catamarans
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