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12 Knots - all about sailing!

12 Knots Yachting Club was formed in 2009 and has strategically evolved from an international sailing school to one of the leading charter broker companies. We proudly provide our clients with the best choice of sail and motor yachts for bareboat and crewed charters in over than 36 stunning locations all over the world. We strive to ensure that you get the best option that matches your budget and any special needs, and that your sailing vacation is one of the most memorable and inspiring.


Why sailing with “12 Knots”

  • Charter Options: Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a casual traveler with little to no boating experience, 12 Knots has a variety of vacation options to cater to everyone’s needs: from performance yachts, to cabin cruises and sailing courses.


  • Destinations: Experience the exotic flavors of Thailand and Malaysia, amazing times in Australia, completely unspoiled beaches of New Caledonia near BVI, or explore ancient civilizations of Mediterranean: Italy, Turkey and Greece. 12 Knots Yachting Club can offer any location to suit any sailor's dream.


  • Fleet: 12 Knots has the largest fleet base to offer for charter. We can provide a wide range of models from the most established manufacturers such as: Beneteau, Jeanneau, Dufour, Catana, Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot.


  • Charters by cabin: You want to travel to destinations like Madagascar or Mauritius but concerned that you might not be able to manage the boat, or just want to go along for the ride. Book a cabin charter aboard one of our large and stable catamarans. Enjoy a hassle free vacation and uncover some of the worlds most breathtaking scenery without a worry in a totally catered environment.

12 Knots Team

  • Grigory Elisseev

    General Manager

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  • Luca Zapparoli

    Sailing school instructor

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  • Eve Klimova

    Booking Manager

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  • Irina Maksimova

    Booking manager

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  • 12 Knots office

    12 Knots office

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12 Knots - it is all about sailing!

What "12 Knots" means?

Knots are used to measure the speed at sea. "1 knot" = 1 nautical mile per hour. The English word "node” as well as “knot” has a value and a knot on a cable, and measures speed - miles per hour. This is due to the fact that in ancient times the speed of a sailing vessel was measured by releasing the rope overboard marked up at regular intervals with line tied at the end of the sector. Speed was measured by the number of knots that went overboard for a certain period of time, which was determined by the hourglass.


"12 Knots" is all about:

  • 12 Knots – comfortable cruising speed of a medium sized yacht
  • 12 Knots – perfect wind speed to start your sailing courses and learn how to set up sails
  • 12 Knots – is your confidence at sea and safe sailing vacation


Our partners in yachting industry!


Skippers insurance

The YACHT-POOL Insurance Service Company established in 1976. Aimed to bring optimal insurance coverage in the field of recreational boating for the benefit of professional and recreational skippers.

YACHT-POOL provides terms and conditions to protect charter skippers since 1986. The insurance cover applies not only to minor damage deductible from comprehensive insurance, but also to cases of gross negligence, which may be barely noticeable but can seriously affect the skipper's future. The right insurance will help you save your money and time; whether your are on a simple sailing vacation in sheltered coastal waters, inland waterway, or in a round-the-world voyage.

12 Knots, Clients feedback!


Carine impression of sailing coureses with 12 Knots

We had a great time! Perfect training and lots of fun, new friends and memories!I would like to thank 12 Knots sailing school for great organization and intense training program. So, wait for my friends to come


Carine, Sailing School graduate "12 Knots" April 2011


12 Knots sailing courses impressions

We have just completed a course of seamanship and really want to share our impressions. Thank you very much for the excellent training organization!!!

On our boat "Rebekka" Elan 434 under supervision of our IYT instructor were 4 students, such a limited number of people was very effective – no one ever got bored and was always busy learning something new and getting new skills every minute.

What we liked most is very good condition of the yacht, and fully battened mainsail, because wanted to learn how to set classical main sail rather than furling. One more time, Rebekka is great!


Andrey, 12 Knots Sailing School graduate, April 2014



I decided to take sailing courses with 12 Knots for two reasons: first of all, I love sailing from the very first time when I tried it many years ago and secondly, I have a goal to visit most of South-East countries and islands on my sailboat. So, first step to make a dream come true was, of course, to get some serious sailing skills and knowledge.

Alexandre Dedkov, Sailing School graduate "12 Knots" in 2014


Practical sailing courses in Montenegro

10 days walking on the Adriatic - transitions, wind, waves, full sails, navigation, tacking, mooring, parking, coastal towns, lots and lots of practice in the afternoon, and interesting activities and analysis of the situation in the evening. Good skills and knowledge, a lot of impressions and lots of fun. A dream come true!

Thank you very much! Fair winds and following seas!

Vitaliy / Yachting School graduate "12 Knots" in May 2014
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