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Tahiti Yacht charters

French Polynesia yacht charter will bring you unforgettable sailing experience in the centre of Pacific Ocean! This group of 118 small islands offer the most luxury resorts and numerous beautiful cruising areas, that became a true symbol of serenity and well-being. Often described as a heaven on earth, these islands were imprinted on famous paintings of Paul Gauguin.

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Puerto Rico

“A mega thank you for your excellent service!”

A search on the internet produced the 12 Knots operation. With apparent quality staff and experience along with the best price on a bareboat monohull influenced me to book a boat with them. We were not disappointed. Correspondence was timely, courteo…

Gary Ziegler





“We had a great time in Greece”

We had a great time in Greece, the first three days we had constant 20-25knots of wind, so we were able to do a lot of sailing. The boat was also in good condition and everything in working order…the boat did however look a bit older than a 2018 mode…

Alberto Goosen





“We all enjoyed the vacation very much”

Hi Grigory, The boat was in great condition! and it really is a beautiful location. Thanks for all the organizing you’ve done to make the trip a success. Mark

Mark Etheridge

New Zeland




“The boat was in super condition”

The charter was excellent, everything perfect. The boat was in super condition (brand new), and very clean. The staff was helpful, and very kind. We enjoyed the trip very much and are looking forward to our next booking.

Gerzsenyi Andras





“Thanks for arranging everything”

Hi Grigory, thanks for checking in! It was awesome! Boat great condition and the charter company very professional! Thanks for arranging everything. We are planning two trips next year, maybe you can help: 1. 2 week trip St. Vincent / Grenadines with…

Alberto Goosen





“Would recommend!”

Grigory was wonderful to work with. We planned our first catamaran trip in less than 4 weeks, knowing very little. Grigory was easily accessible, and worked hard to make sure we had everything we needed. The actual trip was really a success due to ou…






“12 knots Charter Experience”

I had a great experience with Grigory and 12 knots for my wife and I’s inaugural weeklong bareboat charter leaving out of La Paz, MX back in Jan 2021. We had originally booked a week charter out of Puerto Rico back in April, 2020 which was cancelled …

Christopher Lavelanet



Tahiti boat rentals

Tahiti boat rentals

Tahiti is one of the islands of the French Polynesia  archipelago, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between  Australia and South America. Tahiti is also the largest island of  another one hundred and more islands included in the archipelago. The  most popular sailing itineraries may include the islands of Bora-Bora,  Raiatea, Tahaa, and Huahine. The region boasts absolutely stunning ocean  views, that is why French Polynesia is still considered to be simply a  sailing paradise and the most desired destinations to set sails in  throughout the year. The three above mentioned islands are known as the  famous Leeward Islands of Tahiti, offering some of the most exclusive  sailing facilities in the world one may only dream of.     

Sailing in French Polynesia you will be astonished by the number of  islands with different origin. Some of them are formed by volcanic  eruptions and have extremely diverse nature – rivers, lakes, waterfalls,  lagoons, canyons, lush tropical vegetation that cover valleys and  forests, thickets of trees, coconuts and bananas. The others are formed  with corals and have sandy plains covered with palm trees, surrounded by  the smooth surface of the ocean.

Sailing in the Leeward islands of French Polynesia, you may wish to  enjoy snorkelling among those reefs and exploring the magical underwater  world with its inhabitants, or check out a couple of scuba diving  locations. Find out a great number of fish species, spend some  unforgettable time watching sharks, dolphins and turtles - the nature  itself is calling to show you all it has to offer! If you are not much  about it, then you have an extensive choice of water sport activities,  as well as gastronomy and archaeological tours across the islands, when  taking a yacht charter in Tahiti.

Culture and History of Tahiti

Being a cultural centre of French Polynesia, Tahiti has a rich  and interesting historical view with the traditions going back to the  ancient times, dated as 500 year BC. Sailing in Tahiti is somehow can be  compared with exploring the bright legends and myths about the island’s  life. 

The main concept of Polynesian life is called Mana. Mana is something  that is not just a list of rules or traditions to follow, it is more  the way of life, the core of the local identity and existence. Every  single being or thing in the Universe is the part of Mana - the  self-concentrated system that is fundamental, harmonic and undisputed.  The main rule of Mana, better say its idea, is to be kind, wise and  generally ‘pure’ - then it is the right way, and Mana lives in you. 

In X-V centuries BC these islands were inhabited by MAOI who left  here ancient heritage of their complex civilization. Sanctuaries,  cairns, traditional paintings, tattoos and dances all this reflects  unique culture, religion, and a clear hierarchy of MAOI society all this  you will be able to explore during your sailing vacations in Tahiti.

 English captain Samuel Wallis and  French sailor Louis-Antoine de  Bougainville, Cook first discovered these lands in XVII. Original name  "Polynesia" was given by sailors who simply described with this word  "many islands" in the southern sea. These islands are also famous for a  well-known Captain William Blyth, who came here on "Bounty" frigate to  collect breadfruit tree sprouts - food for the slave Caribbean  plantations, but faced for the most incredible rebellion in the history  of seafaring. Polynesian monarch Pomare V gave these lands to France and  starting from 1984 French Polynesia became one of the French overseas  territories, but still has it’s autonomy – President, the Council of  Ministers and the legislative assembly. France is only responsible for  legal, financial and military issues. All guests in airport are greet  with flower necklace made from gardenia, symbol of Tahiti and see off  with a necklace made of shells.

Fortunately connection with Europe did not influence a lot local way  of life. Renting a boat in French Polynesia you will be amazed by the  life that still goes on in its leisurely pace. Here you will drink   coconut water from the cup made of coconut shell and eat from a plate  made of palm fronds.

Sailing in Tahiti

Water and air temperature +20 28C, hospitable people, nice  service, lapping waves, warm sand and the fresh ocean breeze will  delight sailors throughout the year. Picnic on a deserted island with  national dish - Tahitian salad of raw fish under the coconut milk. Songs  with ukulele and dancing in a sunset, swimming with dolphins you can  feed; diving with sharks and rays, visiting black pearl farm, huge  turtles, fishing from shore using a spear – truly unforgettable sailing  vacation in French Polynesia!

18 Polynesian islands spread over 5 archipelagoes where Society  Archipelago is the most popular among sailors. Tahiti, Moorea, Bora  Bora, Huahine are the islands formed on the top of extinct volcanoes,  with high mountains, lush vegetation and lagoons in the shape of crown.

 Tahiti is the main island of the archipelago with urban  infrastructure and is developed more than others. Papeete is the capital  with international airport, skyscrapers and luxurious villas in  tropical gardens located under the palm trees. It is a mountainous  island while city and port are guarded by reef. Two islands the Great  and Small Tahiti are connected by a small isthmus.

 Moorea Island has a shape in form of heart surrounded by the bronze  surface of the ocean with chain of coral reefs. Here you will find white  sandy beaches, coral, crystal-clear lagoon, a variety of entertainment,  fruit plantations in the mountains. All these beauties attract artists,  jewelers, writers from different countries. In Polynesian Tiki village  you can dive into the real world of locals.

Bora Bora Island  is a lagoon, surrounded by a mountain range with  three peaks. Otemanu is necklace of black pearls - an archipelago of  small coral islands Motu with scenic beauty, ancient temples and  mountains.

Cuisine of Tahiti

Cuisine of Tahiti

Tahitian culinary traditions and history is a discrete topic to  talk about, due to several reasons. One of them may be already the  fact, that this region is called French Polynesia, probably that is why  local cuisine has very much of its so-called French flavour. Besides,  traditions of Polynesian cooking required special methods, techniques  and approaches, for example, using open fire and wood or coal as a fuel,  ideally avoiding cooking with modern cookers and kitchen facilities  like ovens or grillers. Generally, Tahitian menu may include an  extensive list of vegetable-based foods provided in a variety of healthy  and sophisticated fish and meat courses. Be prepared to taste tropical  fruits in the majority of Tahitian dishes and meals. Vegetable and fruit  leaves are often used for wrapping and serving food in Tahiti.  Absolutely, the food of Tahiti is mouth-watering, and you should give it  a try. Below you may wish to find a shortlist of traditional dishes,  commonly served in Tahiti:

Poisson Cru. In French, ‘poisson cru’ means ‘raw fish’. So, as you  may guess, it is the main ingredient of this Tahitian specialty. Poisson  Cru (though called not like this among the locals) is generally  considered to be the national dish of French Polynesia. Basically, it  can be made not only of tuna, as it is supposed to be made, but using a  variety of any other fish. Though only fresh fish is used, it should be  freezed to prevent any risk of bacteria in it. 

Ma’a Tahiti. Sailing in French Polynesia, do not miss the chance to  try this authentic local food specialty - ma’a dishes. This is a type of  food (actually, can include whatever: pig, fish, crab or chicken)  cooked with the help of traditional Polynesian oven, often placed right  in the sand among the hot stones, that form a stove.

Considering a yacht charter in Tahiti, please pay attention to the  fact, that the island attracts many travellers all the year round and  remains one of the desired sailing and holiday destinations. If you wish  the true Tahitian culture and celebrations, plan to come in May or  July: at this time you have great chances to try sophisticated local  cuisine and take part in traditional events, which tourists are always  very welcome to.

Weather And Climate In Tahiti

The Island of Tahiti enjoys commonly pleasant and warm climate  with a lot of sunshine. In winter, which is considered to be dry season,  the temperatures are slightly lower, showing the averages around 25°C -  29°C (78°F - 85°F), with more frequent winds. The best time to sail in  Tahiti amy be the period lasting from May to September, when the  easterly winds begin to blow, providing desired cruising conditions.  Mentioning the summer season, it is usually very hot and humid, starting  in November and lasting until the end of March.

Sailing Conditions And Places To Visit in Tahiti

The Leeward Islands of French Polynesia offer a unique yacht  charter destination, that you will most likely never forget. Sail around  the magnificent groups of islands and drop an anchor in the azure  waters of a lagoon. Enjoy inshore navigation and let yourself relax  nearby the beautiful reefs when hopping among the islands 

Featuring on all these islands are the well-marked deep turquoise  lagoons that provide smooth inshore sailing, and safe, sheltered havens.  Gaps in the encircling reefs give easy access to blue water and your  next island. The passages are short, but still exciting. Sailing in  Tahiti, you may wish to navigate your itinerary to the islands of  Huahine, Tahaa and, of course, Bora-Bora.

Frequently Asked Questions about yachting in Tahiti

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Tahiti ?

The price of yacht charter in Tahiti depends on number of factors (age & size of the boat, time of the year). On our web site you may find boats from $1,965 per week and all the way up to $91,338 per week. The median price for a one week charter in Tahiti is around $46,652

How many boats are available for rent in Tahiti ?

We offer professional fleet of 51 yachts available for bareboat or crewed charter in Tahiti.

What are the main yacht charter bases in Tahiti ?

Most of the boats for charter in Tahiti are available at the following bases: Papeete - 17 boats , Raiatea - 60 boats , Rangiroa - 4 boats

What boats are available for charter in Tahiti ?

The following yacht types are available for bareboat charter in Tahiti : 7 - Sail yachts 70 - Catamarans
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