Sailing yacht charters

12 Knots offers great variety of sailing yachts rentals in diverse locations, stretching from the Caribbean to the South Pacific. Sailing yachts charter in recent years has become increasingly popular – different bay and new view every day. On our website you will find sailing yachts for charter that will meet your expectations the best. Our sailing yachts ranging from inexpensive two cabin yachts up to modern and comfortable sail yachts over 50 feet.

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Sailing Yacht Charters

Sailing Yacht Charters

At 12 Knots, we invite you to set sail on one of our spectacular sailboat charters – where you’ll experience amazing high-seas adventures while creating memories that will last a lifetime.  

In recent years, sailing yacht charters have become an increasingly popular, high demand industry. In addition to the accessibility people now have in booking boats online, sailboat rentals have also become one of the more affordable options for those who dream to explore some of the most breathtaking coastlines and island destinations around the globe.  

12 Knots offers a vast fleet of sailboat rentals in over 38 countries with more than 390 worldwide locations every sea-loving vacationer or seasoned skipper will love. From smaller, inexpensive two cabin bareboat charters to largerroomier cruising sailing yachts over 50ft, and professionally crewed racing yachts over 70ft- we have the perfect sailboat charter for you!  

Finding the Right Sailboat Charter

Finding the Right Sailboat Charter

Finding the right sailboat to rent for your next sailing vacation or regatta is easier than you may think. Our 12 Knots user-friendly charter yacht website provides you with everything you need: an interactive destination map, availability calendar, boat model/charter type search, as well as real time availability and the assistance of a personal manager. 

Whether you are looking to sail away on Caribbean vacation with the family, want to sail across the finish line in an upcoming race, or simply want to gain more experience skippering your own boat- we have the ideal sailboat rental for whatever your aspiration may be.  

In order to find the right boat for your sailing vacation, it’s essential to know what types of sailing yacht rentals are available- so you can choose one that meets your specific needs. 

All sailing yachts can be divided into cruising, racing, and racing-cruising. These yachts vary in purpose, design, and technical characteristics 

Cruising Yachts  

  • Cruising yachts focus mainly on family vacations when one person or a small crew can easily operate the boat. These boats are spacious and comfortable. They are designed for leisurely sailing in coastal waters and open sea. Cruising yachts have from one to five cabins, saloon with galley and one or more heads (WC) with showers.  

Racing Yachts 

  • Racing yachts are known for their high performance and speed- but not necessarily for their comfort. Among other characteristics, a racer boat differs in the design of their sail- providing an adrenaline rush for sailors that can easily reach up to 20 knots depending on the size of the boat and number of sails. 

Racing-Cruising Yachts 

  • Racing-cruising boats are considered a dual purpose sailboat known for their speed, but also for ease of handling and durability. This type of sailboat charter is perfect for those who enjoy the duality of sailing at an accelerated momentum or at a leisurely pace. 

Choosing a Monohull or Multihull Sailboat

The hull of any vessel will also be an important factor in the sailboat rental you choose. Learning more about the style of hulls will give you a better insight into how the sailboat will operate when it’s cruising/racing out on the water. The following are the different styles of hulls on a sailboat: 

Monohull - Monohull has only one hull and is the most common type of sailboat. Monohull charter sailboats can be found worldwide and are ideal for both racing and cruising to any coastal or open-sea destination. 

Catamaran - Catamarans have two hulls and operate a bit differently than their monohull counterpart. They are known for their spacious design, as well as their speed and stability. One of the most popular style sailboats for cruising is a Catamaran. They offer spacious and comfortable living accommodations and are well-suited for tropical destinations. 

Trimaran - As the name implies, a trimaran sailboat will have 3 hulls. Similar to a catamaran’s sailing abilities, it provides additional stability when sailing in open waters. A trimaran has 2 outer hulls of equal size, but its middle/center hull will be longer; offering a more spacious, comfortable living space. 

Choosing the Best Boat Model for Your Sailing Trip

Most Popular Sailing Yachts for Charter 

The most affordable and popular brands for charter cruising are the following boats: 

Bavaria Cruiser 

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey  

Beneteau Oceanis 





More expensive cruiser sailboats- rented with a professional crew:  






Popular Performance Yachts for Rent  

Ideal racing yacht models: 

Elan Performance


Bavaria Match


Jeanneau Sun Fast


Beneteau First


Sailboat models that combine the ease of cruising with good racing characteristics:  

Hanse 505

Beneteau Sense 55 

Grand Soleil 54

XC 55  

Open racing boats for day sailors (with a small cabin or no cabin): 


Elan 210 

Open 800

Beneteau First 20 


How Much Does a Sailboat Charter Cost?

Why take your next vacation on a crowded cruise line or miss out on the Barcolana or America’s Cup race?  

There is no better time to take that sailing vacation you’ve always dreamed of. The truth is that many of the sailing yachts for rent offered by 12 Knots are either less expensive or comparable to a week-long stay at a vacation resort. Not only are charter sailboats an affordable option for your next vacation, there are a vast number of sailboat rentals to choose from that will suit any budget- whether you are travelling with the entire family, sailing off on your own, or joining a crew of professionals. 

Chartering a sailboat is often preferred over a motorboat rental because they allow you the freedom of moving from point to point powered only by the sails and the wind- which is a much safer, greener, and cheaper option; especially if you’re considering a leisurely and tranquil sailing vacation. 

At 12 Knots, we offer different price levels for our sailboat charters. Generally speaking, they start at about $100-250 US dollars per person/per day. Often, this rate will be all inclusive- where cabins/berths, meals, beverages, etc. will be included in the price.  

With special offers and booking discounts offered at 12 Knots, renting a sailboat charter is one of the most affordable ways to travel the globe. Whether you decide on a bareboat sailing charter or a crewed sailboat rental, the cost of your sailboat charter will always depend on the following factors: 

  • Type of vessel/charter  

  • Destination  

  • Duration of trip  

  • Season/time of year  

  • Amenities 

Best Destinations for Chartering a Sailboat

There are so many amazing destinations across the globe for sailing- the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Far East and South Pacific are some of the more popular locations for sailing enthusiasts. 

Yet, where you head to on your sailing adventure will depend on your skill as a captain, the type and size of sailboat you charter, as well as the location itself. Depending on the time of year you plan on travelling, some destinations can become extremely crowed- which can make mooring and docking a multihull sailboat a challenge.  

  • Coastal sailing - Sailing along the coast of a country means you’ll be sailing in protected waters and always be able to see the land. Weather conditions will be more stable, the waters will be shallower, and if needed, you’ll always have support of the Coast Guard. Ideal for boats from 24- 30 feet. 

  • Off Shore sailing - When sailing off shore you won’t be able to see land. Sailing off shore can become challenging with unpredictable weather patterns that cause rougher sailing conditions. You’ll still have support of the Coast Guard, but response time will take longer. Ideal for boats up to 45 feet.  

  • Bluewater sailing - Although you’ll be out on the open sea, bluewater sailing will be relatively calm. However, you’ll want to avoid sailing during hurricane season because you’ll be totally self-reliant on your boating experience and skills. Bluewater wind conditions can be reliable, especially when you use the trade winds for sailing. Ideal for larger sailboats 35ft and up. 

Charter Sailboat Requirements

One of the top questions in regard to sailboat rentals is …do I need a license to charter a sailboat? 

Although chartering a sailboat is a relatively easy process, the requirements are a bit more complex. 

When you charter a boat, the qualifications you need will be contingent upon which countries (destinations) you plan on sailing to. Some local authorities will require an official certificate or simply a boating resume that states your experience and competency; while other countries may require a boating license. 

If you are planning on chartering any type of sailboat it’s always a good idea to be licensed, or in the very least obtain a certificate that states your formal training. If you are unsure of the requirements/documentation you’ll need for your sailing charter, our team at 12 Knots is always available to help. 

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