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Ilya Tsiperfal

United States


“I have chartered sailboats through 12 Knots”

I have chartered sailboats through 12 Knots over the past 10 years in many different locations throughout French Polynesia, Caribbean islands, Southeast Asia and Europe. All the service and support I received from 12 knots has been consistently excel…

Andrew Wade



“We enjoyed ourselves and have a bundle of stories we can now laugh about”

We’ve chatted about this a few times and how it be best addressed. I think constructively would be the best way. Overall the captains skill level, regard for safety, approach towards ensuring the guests are happy with the path and desires they are se…

Luiz Galante



“My wife and I loved our Exumas cruise in the Lagoon 62”

The boat had some maintenance issues such as as the starboard motor was broken for already for three weeks and all cabin on the starboard had cold water the entirely trip. Since the weather was warm and we are used to take cold shower at home, it was…

Norman Best



“The trip was very good and the catering exceeded expectations”

The crew were very good and the catering exceeded my expectations. Our captain Hugo did more than expected to ensure we had a good time. The boat was OK considering its age but the cabins were hot at night. After first few nights I slept in the cockp…

Seth Lewin

United States


“Excellent charter”

Excellent charter - I recommend them!




“Would recommend!”

Grigory was wonderful to work with. We planned our first catamaran trip in less than 4 weeks, knowing very little. Grigory was easily accessible, and worked hard to make sure we had everything we needed. The actual trip was really a success due to ou…

Douglas Ball

United States


“We had a fantastic Cruise”

We had a fantastic Cruise using 12 Knots. I found everyone quite accomidating and were able to assist me completly in having a perfiect sail trip with our family. We had 10 on board. 7 adults and 3 children ages 16,13,and 10.

12 Knots Sailing Club

Welcome to 12 Knots …where your dreams of sailing away to exotic destinations are transformed into unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Originally established in 2009 as an international sailing schoolthe 12 Knots Yachting Club came into fruition out of the owners affinity and love for sailing. Inspired by that passion, along with a desire to provide other sea-faring enthusiasts with the ability to achieve their nautical dreams, 12 Knots has since evolved into one of the leading charter agencies in the industry today.  

12 Knots is a distinctly unique yacht charter company because it not only offers its clients a vast range of sail and motor boats for charter, it also provides professional charter companies with an international platform to rent out their vessels. We also offer our clientele something many of our competitors don’t …the ultimate search engine - featuring a world map with the location of all our charter bases and an up-to-date calendar where you can view all the available dates for the rental yachts you are interested in (very helpful during peak season). If you are looking for a particular boat model, our website also enables you to search for specific brands like Jeanneau, Catana, and more).   

Whether you prefer to sail the cool azure waters of the Mediterranean, the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, the magical waters of the Far East or the warm inviting waters of the South Pacific12 Knots can help you find the perfect yacht to charterthat will sail you to your dream destination, as well as suit your budget, special needs, and personal preferences. 

Planning a sailing vacation with the family? A romantic getaway? A business retreat? Or perhaps you simply want to head out on a solo trip for some much needed rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. With our charter yacht company, the choices of rental boat possibilities and destinations are only limited by your imagination and sense of adventure! 

By now you might be wondering …how can I set sail on a charter yacht?

At 12 Knots, we provide personalized customer service that is unsurpassed. Our skilled, professional team can help you every step of the way from booking a cabin yacht charter equipped with a competent, experienced crew to our bareboat charters  where savvy sailors can voyage out on their own.  

Uncertain about which type of charter yacht you want to set sail on? Choose from bareboats, skippered, crewed, or cabin. Can’t decide on a destination? Our interactive map can lead you to the perfect location. 

Our charter company’s growing online ‘rent a yacht’ directory presently includes sailing yachts, catamarans, trimarans, powerboats, gulets, and houseboats. It’s an invaluable resource to do a bit of yacht charter research while you view our vibrant gallery of yacht rentals and explore all the breathtaking destinations that 12 Knots offers around the globe.  

Why Choose 12Knots for Your Yacht Charter Adventure?


  • Having over 13+ years’ experience in the boating world gives us many advantages, as well as a competitive edge. With our extensive charter yacht knowledge and the partnerships we’ve developed with other charter companies around the world, we’ve become renowned aggregators in the industry. From check-in to check-out, we are able to provide our clientele with unparalleled customer service offering guidancesupport, and inspiration while they explore their options for a boat rental that will not only satisfy their needs and budget, but will make their sailing trip a memorable one. 

Easy to navigate online booking process 

  • Our main focus has always been to keep it simple’. Utilizing cutting-edge automated technology and innovation, our user-friendly online yacht charter website allows our customers the ability to easily and efficiently book directly and safely; always offering the best price possible when you are looking to rent a yacht. 

Vast selection of yachting boat rentals 

  • 12 Knots showcases an ever-expanding gallery of over 22,000 spectacular online yacht charters to choose from. Our charter fleet offers not only an impressive selection of different types of charter boats, we also provide a range of models by some of the most established manufacturers in the businesssuch as: Beneteau, Jeanneau, Dufour, Catana, Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot. 

  • Ready to get started? Simply choose the type of charter boat you prefer-bareboat, skippered, crewed, or cabin, along with your desired criteria (length, price per week, year built, cabin number/sleeping accommodations, crew availability, and more) to explore all your boat rental options.  

  • Thirsty for more information? Just click on the vessel you are interested in for a more in-depth description comprised of additional photographs, ‘floor’ plans, destinations/itineraries, supplemental services, insurance and licensing requirements, equipment, availability, booking procedures, cancellation policies, and more.  

Diverse global destinations 

When you choose 12 Knots for your next boating adventure …the world is literally your oyster! 

There is nothing quite like experiencing the soothing ocean breeze as it caresses your warm sun-kissed skin or breathing in the invigorating salt air that invokes a true sense of feeling alive.’ Each of our charter yacht destinations are unique in their own right and we’re confident you’ll find a destination that beckons you to come visit. 

Whether you want to relax on secluded, uninhabited beaches throughout the Caribbean, explore ancient civilizations around the Mediterranean, snorkel your days away in the South Pacific, or experience the exotic flavors of the Far East12 Knots has the perfect destination for you! 



British Virgin Islands (BVI)









St. Martin 




Experience Having over 13+ years’ experience in the boating world gives us many advantages, as well as a competitive edge. With our extensive charter yacht knowledge and the partnerships we’ve developed with other charter companies around the world, we’

At 12 Knots we believe that booking a charter boat should never be an arduous task. We also understand that exploring all the yacht charters we have to offer can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. At our charter boat company, we are committed to providing all our clients with exceptional customer service from the moment you get on board to the moment you step back onto dry land.  

Whether you want to just sit back and enjoy the ride with a crew that caters to your every whim, or enhance your sailing skills on a bareboat charter where you’re the boss, we can personalize any charter rental for you. We’re here to answer all of your inquiries; and, if you need us to, we’ll help you choose your type of boat and book your boating trip for you.  

We are dedicated to ensuring exceptional customer service and value the relationships we’ve formed with our clients over the years. After all, a satisfied client is a happy client! Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience when booking a charter with us. We want all our customers to have an amazing and memorable tripso whenever they are ready to set sail again, they’ll continually weigh anchor with us! 

Join Us and Become a Yacht Charter Partner

12 Knots is always looking for like-minded people who share our passion, vision, and best business practices in the rental boat industry. 

If you own a charter company and are interested in offering your boats for rental, we invite you to become yacht charter partner with one of the fastest growing, reputable charter companies in the world.  

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and can be reached either by phone or email located on our 12 Knots website. 

Ready to list your private yacht rental? Visit to create an account and register your boat! 

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