Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Cabin charters Questions and Answers

Small ship cruises is quite a new type of sailing vacations that gained popularity in recent years. Even though this segment is rapidly growing still lots of people don’t know much about it and face some difficulties in making right decision. Below we tried to answer some most frequently asked questions from our clients and hope this information will help you in making your decision.

This is a type of sailing vacation when you don’t have to charter the whole yacht and you don’t need to know how to sail. You just rent one or several cabins and share the boat with other guests. Unlike big cruise ships this type of vacation is more private and personalized as usually there are not more than eight to twelve guests on board.

Most of the cabin charters take on board 8 to 12 guests in very rare cases on a bigger ships or luxury yachts it can be up to 25 guests. People are coming from different countries, so usually it’s mixed groups with guests from USA, Europe and Australia.

Most guests are from 35 to 60 years old. And many of them travel in couples usually without the kids.

We hire only the most experienced and professional skippers who’s been working for years and gained good reputation. Usually, when the boat is up to 12 guests there is crew of two: skipper and hostess / cook, in case of bigger boat and larger amount of guests crew consist of 3 or 5 professionals: skipper, first mate, deckhand, hostess, cook.

Sailing itinerary was thoroughly thought and tested number of times. It covers best places and most comfortable harbors and moorings in the area. It is exclusive prerogative of the skipper to change the itinerary in case of unfavorable weather conditions or other cases that may be dangerous to guests or vessel.

It’s all depends on the area of the cabin charters. For example in Caribbean most of the time you will stay at anchor or moorings for the night near the shore. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck on board for the whole day. Each yacht has rib or dinghy – small boat that will take you to the shore and back whenever you want. In Mediterranean yachts usually stay in marinas or ports for the nigh, meaning you have free access to the shore.

Most of the itineraries that we offer to our guests have 3 hours passage during the day. Usually there are several stops so that you can rest, take a swim or check some local attractions. Long passages usually are made during the nights or late evenings.

It is not allowed to smoke on board when the boat is sailing. You may smoke at transom platform only when the boat is moored or at anchored.

In most cases it is not allowed to bring soft or alcohol drinks with you on board. But in certain cases there could be some exceptions.

We usually ask our clients to inform us in advance about any food allergies or medical issues. In most cases menu can be adapted to your needs.

We recommend to use soft duffel bags instead of hard suitcases. Space in cabins is limited and it there is no other place to store your luggage.

Yes. On all yachts you will have 12V when sailing or at anchor and 220V in marina or when generator is working. Majority of yachts delivered from Europe and have European sockets and voltage. So we recommend to take car lighter charger and adapter to 110V.

Yes. We recommend to take some basic medicine against diarrhea, or cold. If you are afraid of seasickness you may buy “Traveler’s Wristband” you can find it in Walmart, or seasickness patches available in drugstores by prescription.

We recommend to buy special travelers insurance as your primary medical insurance may exclude some of the recreational activities like sailing.

We use cash box to cover some local expenses for which we cannot charge in advance. For example: cruising tax, tourist tax, port fees, national park admissions, mooring fees ets.

Once you choose cruise you would like to join, select the dates and send us an inquiry using application form on our web site. You will receive auto reply first and then manager will send you Booking Agreement and Invoice. Cabin will be booked once you sing the agreement and make down payment.

  1. inquiry on the web site
  2. booking agreement signed
  3. 30%-50% down payment (depends on the cruise)

Cancellation policy may slightly vary from one cabin charter to another. But usually if you cancel the trip more than 45 days prior to the charter, fist down payment will be withhold, if less then 45 days to the charter then the whole amount will be withhold.

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