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Yachts from professional fleet operators in Chile
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Most popular boats For rent in CHILE

Top destinations in Chile for boat rental

Types of boats available for rent in Chile

Yacht charter types available in Chile

Cost of boat rental in Chile

Average yacht charter cost in Chile starts from $8,488 per week. Graphic below represents fluctuation of charter prices in Chile during the year, based on a sample of 50 boats ranging from 40 to 50-foot. This graphic shows months with lowest prices during the year as well high season when prices are above average. Before booking the boat at lowest rate, please check sailing conditions as usually best prices are during off season.
May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec









Sailing conditions in Chile

Air temperature, precipitation and wind force may vary significantly during the year. Below you may find graphics with min and max temperature and average precipitation days in Chile during the year. Book your charter vacation in Chile wisely! Considering sailing conditions along with the best price offers

Temperature by month

Average air High and Low temperature during the year

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max t° 19 °C 18 °C 17 °C 14 °C 12 °C 10 °C 10 °C 10 °C 12 °C 13 °C 15 °C 18 °C
Min t° 9 °C 9 °C 8 °C 6 °C 6 °C 3 °C 3 °C 3 °C 4 °C 5 °C 6 °C 8 °C
Max t° 67 °F 66 °F 63 °F 58 °F 54 °F 50 °F 50 °F 51 °F 54 °F 57 °F 60 °F 65 °F
Min t° 49 °F 49 °F 47 °F 44 °F 43 °F 39 °F 39 °F 39 °F 40 °F 42 °F 44 °F 48 °F

Rainy days by month

Average number of days with precipitation during the year.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainy Days 2 3 4 7 12 12 12 11 8 6 4 3
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