5035 boats available for bareboat or crewed charter
Yachts from professional fleet operators in Greece
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Most popular boats For rent in GREECE

Top destinations in Greece for boat rental

  • Athens


    1630 boats for charter

    from $755 per week

    Explore Saronic Gulf and Cyclades from main yacht charter base in Athens. Book the boat that suits best your sailing vacation needs.
  • Lefkada


    1000 boats for charter

    from $661 per week

    Explore the Ionian Islands from yacht charter base in Lefkada. Book a sailing boat or catamaran to discover these beautiful sailing grounds.
  • Corfu


    558 boats for charter

    from $755 per week

    Experience the thrill of sailing Ionian Islands with yacht charter from the base in Corfu. Book the boat and explore harbors and scenic anchorages.
  • Lavrion


    450 boats for charter

    from $960 per week

    Start your sailing vacation from charter base in Lavrion and explore Cyclades. Book a sailing boat or a catamaran to explore these beautiful sailing grounds.
  • Kos


    354 boats for charter

    from $886 per week

    Explore Dodecanese Islands from popular yacht charter base in Kos. Book the boat that suits best your sailing vacation in Greece.
  • Skiathos


    224 boats for charter

    from $864 per week

    Explore Sporades Islands from popular yacht charter base located in Skiathos. Book a sailing boat or a catamaran to explore this beautiful islands.

Types of boats available for rent in Greece

Yacht charter types available in Greece

Greece Sailing itineraries

Athens to Saronic Gulf - 7 day itinerary

Athens to Saronic Gulf - 7 day itinerary

Duration: 7 days
Distance: 123 nm
Embark from Athens and set sail through the Saronic Gulf to discover the charming islands of Methana, Hydra, Spetses, Poros, and Aegina. This sailing itinerary weaves through historic waters, offering picturesque harbors, ancient sites, and vibrant local cultures. Perfect for sailors seeking a mix of adventure and tranquility.
Lavrion to Cyclades 7 days itinerary

Lavrion to Cyclades 7 days itinerary

Duration: 7 days
Distance: 155 nm
Embark from Lavrion on a captivating sailing journey to the Cyclades, exploring the enchanting islands of Kea, Syros, Paros, Sifnos, and Kythnos. This itinerary promises diverse landscapes, from sandy beaches to rugged hills, and vibrant local cultures. Enjoy the thrill of sailing the Aegean, discovering hidden gems and ancient traditions along the way.
Corfu 7 day sailing itinerary

Corfu 7 day sailing itinerary

Duration: 7 days
Distance: 140 nm
Set sail from Corfu and explore Sagiada, Erikoussa, Paxos, Parga, and Mourtos. This itinerary offers a mix of lush landscapes, quaint coastal towns, and serene, crystal-clear waters. Experience the thrill of the Ionian Sea's sailing routes, and discover vibrant local cultures. Sailors will appreciate the generally mild sailing conditions, with moderate winds and calm seas typical of the Ionian, making navigation enjoyable and relatively straightforward. This area offers sheltered harbors and scenic anchorages.

Cost of boat rental in Greece

Average yacht charter cost in Greece starts from $705 per week. Graphic below represents fluctuation of charter prices in Greece during the year, based on a sample of 50 boats ranging from 40 to 50-foot. This graphic shows months with lowest prices during the year as well high season when prices are above average. Before booking the boat at lowest rate, please check sailing conditions as usually best prices are during off season.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec













Sailing conditions in Greece

Air temperature, precipitation and wind force may vary significantly during the year. Below you may find graphics with min and max temperature and average precipitation days in Greece during the year. Book your charter vacation in Greece wisely! Considering sailing conditions along with the best price offers

Temperature by month

Average air High and Low temperature during the year

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max t° 13 °C 14 °C 17 °C 20 °C 25 °C 30 °C 33 °C 33 °C 29 °C 24 °C 19 °C 15 °C
Min t° 7 °C 7 °C 9 °C 12 °C 16 °C 21 °C 23 °C 24 °C 20 °C 16 °C 12 °C 9 °C

Rainy days by month

Average number of days with precipitation during the year.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainy Days 9 7 8 6 4 1 1 1 3 5 8 11

Greece Yacht Charter Reviews with 12knots

Kieran Crowley

United States


“Our second time to charter through 12Knots”

Our second time to charter through 12Knots, luckily again Irina was our contact, again it was a painless, smooth process. No catches, no dropped messages, excellent value. The upfront price was the bottom line, no hidden extras. Surprisingly when I g…

Charlie Clarke

United Kingdom


“We had a lovely time and the boat was really easy to handle”

Grigory, we had a lovely time and the boat was really easy to handle and only about 5 months old. All the equipment was in really good order and everything worked without a hitch. We had a really good handover from Nomicos who got us through the chec…

Alberto Goosen



“We had a great time in Greece”

We had a great time in Greece, the first three days we had constant 20-25knots of wind, so we were able to do a lot of sailing. The boat was also in good condition and everything in working order…the boat did however look a bit older than a 2018 mode…


United States


“Our trip was fantastic!”

Our trip was fantastic, beyond expectations. Our skipper, Peter Papageorgiou, was the best, also.

Scott Moser

United States


“I’ve booked a few times through 12 Knots”

I’ve booked a few times through 12 Knots, in Greece and Polynesia, and have had great experiences. Solid customer support… it’s great to have one person I can email anytime with questions!

Andrew Wade



“We enjoyed ourselves and have a bundle of stories we can now laugh about”

We’ve chatted about this a few times and how it be best addressed. I think constructively would be the best way. Overall the captains skill level, regard for safety, approach towards ensuring the guests are happy with the path and desires they are se…

Ven Dobrinov



“Everything was perfect!”

Dear Grigory, Everything was perfect! Thank you :) Please see the attached photo.

Greece Yacht Charters

Greece is a country in Southeast Europe, which is located in the Balkans. The country is embossed in four seas: the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Cretan Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its advantageous location, Greece possesses one of the longest coastlines in the world. This outstanding feature makes the country an incredibly famous sailing destination. Beautiful golden beaches along the island, emerald transparent waters, pine forests in the mountains, and extremely pleasant weather will not leave any sailor indifferent. Deciding to charter a shining yacht, you make an investment in unforgettable memories and the desire to come back as a matter of course. 

The reasons for which one must visit Greece are difficult to count as it has a lot to offer for everyone. Rich history, glorious past, impressive ancient buildings, delicious food and wine, an abundance of celebrations and festivals are waiting for you to explore the picturesque region. The pristine nature of Athens, Volos, Corfu, Kavala, and other Greek cities and perfect weather conditions create an ideal opportunity to rent a boat and melt into the pleasure.   

Sailing Conditions in Greece

Being situated in Southeast Europe, Greece welcomes sailors from around the globe to feel all the benefits of the Mediterranean climate. Hot and dry summers with rare precipitation and clear skies provide a good opportunity for yacht rental without any fear of possible rains and extreme winds. The average temperature during the summer period never drops below 20 ºC even at night. It is impossible to miss such great weather and not to go far in the sea on your sailboat to enjoy the 30 ºC heat in the daytime. Greek winters are usually colder, especially in those areas that are close to mountains. But they are not lingering and not so cold to somehow disturb dedicated sailors. The sailing season usually starts in March and continues up to November, bringing different sailing conditions to the island.

Best Times for Vacation in Greece

Having an intention to make the most of your sailboat vacation in the breathtaking destination, it is necessary to get acquainted with the weather conditions of the desired period. As a rule, the peak season of sailing occurs in the summer months and up to the end of September. This time features extremely high air and water temperature and a huge number of sailors even in the remote marinas. By the way, Greek summers are an ideal time for those who are ready to forget about sleep and party the whole night. One of the most important things to consider is that in July, the northern wind Meltemi comes to the shore and creates many hazardous obstacles for sailing.

Spring and autumn wind speeds and summer conditions force you to choose this time period if you are looking for peace and quiet. There is no extreme heat and strong winds, as well as no abundance of people. You still can enjoy going bareboat without any unpleasant conditions and immerse yourself into the same active and loud festivals and celebrations.

Sailing Difficulty Level

Greece has already gained its high popularity as one of the world’s best sailing destinations. Because of its climate and location, the country represents great sailing options for beginners and professional sailors alike. The weather changes require sailors to explore the weather forecast beforehand to select the desired time for coming and know what to expect. The level of difficulty is mostly predetermined by the Meltemi wind of 6-8 force. Blowing from July to September may scary fresh sailors and even become a challenge for experienced professionals. If you are not highly skillful and just do not have enough confidence to manage the vessel by yourself, consider booking a boat in spring or autumn. The absence of powerful winds will not spoil your first sailing experience but contribute to positive impressions.

If you are still not ready to face the open water, 12 Knots is glad to provide you with the help of a qualified skipper and an opportunity to hire a crew. Being focused on the needs and desires of every sailor, we offer either a skipper to help to refresh the memories of handling a boat or a complete training process in our sailing school. Both options are delivered at their best quality and reasonable price.

Main Charter Bases

Greece is an incredibly important sailing destination for 12 Knots. Welcoming thousands of happy sailors every year, the country has a lot of well-equipped marinas and good mooring options. Depending on the desired part of the country, preferred city, and climate peculiarities, you may select a perfect one. The team of 12 Knots spreads their professional services on more than 30 bases along the coast. You may rent a yacht or boat at bases situated in the most famous Greek cities and islands:

Boat Types for Charters

Having a great number of bases in possession, 12 Knots aims to provide sailors with powerful sailboats from leading manufacturers. Approximately 6,000 vessels are now available for charter in Greece. Sailing yachts, catamarans, powerboats, gulets, and houseboats are waiting for your booking. Do not hesitate and contact our team to become an owner of a white shining boat at a good cost. It is advisable to perform booking beforehand to avoid disappointment and misunderstanding.

Other Information about Greece Sailing

Before diving into the images of future perfect sailing vacations, every sailor should be aware of some essential information about the intended place.

  • The official language is Greek, although English is also widely spoken, especially in tourist places.
  • Greece is the Euro zone; that’s why the official currency is Euro.
  • Greece is under the Schengen Agreement, which enables US citizens to enter the country without a visa and stay for no more than 90 days. For citizens of other countries, the consultation of the specialist is needed.
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