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The British Virgin Islands (BVI) consists of more than 60 islands and islets with only 16 inhabited. Located in the east of Puerto Rico tranquil waters of BVI is the ultimate destination for first time and returning charterers providing exceptional sailing conditions. 12 Knots offers vast choice of yacht charter in BVI to fit your budget and type of yacht.

782 boats to rent in British Virgin Islands (BVI)


BVI yacht rentals

BVI yacht rentals

Crystal clear waters, picture-perfect beaches, scenic  anchorages and well-equipped marinas make yacht charter in BVI one of  the most desirable destination among sailors. Easy island hops,  consistent trade winds, line-of-sight navigation and numerous safe  anchorages and moorings make this a sailors’ dream come true.

Among the most frequently visited of the BVI's handful of inhabited  islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada. The  smaller islands are idyllic sites for unwinding, daytime snorkeling, as  well as overnight stays. Add to this mix of tropical delights, absorbing  the laid back pleasures of sunshine and sapphire seas where you can be  relaxed or active, as you like.

The islands are colorful, with picturesque villages and harbors. You  may find hidden rocky coves, explore uninhabited islands, or discover  hundreds of enchanting anchorages. Everywhere white-sand beaches fringed  with towering palm trees and picturesque beach bars. The British Virgin  Islands culture is colorful blend with British and West Indian  influences that you may find in people and especially local cuisine.  There is really no other place like Virgins.

Tortola yacht charter

Set sail on a BVI yacht charter from base located on Tortola. After slipping away from the dock, you will gateway to Paradise – place  where turquoise waters lap softly against the hull of your yacht while  giant swaths of tropical fish dart just below the surface.

Tortola is Spanish for "Turtle Dove", a shy little brown dove which  is often seen in the hills or flying along various dirt roads. Tortola  is the BVI's largest island, with great shopping, beautiful beaches and a  diversified cuisine, it's the best place to jump off into your BVI  charte. Excellent shopping can be found in Road Town a cheerful and welcoming port. Don't miss out Painkiller, local favorite fruity concoction based on black and white Caribbean rum.

Sailing the BVI to Virgin Gorda

Sailing the BVI to Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda, or "Fat Virgin", refers to a protruding mountain  noted by Columbus on this second largest of the British Virgin Isles.  Only ten miles long and two miles wide, the island is known for its  yacht clubs, quiet coves, and safe anchorages for bareboat.

Virgin Gorda's is well known The Baths, located on the northern  shore, a geological wonder grouping of granite boulders, that form  sheltered sea pools on the beach's edge. The protected area also  includes Devil's Bay, which can be reached from The Baths by a series of  ladders scaling the boulders.

Devil’s Bay is a popular daytime anchorage, ideal for swimming and  snorkeling. The dinghy dock offshore prevents the beach from becoming  overcrowded with dinghies, whilst moorings protect the reef from anchor  damage.

Jost Van Dyke yacht charters

Sun, Rum & Fun, Jost Van Dyke is the party island. The main  village is located along the sandy beach of Great Harbor and is a  mandatory stop for sailors and a popular day trip for anyone staying on  Tortola. This sheltered bay is the location of a number of colorful  beach bars and restaurants, including Foxy's Tamarind Bar, famous  worldwide.

Charter to Anegada

When you visit Anegada, you will be one of a select few. With few  residents, Anegada has but one main village called the Settlement, two  hotels and a number of guesthouses, inns and cottages. It's an island  for people who desire isolation and miles of pristine beaches. The reefs  are spectacular and make for world class snorkeling. The beaches are  cathedrals for serious sunning. Anegada is also known for its wildlife,  especially its rare iguanas and flocks of pink flamingos.

How to get to the British Virgin Islands

Option 1:

Flight to St-Thomas. Choosing a flight to St-Thomas could be the best and cheapest alternative. You will need the first flight, which will get you to St-Thomas: Delta, AA, United. It is very important that your flight lands in St-Thomas no later than 3:15pm so that you are able to catch the ferry to Tortola on time. When you are leaving the airport, luggage in hand, you will need to tell the dispatcher that you need to get to the Charlotte-Amalie ferry dock. Charlotte-Amalie is 10mins away from the airport. The cost is $10 USD/pers. + luggage.

There are various ferries between 8:00am and 3:15pm. You can check the schedule and the cost on the website: You can take the ferry to Road Town (Downtown Tortola) with whichever company you choose.  No need to reserve your ferry in advance as there are always available seats. We suggest that you only get a one-way ticket since the company you will be taking on your return might have a different schedule. The length of the trip between St-Thomas and Tortola (RoadTown) is about 1 hour.

**If eventuality that your flight arrives later than the last ferry, it is possible to get a water taxi to Tortola, but you will have to pay more:

- about $600 USD for a group of 4 persons and

- at least $125/pers for 5 persons and more. The taxi driver at the airport will be able to assist you with making these arrangements.

Option 2:

Flight to Beef Island: Choosing a flight to Beef Island will bring you directly to the island of Tortola, which is usually preceded by a layover in Puerto Rico or Saint-Martin. From here you will need only 10-20 minutes to get to any charter base in Tortola.

Useful information

- Currency: The currency of the British Virgin Islands is the US dollar. Visa and MasterCard are accepted in most establishments. American Express is often refused.

- ATMs are available at the marinas but may be out of order, so we suggest that you bring adequate cash. Personal checks are not accepted and debit cards do not work in establishments.

- Cellular phones and WIFI: The use of your cellular phone is possible in the British Virgin Islands. We recommend that you verify the different roaming options and plans with your cellular provider. You will be able to connect with connections «Flow».

- Departure tax: is $20 per person. Departure tax is mandatory when you depart form the BVI. This amount is usually payable at immigration just before you leave. It is better to pay cash.

- Environment: At VSV we are very environmentally conscious. We ask for your help in keeping our islands clean.

Useful tips

  • Travel light! Comfortable and relaxed clothing fit perfectly with the luxuriate vacation on board a sailboat. In the British Virgin Islands the weather varies between 26°C (in December, January and February) and 31°C the rest of the year.
  • It is always recommended to wear a long sleeve shirt when snorkeling to protect your back from the sun.
  • Shoes with white nonskid soles, hat or cap, sunglasses, sun tan lotion (60 U.V. minimum) and bug spray are all highly recommended.
  • Earplugs. There can be a lot of unusual noises on a boat…
  • A soft travel bag is a lot easier to store on a boat than a hard suitcase.
  • If you are taking any prescribed medication, do not forget to bring your prescription with you.
  • Your favorite music, good books and, of course, a good waterproof camera.
  • It is always better to have allergy medication with you, just in case.  If you think you might be sea sick here are some medication ideas: Gravol (traditional or with ginger), TransdermV. (Scopolamine - to be placed behind the ear), Cocculine (homeopathic medicine), bracelet relief band against nausea.
  • Your passport
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