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Motor yacht charters

12 Knots provides vast variety of motor yachts for charter. On our web site you will find motorboats, ranging from small open boats up to 50 feet long yachts for bareboat charter and to an expensive luxury motor yachts, with professional team on board. Motor yacht is ideal for those who love comfort and speed.

Free cancellation of reservation without obligations! You may reserve any boat and it will be on hold for you for 4 days free of charge




“Thanks for arranging everything”

Hi Grigory, thanks for checking in! It was awesome! Boat great condition and the charter company very professional! Thanks for arranging everything. We are planning two trips next year, maybe you can help: 1. 2 week trip St. Vincent / Grenadines with…

Alberto Goosen




“Thank you and your team so much for arranging everything”

Dear Grigory, I have been wanting to write you since I got back. Thank you and your team so much for arranging everything. Everything turned out as planned and we had an unforgettable trip! There were some unexpected surprises along the way…. but tha…

Alberto Goosen





“Everyone had a very nice time”

Thank you - it was a really nice experience. You were very helpful during our departure and arrival. The boat was amazing, well outfitted, and everyone had a very nice time. I'll be sure to send you some photos over the weekend. We also have some dro…

Jeff Ott





“We tried to make the most of it, but it was far from ideal”

Hey Grigory, thanks for asking. The boat was not in good condition. For example, there were no mooring, deck or motoring lights, so we feared a boat would hit us while we slept, and were not complying with the law while sailing at night. The anchor w…

Oscar Serra





“This was our first bareboat charter”

This was our first bareboat charter and we had a lot of questions. Julia and Grigory were great at walking us through the process and connecting us with a skipper. The boat was fabulous, and Raffaele is a talented skipper. Happy to say we had a wonde…






“Everything was perfect!”

Dear Grigory, Everything was perfect! Thank you :) Please see the attached photo.

Ven Dobrinov





“The boat was in super condition”

The charter was excellent, everything perfect. The boat was in super condition (brand new), and very clean. The staff was helpful, and very kind. We enjoyed the trip very much and are looking forward to our next booking.

Gerzsenyi Andras



Powerboat Charters

Powerboat Charters

What Is a Powerboat Charter? 

A powerboat charter is a type of boat propelled by an engine. Commonly referred to as speed or motorboats, they can be outfitted with either an inboard engine mounted inside the hull’s midsection or an outboard engine located off the rear of the boat. There are some motored vessels that are even powered by a hybrid inboard-outboard engine.  

Motorboat rentals come in all shapes and sizes, have different hull designs, are constructed with various materials, and offer different propulsion systems. Whether you want to charter a smaller speedboat for sport fishing or a mega yacht for pleasure, the one thing all powerboats have in common is …speed! 

12 Knots offers a wide variety of powerboats for charter in locations around the world. Modern motorboats not only provide excellent maneuvering performance and exhilarating speed- they also offer comfortable cabins, spacious galleys, as well as expansive deck areas- ideal for sunbathing, socializing, stargazing, and fishing. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Powerboat Rental


Space and comfort -Speedboats for rent are available in a range of shapes and sizes- so, many of them will suit various purposes, as well as be able to accommodate a greater amount of travelers. The larger motorboat charters generally have a substantial deck design (which makes it easier to move about and more room for sunbathing). They also offer a more spacious interior with comfortable cabins and larger galley area. 

Speed - If you only have a week for your vacation and want to explore a few destinations, a motorboat charter is the perfect choice. When you hire a speedboat, its faster cruising speed will allow you to cover a much greater area than a sailboat in a shorter amount of time. 

Performance - Chartering a motorboat is one of the best way to explore locations with limited wind and swell, as they do not rely on sails for movement. 

Maneuverability - Because of their shallow draft, speedboats are effortless to operate and easier to maneuver in harbors, ports, and marinas. You’ll also have low clearance when it comes to bridges, as you’ll have no sails to worry about. 

Convenience - Whether you rent a bareboat or decide on a crewed speedboat charter- all you have to do is turn the key and go! 


Cost - Motorboat charters will be more expensive than a sailboat rental because of the cost of fuel. Their fuel consumption will be greater because they are able to travel faster and travel longer distances. 

Sound - The constant sound of a motor’s powerful engine is not as tranquil as a boat that relies on sails. 

Not Eco-friendly - This type of boat needs diesel fuel to run; so, the carbon footprint of a charter motorboat is greater than that of a sailboat. 

Cost of a Motorboat Charter

At 12 Knots, we offer different price levels for our motorboat charters. Generally speaking, the price of a one cabin bareboat charter will start at about $700 for the week with larger powerboat yacht rentals costing $10,000 US dollars and up. Often, the price of a larger powerboat charter will be all inclusive- where a captain/crew, meals, beverages, amenities, etc. will be included in the total cost 

With special offers and booking discounts offered at 12 Knots, renting a powerboat is one of the most fun and exciting ways to travel the globe. Whether you decide on a bareboat rental or a hire a crewed motorboat for your next vacation, the cost of your charter will always depend on the following factors: 

  • Powerboat size, age, and model 

  • Type of charter 

  • Destination  

  • Duration of trip  

  • Season/time of year  

  • Amenities 

For the best price and value for your money, you’ll want to contact 12 Knots to take advantage of their booking discounts and charter special offers  

How to Choose the Right Motorboat Charter

With a vast number of motorboat rentals on the market, learning about how they are constructed, how they perform on the water, and which purpose they best serve, can help narrow your choices- so you can choose the best charter motorboat for your next high-seas adventure. 

To further understand your options for renting a powerboat, it will be important to understand the two types: flying and displacement. 


  • By design, flying boats are constructed with strong, lightweight materials and equipped with powerful engines that significantly increase the vessel’s speed.  

  • Flying motor boats have quickly gained popularity for those have a need for speed, are less concerned about fuel consumption, and want to cover as much area as they can- in the least amount of time. 

  • Sleek and swift, a flying motor yacht is also not designed for cruising in rough conditions, so the route will depend on varying weather conditions. 


  • Displacement motor yacht charters are in high demand among those who love comfort, space, and security. 

  • These vessels have a high level of stability, allowing them to make long and safe passages. 

  • Displacement boats are not designed for racing, so they are equipped with less powerful, but much more efficient engines. 

  • This type of powerboat charter offers ample space on board, which makes it possible to take a large supply of fresh water, food, and various watersport equipment. 

  • Chartering a motor yacht equates to having a modern home on the water that offers vacationers a comfortable journey in almost any weather. 

Motor yachts can also be categorized by the following: cruising, fishing trawlers, houseboats, and power catamarans . 

Cruising motorboat charters  

  • Cruising speedboats are usually equipped with everything you need to have fun and relax during your trip.  

  • They are ideal for family vacations, corporate retreats, and romantic getaways. 

  • The most popular models for cruising powerboat charter are: DonatBayliner, Chaparral, Four Winns, and Larson. 

Fishing trawler charters 

  • Trawler charters are both comfortable and fast-providing the ultimate fishing experience. 

  • Many of these fishing charters are equipped with sophisticated equipment- they are ideal for people who love the thrill of deep sea fishing. 

Houseboat rentals 

  • Houseboats are a terrific option for navigating coastal shorelines, large bodies of water, and internal channels.  

  • These motor houseboats can often accommodate up to 16 people- so it’s a great choice if you want to bring along the whole family for vacation or just a close group of your friends. 

  • Houseboats are easily to operate, offer a safe and smooth ride, as well as a spacious and comfortable living areas 

  • The most popular models of houseboats for rent are: Thoroughbred, Stardust cruisers, Destination Yachts, Sumerset Houseboats. 

Power catamaran charters   

  • Powercat rentals have quickly gained popularity amongst both fishing enthusiasts looking for that ‘perfect catch’ and those who love to relax and soak up the sunshine.  

  • Motor catamarans are comfortable, spacious, and offer a smooth ride so they are ideal for fishermen looking for a bareboat adventure or vacationing families with children and elderly passengers. 

  • The most common models of power catamarans for rent are Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Catana, Corsair Marine, CraigCatf 

The Best Destinations for Speed Boat Rentals

With a powerboat charter, the sky really is the limit for just about any global destination. A motorboat’s speed will allow you to cover more territory (open sea or coastal areas)-especially when you have a limited amount of time for your vacation. 

Some of the popular destinations for powerboat charters are: 

The Mediterranean - Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Greece 

The Caribbean -Bahamas, British Virgin Islands (BVI), US Virgin Islands 

Far East - Thailand 

Indian Ocean - Seychelles, Maldives 

Charter Powerboat Requirements

Chartering any type of a powerboat comes with responsibilitybut, with a licensed captain on board you’ll be able to just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

When you charter a boat, the qualifications you need will be contingent upon which countries (destinations) you plan on cruising to. Some local authorities will require an official certificate or simply a boating resume that states your experience and competency; while other countries may require a boating license. 

If you are planning on chartering any type of bareboat charter yacht it’s always a good idea to be licensed, or in the very least obtain a certificate that states your formal training. If you are unsure of the requirements/documentation you’ll need for your sailing charter, our team at 12 Knots is always available to help. 

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