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12 Knots offers crewed and bareboat Yacht charters in Tortola, BVI. You may choose the right boat for you from 798 yachts listed on the web site. Click on the one you like to make an easy reservation for your sailing vacation in Tortola.Rates start from $1 per week.

798 boats to rent in Tortola





“We had a lovely time and the boat was really easy to handle”

Grigory, we had a lovely time and the boat was really easy to handle and only about 5 months old. All the equipment was in really good order and everything worked without a hitch. We had a really good handover from Nomicos who got us through the chec…

Charlie Clarke

United Kingdom




“Everyone had a very nice time”

Thank you - it was a really nice experience. You were very helpful during our departure and arrival. The boat was amazing, well outfitted, and everyone had a very nice time. I'll be sure to send you some photos over the weekend. We also have some dro…

Jeff Ott




“Thank you and your team so much for arranging everything”

Dear Grigory, I have been wanting to write you since I got back. Thank you and your team so much for arranging everything. Everything turned out as planned and we had an unforgettable trip! There were some unexpected surprises along the way…. but tha…

Alberto Goosen





“Thanks for helping to coordinate!”

It was terrific, thanks. Sail Marine is a great outfit. Thanks for helping to coordinate! Best, Matt

Matthew Gunnison





“Thanks for arranging everything”

Hi Grigory, thanks for checking in! It was awesome! Boat great condition and the charter company very professional! Thanks for arranging everything. We are planning two trips next year, maybe you can help: 1. 2 week trip St. Vincent / Grenadines with…

Alberto Goosen




“Everything was great! The boat was perfect for our needs”

Dear Grigory, Everything was great! The boat was perfect for our needs and the skipper, Slavin, was really friendly. The only downside was that the boat was late getting ready - 6:30pm - but we were still able to make it out of port that night so in …

Trisha Lawrence





“с погодой не очень повезло”

Все было отлично, с погодой не очень повезло, самые холодные майские праздники на моей памяти. По яхте все ок, понятно что она не новая, но претензий нет, все работало

Воробьев Илья



Tortola Yacht Charters

Welcome to Tortola, the sailing charter capital of the Carribean. This lush, mountainous island is the largest and most popular of the British Virgin Islands. The rocky coastlines are picturesque; the sailing conditions are ideal for beginners; the food and fun never stops. At 12 Knots, we love booking sailing charters in Tortola because our skippers come back happy every time. As seasoned sailors of the British Virgin Islands ourselves, we transform the experience to accommodate your every need. Whether you’d like a yacht charter or bareboat charter in Tortola, 12 Knots can help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.

Sailing Conditions in Tortola

The British Virgin Islands are one of the most coveted places to sail in the world. Not only is the island home to many tourist-friendly communities, but the winds and waters offer ideal sailing conditions year-round. The tradewinds consistently blow between 10 to 20 knots throughout the year. In the summer months they typically range between 10-15; during the wintertime higher wind speeds reaching between 25-30 are possible. The winds in the British Virgin Islands consistently blow from the East. This makes planning your sailing schedule much easier.

The calm waters also play a part in favorable sailing conditions in Tortola. Seas are generally in the 3-4 foot range, meaning you can expect a relaxed and enjoyable trip from island to island. While you can generally expect favorable climate in Tortola, we recommend using a weather and wind forecast app to keep track of sailing conditions day-to-day. Monitoring wind and weather conditions at mooring allows for an easier experience while underway.

Weather watch is a critical element in our 12 Knots sailing school. We teach students how to adjust to different wind speeds and sea conditions so they can be prepared for whatever the BVI has in store. Click here to learn more about the 12 Knots sailing school.

Best Times to Vacation in Tortola

When planning a sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands, weather conditions are the most important factor to consider. While sailing events on the island and coinciding tourist fluctuations may influence your decision, the heat and hurricane season will make the greatest impact on your Tortola boat charter experience.

Most BVI sailing trips are scheduled between late October (after the worst of the hurricane season) until the New Year, and between mid-April to the end of May. During these seasons, you are less likely to experience extreme heat, storms, or overcrowding on the islands due to tourism. The summer can offer beautiful weather, but it also brings the highest probability for hurricanes as well as overcrowding due to tourism.

The annual BVI Spring Regatta And Sailing Festival are held in late March to early April, which may be of interest to experienced sailors. There are several other regattas and sailing events held in the British Virgin Islands, so check your calendar to see which you may want to take part. Less experienced sailors can also enjoy the BVI’s Fireball Full Moon Parties, which are held every month in Tortola. These parties welcome all Tortola tourists to enjoy local food, music, and the island nightlife in a truly unique atmosphere.

Sailing Difficulty Level

The British Virgin Islands are a wonderful sailing destination for beginners and experienced sailors alike. The islands are incredibly sailor-friendly, offering a variety of mooring options and marinas that are well-maintained. However, during the sailing season these fill up quickly, so be sure to book your site hours in advance to ensure you have a place to stop and stay.

Due to the strong, stable winds, sailing in Tortola is beginner-friendly. Those with experience on the water can handle sailing between islands fairly easily throughout the year. However, if you have no seafaring experience, you don’t have to miss out on the experience of sailing the Carribean. Our crewed yacht charter offers you the peace of mind to sail with an experienced skipper by your side.

Not sure if you’re ready to tackle the open water? Enroll in the 12 Knots sailing school for a refresher course on everything you’ll need to know before your trip. We offer three different sailing school packages for those of all experience levels. Visit our sailing school page for more information.

Main Charter Bases

Tortola is a very popular yacht and bareboat charter destination for 12 Knots. We offer a variety of sailboat, catamaran, yacht, and other boat rentals for those looking to add a bit of Carribean adventure to their lives. Some of our most popular charter bases include:

  • Wickhams Cay II Marina
  • Road Town Tortola
  • JY Harbour
  • Nanny Cay
  • And many more

 You are guaranteed to find a sailing vacation package that fits your needs with 12 Knots. When choosing to sail with us, you’ll have a variety of boat options, as well as crewed charters and sailing school packages to help you tackle the Carribean seas head-on.

Boat Types For Charters

12 Knots offers a variety of boat rentals in Tortola. Depending on your previous sailing experience and confidence on the water, you may be well-suited for one of these types of sailing charters:

  • Sailing yacht
  • Powerboat
  • Catamaran
  • Gulet
  • Trimaran

 We have over 747 yachts and boats available for sailing in Tortola and throughout the British Virgin Islands. Click this link to make a reservation today.

Other Information About Tortola Sailing

Before you book your sailing charter in Tortola, you’ll want to gather basic information about it and the surrounding British Virgin Islands. Even if you are an experienced sailor, a bit of preparation is required to make your boat charter a dream vacation.

  • Official currency: US Dollar (USD)
  • Passport Requirements: Citizens of the U.S., Canada, and most European countries require a passport or other WHTI-compliant documentation. Citizens of select European countries may also require a visa.
  • Best months to visit: November, December, March, April
  • Average daily cost to visit Tortola: $90 - $260
  • Medical information: U.S. Medicare and Medicaid programs do not apply in the British Virgin Islands. It is recommended that you purchase supplemental coverage if your insurance provider does not cover overseas medical bills. Divers beware: the British Virgin Islands does not have a hyperbaric chamber for diving emergencies.

With this information in mind, there is no reason why you can’t plan an enjoyable and safe trip to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Contact 12 Knots today to learn more!

Frequently asked questions about yacht charter in Tortola

What is the price of yacht charter in Tortola?

The cost of yacht charter in Tortola depends on many factors, but it starts from €349 and comes to €53,257. The average cost of yacht charter Tortola is - €5,079.

How many yachts are available in Tortola?

268 yachts are available for charter.

What types of boats are available for charter in Tortola?

These types of yachts are available for charter in Tortola: Sail yachts (Boats: 218) Powerboats (Boats: 114) Catamarans (Boats: 466)
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