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12 Knots offers crewed and bareboat yacht charters in Mykonos, Greece. You may choose the right boat for you from 118 yachts listed on the web site. Click on the one you like to make an easy reservation for your sailing vacation in Mykonos.Rates start from $870 per week.

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Mykonos Yacht Charters

Mykonos may be rightfully considered one of the most picturesque Greek islands of the Cyclades archipelago. Being located in the central part of the Aegean Sea basin, the island attracts hundreds of sailors every year. Breathtaking beach with its incredible coastline, beautiful views of the Aegean Sea, and stunning landscapes make this destination worth visiting. Sailing on a luxurious boat offered by 12 Knots provides an outstanding opportunity to plunge into the natural beauty of unspoiled sites. 

Secluded southern beaches welcome everyone who wants to escape the energetic crowds and enjoy peace. Swim in the crystal waters, lie on the beautiful yacht, and watch the bright red sun dipping into the water. Or mingle in local friendly communities, taste delicious food, and feel the tiniest flavors in multiple sorts of a famous wine.           

Sailing Conditions in Mykonos

Once visiting the Cyclades Archipelago, the sailors always return there. Constant warm sun, well-equipped marina, and ideal sailing conditions steel their hearts forever. On the whole, Cyclades are considered to be sailing heaven featuring excellent conditions for professionals and newcomers alike. Depending on the season, the weather conditions may vary as sometimes, the weather can be changeable, bringing thunderstorms and cooling freshnessDuring the summer months, the northern  wind Meltemi ranges in force from 5 to 8 blows along the seaside of Mykonos. Rising the waves up to 3-4 meters, the wind makes you feel like an  expert captain of a powerful Dufour boat.   

Mediterranean climate is always associated with favorable sailing conditions. Extended sunny periods in Greece and the little amount of precipitation force every sailor to start a comfortable trip from island to island. If you find sailing in Mykonos a little bit challenging, the 12 Knots school is ready to teach you how to adjust to different kinds of winds.      

Best Times for Vacation in Mykonos

Weather conditions are the most crucial factor to take into consideration if you intend to get a valuable sailing experience. Due to steady winds blowing during spring and summer, the air and water temperature is never extremely high. However, even in this period, you may observe multiple white dots of powerful motorboats far in the sea. It is advisable to visit Mykonos in the autumn months to avoid crowds of tourists, strong Meltemi, and unpleasant heat. September, October, and November are great options for those who want to enjoy calmness and comfort. The air temperature is about 28 degrees in the daytime, and it may be lower at night. One more benefit is that the sea is the warmest in September, allowing you to sail and swim all day. As autumn, especially its end, is out of the peak season, traveling to Mykonos becomes more affordable. With 12 Knots, you may take advantage of a discount on the most prominent vessels.    

If the abundance of tourists does not bother you, and you are ready to face the 8-force northern wind, come during the summer months. This is the peak season preferred by sailors with profound knowledge and excellent skills. Check the forecast before booking a boat as there are cases when it is not allowed to leave the harbor during July and August. Be sure that you will not spend a week or more and a huge budget on exploring the sea out of the window of your apartment.   

Sailing Difficulty Level

Being called an island of winds, Mykonos always attracts inveterate sailors who have some successful experience of managing a boat. Steady winds in some periods may appear scary for those whose sailing skills are not good enough. However, the intermediate level of sailing difficulty can be easily covered by newcomers in case of choosing the right moment to come. If you have some doubts about seafaring alone, you may ask 12 Knots for a professional skipper to accompany you. Besides, well-maintained marinas, secluded lagoons, and multiple mooring options are created for inexperienced sailors to start practicing in a safe environment. 12 Knots puts your safety in the first place; that’s why all the boats for rent are well-equipped with necessary appliances. Moreover, you will have to provide the sailing resume for our experts to identify the level of your professionalism. In case of its absence, address the 12 Knots sailing school to get useful and valuable knowledge. Or your trip may become a real adventure under the guidance of our dedicated skipper.    

Boat Types for Charters

Mykonos is an extremely important charter destination for 12 Knots. Being surrounded by turquoise clear water, the island represents one of the most adorable places to start the charter. 12 Knots has a huge number of spacious yachts for those who want to embark on a magnificent journey of discovering the majesty of Greece. To provide every sailor with overwhelming emotions, we have a huge number of available boats for rental options. Depending on your desires and taste, you may choose any vessel from the below-listed types: 

  • Sailing yacht  
  • Catamaran 
  • Powerboat  
  • Gulet  

We offer 140 boats available for charter in Mykonos. All of them boast of high quality, stylish appearance, and reasonable price. Contact the team of professionals of 12 Knots to select the boat suitable for your previous experience and sailing skills.  

Other Information About Mykonos Sailing

12 knots recommend being responsible while planning your sailing trip across the Cyclades and gather some important information.  

  • Official language – Greek (English is widely spoken).  
  • Official currency  Euro (EU).  
  • Passport Requirements – Being a part of the Schengen Agreement, Greece does not require US passport holders to get a visa. They can enter Greece for tourist and business purposes for a period of 90 days. For citizens of the European Union, a visa may be required.  
  • Best months to visit – July, August, September.    
  • Average daily cost to visit Mykonos ­ €119 ($140) per day. 
  • Medical information – check whether your medical insurance covers the place you want to enter. If not, you have to purchase supplemented coverage to protect your health 
  • The easiest way to get to Mykonos is by air. There is an international airport on the island located 4 km from the  town. The distance from the airport can be easily covered by a taxi or a car.  

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned information, prepare to book a fantastic sailing trip with 12 Knots. No matter whether you travel with family, friends, or alone ­ there is always a variety of great sailing options. You make a wise and worthwhile investment into your future delight if you rely on our company.  

Frequently Asked Questions about yachting in Mykonos

How much does it cost to charter a boat in Mykonos ?

Price for yacht charters in Mykonos depends on the size & year of the boat. Rates for small boat rentals start from $870 per week while more luxury yachts can be up to $97,875 per week. The median cost of yacht charter in Mykonos is - $49,373 .

How many yachts are available for rent in Mykonos ?

There are 118 yachts available for bareboat and crewed charter.

What types of yachts are available for charter in Mykonos ?

You may find the following yacht types available for charter in Mykonos : 30 - Sail yachts 20 - Powerboats 65 - Catamarans 3 - Gulets
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