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The prices for yacht charters in Fethiye are closely tied to the weather and sailing conditions throughout the year. They tend to be at their lowest in January, corresponding to the low season, and reach their peak in September when demand is high and sailing conditions are optimal.

Fethiye Yacht Charters

Fethiye is a wide area and an important port  city on southwestern Turkey`s Turquoise Coast. Turkey is rightfully considered the most comfortable option for summer vacation. This outstanding country attracts thousands of sailors annually, offering plenty of possible itineraries. Travelers come to Turkey not only to bask in the pleasant rays of the warm sun and enjoy the dynamic nature of the Mediterranean Sea but also to take a breath of its glorious history.   

The Post-card Beauty of Nature

Fethiye represents an incredibly green and mountainous city on the Aegean  coast. One of the prominent Turkish resorts combines the pure nature of coniferous woods, emerald green  sea with fine sandy beaches, and the remains of great history in the form of ancient ruins. The first moment you start your trip and set foot on the ground, you feel the fragrant scent of orange blossoms dispersed by the wind across the whole town. The next thing to amaze you is crystal air that fills your lungs. In Fethiye, as well as in Marmaris, the territory is immersed into pine forests, and the evening fresh breeze from the mountains makes you wish to stay there forever.     

Exploration of the Remains of Glorious Past

As an internationally known resort, Fethiye is a perfect starting point for the exploration of the remains of the region`s  ancient Lycian civilization. You can  visit dilapidated Lycian Sites, partially excavated Roman Theater, the famous Fethiye Museum, or many other splendid sites. Due to the abundance of places of historical importance, you will get an unforgettable experience and interesting information every day of your vacation. The city is spangled with hundreds of engaging activities to suit every taste and money.  

Well-loved Fethiye YACHT CHARTERS

The calm turquoise water with a white sandy beach protected from the sea, fringed by a dense pine forest, creates ideal conditions for sailing. Fethiye is home to plenty of natural bays and harbors in Turkey, which makes it an ideal place for setting out on a yachting trip.Sailors are always eager to rent a vessel and float across the neighboring Karacaoren, Oludeniz, and Butterfly Bay. Deciding to go on a  cruise across the Turquoise Coast, you enable yourself to get a break from the monotonous pattern of life and obtain new impressions. You will be inspired by a fascinating view of deserted islands. Besides, with a high-quality powerful sailboat, every traveler can become a captain and take the crew to explore the vastness of the idyllic island.   

Sailing Conditions in Fethiye

Turkey has always been extremely popular among thousands of sailors coming there every year. But what makes Fethiye highly relevant among dedicated sailors is its stable and dependable winds. Their force during the summer season does not overcome 3 or 4 balls, which is perfect for sailing. The sheltered area of Gocek Bay is good for newcomers, but when you go further to the wider Mediterranean, you have to apply all your sailing skills. Winds can vary during the year, bringing either tropical storms or cold temperatures. In general, summer months feature ideal conditions to have a rest under the sails, while winter can scare you with strong winds and relatively cool air. Speaking about the overall atmosphere, it becomes a bit stifling in July and August, forcing sailors to enjoy diving in the refreshing sea. The water temperature never falls below 16 degrees, even in winter; it is possible to swim and try extreme water activities all year round. To not allow the weather to  ruin your holiday, just check the forecast and leave nothing to chance.    

Best Times for Vacation in Fethiye

Having decided to see if the above-mentioned naturalistic splendor is fortake a look at the weather forecast. As a rule, the weather in Fethiye is warm and sunny for a much longer period than in other destinations on the Mediterranean Sea. The beach season starts in June, when the water temperature reaches +23°C. It ends in October, but sailors stay in luxurious hotels all year round, even in winter. If you want to experience a relaxing and peaceful pastime, March and April are the best months to come. Autumn in Turkey pushes in its arms those who want to escape messy daily rhythms and enjoy a cool but comfortable period.  Depending on the water and air temperature, quantity of precipitation, and the number of sailors you want to come across, you may choose the best period to spend your holiday.

Sailing Difficulty Level

Due to its ideal location, Fethiye boasts of various opportunities for sailing for both professionals and beginners. The level of difficulty can be called intermediate. Secluded bays and calm lagoons are perfect for those with no sailing skills, while exposed coastline presents a challenge to more dedicated and inveterate sailors. In addition, you do not have to worry about crazy yacht owners who have no sailing skills. Every person who intends to charter a boat should possess a sailing resume as proof of qualification, approved by our base manager. This is the guarantee of safe sailing experience.

Boat Types for Charters

Looking for the best Fethiye YACHT CHARTERS? 12 knots is always ready to help you, offering a wide range of stylishly designed vessels. A dedicated team of experienced specialists will select the yacht of your dream and will not make you spend a fortune. Depending on the sailing ambitions, needs, the number of people, and budget, you can take advantage of such vessels manufactured by prominent companies in the boating industry 

  • Snow-white Sun Odyssey sailing yachts and boats  
  • Large Oceanis sailing yachts  
  • Sparkling Bavaria Cruiser sailing yachts and boats  
  • Comfortable Dufour boats  
  • Powerful Athena catamarans  

Yacht Equipment and Additional Options

To get the ultimate experience during an enthralling journey, our staff makes the utmost effort to provide aid and comfort. Every vessel has major equipment as well as plenty of additional options accessible at extra payment. Renting a boat, you get an autopilot, electric windlass, life raft, VHF, chart plotter, and other necessary things. Besides, there are modern appliances and electric devices to satisfy the needs of every voyager during the trip. No matter whether you are trying to embark on a beautiful yacht for the first time or this is your annual tradition, you deserve to take advantage of the best option. You may choose among 150 yachts available for bareboat and crewed charters.

Other Information About Fethiye Sailing

The city and resort of Fethiye is located in southwestern Turkey. It is the capital of the region of the same name in the province of Mugla. The city is located on the coast of Fethiye Bay. On land, it is bounded by the mountain range Taurus. Fethiye is located 200 kilometers west of Antalya, 320 kilometers south of Izmir, and 770 kilometers south of Istanbul. The  marina does not have its own airport, but there are several ones outside the city limits. It is easily reachable driving a car, taking a taxi, or riding in a bus. Some more useful information for sailors: 

  • The currency used is Turkish lira, but Euro also can be used for payments in some places 
  • The languages spoken are Turkish and English.   
  • The passport has to be valid at least six month the date you enter Fethiye and for 60 days beyond the expiry date of your Turkish visa. British citizens travelling to Turkey as tourists can travel without a visa for visits of up to 90 days in any 180-day period. 
  • The medical insurance has to cover the place of your destination.  

When you come to Fethiye, the first thought popping into your head is that nature worked hard here, creating intricate patterns of bays and canyons along the coast. In addition, locals have complemented the surrounding landscape with pleasant architecture.  

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