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Greece sailing vacations by the cabin charter on a luxury yacht «Running on Waves»

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Cruising area
Greak islands (map)
from € 262 ($290) per day
7 days
up to 42 persons
18 persons
private cabin
full board
island hopping
"12 knots" invites you to fascinating sailing cruise around Greek islands!

Imagine summer sun caresses turquoise waves, boundless horizon in front of you and the wind fills the snow-white sails - all this creates a unique feeling of flying ... It's not a picture or a film, it is jus a perfect vacation... What can be better than a sailing cruise on a luxury yacht! Whistling wind in rigging, white sails over your head and abundance of mild sun and warm sea!

Seven day cruise on the sailing ship «Running on Waves», you will enjoy the highest quality from service to  magnificently decorated cabins. Everything is made to meet the highest standards of our guests: natural wood furniture, teak deck, air conditioning cabins, stabilizers, swimming pool – jacuzzi, massage, TV, satellite channels, streaming underwater camera footage and surface ships. Also don't forget about the variety of delicious dishes you just have to try on the ship!

Travel type: Cruise

  • 8 days sailing cruise
  • night passages
  • day stops in harbors


Emphasis: Relaxation

  • excursions
  • gourment meals
  • sunbathing
  • watersports

Service level: Standard plus

  • spacious private cabin
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • professional crew
  • mixed group

Ideal for:

  • Family with kids
  • Singles & couples
Running on Waves - day1 - Kos
Day 1
Embarkation till 18:00. Enjoy a welcome drink while listening about the itinerary of South Aegean sailing tour and excursion options. Take a walk to an ancient castle of Nerantzya with a giant sycamore right at the entrance. There is a legend that Hippocrates used to teach his pupils basic principles of medicine under this legendary tree. Departure at 19:00
Running on Waves - day2 - Astypalea
Day 2
Miracles in Greece are not always explained by myths and legends. Astypalea is a good example – this island has a shaped of butterfly, but has never been mentioned in mythology, so there is plenty of room to create your own story! After lunch we will moor at the Eastern part of the island – the Maltezana beach named by Maltese pirates who used it for a stop. Departure at 17:30
Running on Waves - day3 - Santorini
Day 3
This is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. There are few sailing destinations that can boast beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, ancient cities, amazing restaurants and an active volcano.
Running on Waves - day4 - Paros / Antiparos
Day 4
Paros / Antiparos
At 9am we arrive to Paros. This is one of the most typical Greek islands – with quiet villages, narrow streets and monasteries, walls of which have been filled with prayers over the centuries. Second half fo the day we will sail to Antiparos tiny little island with low hills, splendid beaches and a small picturesque port. Antiparos is one of the beloved places among Hollywood celebrities: Tom Hanks, Monika Bellucci and many others. Departure at 23:00
Running on Waves - day5 - Delos
Day 5
Delos is one of the most unique places in the world, since the entire island considered being as one large outdoor museum. Here you will feel like a real archeologist getting lost in ancient town! Take a walk around the island to discover beautiful terrace of lions that protect the Holy Lake where, according Greek mythology god Apollo was born.
Running on Waves - day6 - Patmos
Day 6
Arrival at 10:00 am to a worldwide known island famous for being a place where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation. Patmos is an ideal destination for nature lovers offering lace-like coastline, sheer cliffs and volcanic soil. Departure 24:00, sailing to Bodrum
Running on Waves - day7 - Bodrum
Day 7
14:00 arrival to Bodrum charming town with panoramic views — snow-white, Greek like looking buildings, only on the Turkish coast. Bodrum is considered to be the center of artistic Bohemia. Famous musicians, singers, writers and actors love to come here. Numerous picture galleries and rich nightlife attract many artists. Departure to Kos at 23:00
Running on Waves - day8 - Kos
Day 8
Arrival back to Kos marina at 7:00, breakfast and disembarkation.


The hydraulic ramp turns a stern into a platform for a free access to water. It allows to swim in the high sea without any ladders and to jump from a board, and also with convenience to experience various extreme sports and entertainment. Snorkeling equipment: mask and flippers.

Kayak and wake

During your stateroom charter aboard of Running on Wavers you may use of various sports equipment including: kayak, water skiing, wake-board. Rental of water skis 25 euro / 20 min / 1 person. Wake-board rental is 30 euro / 20 min / 1 person.


Running on Waves provide large selection of boards and sails for windsurfing. You can also take windsurfing lessons with professional instructor. One training set with an instructor is 30 euro / 1 hour / 1 person. 1 set is minimum 20 minutes.


During your live-aboard you will find all necessary equipment for diving, as well as a certified instructor.
Yacht Model Sailing ship (Running on Waves)
Length overall: 209 ft | 64 m
Draft: 15 ft | 5 m
Passenges (max): 42
Berths: 42
Cabins: 18
Bathrooms: 18
Engine: 2x1000hp
Additional information
Luxury sailing yacht "Running on Waves" - is a high-speed environment friendly sailing vessel. It was made using the most advanced technologies. This sailing vessel of the new millennium has very shallow draft, not more than on an average size yacht. «Running on Waves» can go almost anywhere, even to the small, shallow bays. Equipment: air conditioning, stabilizers, swimming pool - Jacuzzi, massage room, TV with satellite channels and life broadcasts from underwater and on the mast cameras.
Many believe that sailing trip on a luxury yacht is more about travel impressions, but good cuisine, will perhaps be one of the main criteria for evaluating your vacation. Stateroom charter on "Running on the waves" can boast highest attention to the quality of food, service. Everything is done according to the highest service standards on luxury mega yachts. Mediterranean cuisine and sea delicacies from the famous chef, all this you will find during a sailing cruise on the Running On Waves.
Price includes
Coffee/ tea and still water, crackers free during a day at the bar counter
Kayaks, windsurf boards, fins and masks for snorkeling
Entertainments on board: show and animation programs, sails practices, yoga classes, karaoke
SAT TV in the cabins

Price does not include
Port fee 270 EURO for 1 person
Cocktails, alcohol and drinks in the bar
Diving equipment and diving instructor services, underwater group tours
Rent of underwater towing scooters
Water skies, wakeboards etc.
Instructors for windsurfing and diving
Bus excursions with invited guide
Laundry services
Air tickets, transfer and visa, excursions cost
Service charge (tips) is 8 Euro per day/1 Passenger  (on passengers decision)
Price / person
By request
7 days days - (7 daysd/6n) Sailing ship
By request
from € 1 834 ($2 031)

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