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List of boats sorted by the price per week. Starting with the most affordable boats from $1,831 per week (like Dufour 390 GL - 2020) going to more premium yachts available in Nassau from $16,239 per week.

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Nassau sailing itineraries

We've curated top-notch sailing itineraries in Nassau, perfect for week-long sailing vacations or longer. Our recommendations are tailored to average 3-5 hours of sailing per day, ensuring you can fully immerse yourself in the joys of your sailing vacation without any unnecessary stress.

Nassau & Exuma 7 day sailing itinerary

Nassau & Exuma 7 day sailing itinerary

Duration: 7 days
Distance: 135 nm
Set sail from Nassau towards the Exumas on a journey that marries the thrill of open-water sailing with the serene beauty of sheltered cays. This itinerary is a navigator’s dream, offering challenging passages, unparalleled opportunities for anchorages in crystal-clear waters, and a chance to experience the rich biodiversity of the Bahamas. Ideal for sailors seeking adventure, tranquility, and the pure joy of the sea.

Cost of boat rental in Nassau

The prices for yacht charters in Nassau are closely tied to the weather and sailing conditions throughout the year. They tend to be at their lowest in September, corresponding to the low season, and reach their peak in March when demand is high and sailing conditions are optimal.

Nassau, Bahamas, is one of the Bahamas’ greatest treasures. This slice of Carribean oasis will keep you coming back for more with the warm tropical waters, year-round favorable sailing conditions, and vacationer-friendly amenities. It is an idyllic place to explore and relax with family. Sailing the Bahamas can be an easy and rewarding experience when you sail with 12 Knots.

Nassau is one of the top cruise destinations in the Bahamas for many reasons. Watersports, wildlife excursions, and simple island indulgence are available to vacationers 24/7. Sailing in the Bahamas is a less conventional but equally enjoyable mode of travel. Whether you have a wealth of experience on the water or want to experience a crewed yacht charter, 12 Knots likely has a vacation package suited for your needs.

 We provide comprehensive trip information, as well as a variety of charter options best suited to your needs. From the seasoned skipper to the beginning sailor, we have what you need to make your Nassau vacation one of a kind. Below we’ve included some of the most important information for sailors to have before planning their Nassau bareboat or crewed sailing charter.

Sailing Conditions in Nassau

Nassau is an excellent place to explore for both beginners and experienced sailors. There are hundreds of islands to visit while in the Bahamas; a confident skipper can easily reach Long Island or Grand Bahama Island and the islands in between from Nassau within 10 days. However, local weather and seasonal changes can affect sailing conditions throughout the year. It’s important to track local weather patterns and daily wind speeds to better prepare for each venture out to sea.

 Wind speeds in the Bahamas typically range between 5 and 20 knots year-round. Calm waters can be expected during the winter and spring months. However, the summer and fall seas can be less predictable. This is in part to the changing temperatures between the air and sea surface. Be wary of hurricane season -- lasting from June to November -- as this time is potentially hazardous for sailors.

Best Times to Vacation in Nassau

The weather is the most important factor to consider when booking a yacht, bareboat, or catamaran charter in Nassau. The Bahamian climate is tropical, providing warm seas and steady winds year-round. However, the hurricane season is more dangerous and unpredictable for travelers. This is why December to April is the most popular time to sail in Nassau.

While the winter months are the most favorable for sailing, they are the most expensive time of year to travel to Nassau. Many tourists travel to the Bahamas to escape the cold, and prices for excursions and entertainment peak at this time. After the holidays, however, spring prices dip slightly to offer more affordable vacations for sailors.

If you are booking your trip, we recommend scheduling either in the beginning of December or between the New Year and end of May.

Sailing Difficulty Level

Sailing in Nassau can be simple for beginners, or pose a challenge for experienced sailors depending on several factors. Sailors who are still learning the Carribean should stay close to the Nassau shore and main island. More experienced sailors can venture further to take on differing wind speeds and more challenging sea conditions.

Luckily for beginners and seasoned skippers alike, there are plenty of mooring buoys at affordable rates throughout the Bahamas. Mooring closer to shore is much easier for beginners than anchoring. You’ll be a shorter dinghy ride away from nearby attractions and can enjoy more of your island time.

Regardless of your sailing experience, you will need to be cautious while sailing through mooring sites in the Bahamas. Many novice skippers will be on the waterways, which makes navigation through popular areas tricky. Keep your senses about you, and remember that not everyone will heed the right of way in popular destinations.

Main Charter Bases

12 Knots offers several different charter bases to begin your Nassau sailing trip. We port at Paradise Harbour Club as well as several other bases throughout Nassau. We strive to make the planning process as simple as possible. With online booking tools, several sailing school options, and a variety of charters to fit your budget, a sailing vacation has never been easier than with 12 Knots.

Boat Types For Charters

Different sailors need different sized vessels for their skill level and party size. We strive to accommodate all vacationers’ needs with a variety of boat rental options. Some of our charter options include:

  • Sailing yacht
  • Powerboat
  • Catamaran
  • Gulet
  • Trimaran

12 Knots has over 73 different sailing yachts to book for your Nassau vacation. Click the links at the bottom of the page to reserve yours today.

Other Information About Nassau

Before planning your sailing vacation to Nassau, you will want to be prepared to follow the local travel requirements. Here is what you need to know:

  • Official currency: Bahamian Dollar (BSD)
  • Entry Requirements: Most citizens of other countries will require a passport valid up to your travel period. Citizens of certain countries may also require a visa.
  • Best months to visit: February, March, April
  • Average daily cost to visit Nassau: $55 - $120
  • Medical information: Nassau is considered a generally safe place to travel, with no vaccination requirements for most citizens. However, if you are a citizen of a country that is at risk of Yellow Fever (such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela), you will be required to provide proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination.
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