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Mallorca Yacht charters

With yacht charter from Palma you will be able to sail to all Balearics Islands. This Mediterranean's westernmost archipelago located only 50 miles from the east coast of Spain, consists of the four principal islands - Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca

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The Balearics islands yacht charters

The Balearics islands yacht charters

Strategically positioned on ancient trading routs between  Europe and Africa, these islands got their fair share of invaders:  Greeks, Romans, Turks, etc. Christian kings, Arab rulers and Jewish  merchants have all left their mark there. With a yacht charter in  Mallorca you can easily explore its diverse architectural heritage, in  colorful fiestas, ceremonies and cuisine.

Like mainland of Spain, the Balearics Islands have been inhabited  since pre-historic times. So many invaders laid claim to them at various  points in history. Both Catalan and Castilian Spanish are spoken in the  Balearics Islands, which has been an autonomous region since 1983.

One of the Balearic Islands yacht charter bases is located in  Mallorca, a beautiful mountainous island, with rolling hills, sandy  beaches and stalagmite caves. It's landscape, culture and entertainment  offers a wide range of experiences during your sailing vacation. And it  is also by far the most culturally rich.

The great Polish composer Frederic Chopin stayed at the monastery of  Valldemossa with his lover Aurora Dupin, better known as the French  novelist George Sand, in the winter of 1838, where he composed his 24  preludes. The English poet Robert Graves hosted Pablo Picasso and actors  Alec Guiness and Peter Ustinov at his house. The painter and sculptor  Joan Miro also found his home here. His works are on display in the  Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro, on the outskirts of Palma.

Yacht charter Mallorca is incredibly diverse in its landscape,  architecture, culture or just entertainment. There is so much to enjoy  in Palma during a sailing vacation: from stunning nature reserves and  charming fishing villages to picturesque ruins and impressive country  estates. With bareboat or skippered charter you'll get whatever you want  here: wonderful beaches and vibrant nightlife with dancing and music,  or rural retreats with sedate and peaceful atmosphere.

Mallorca sailing conditions

The climate is mild, typically Mediterranean, with dry and sunny  summer. During July and August, average temperature raises to 75 – 85 F  with stable light winds from 5 to 15 knots. The winds are predominantly  southeast on the west part of the island and northwest on the eat part.  July marks the beginning of the peak sailing season, which will last  till the end of September. Cold winters are very rare in this area, with  average temperature around 60 F, Palma boat rentals are available the  year round. Nights are cold, but days are mostly sunny with partial  clouds. The highest rainfall is usually between October and December.  All in all, the weather is very pleasant and mild all year around.

Winter navigation

The average temperature in December-January in navigation area  near Balearic Islands is mild. The average max temperature is 18 C and  the minimum temperature 13 C. But it’s quite frequent to have a few days  with 20 C or above.

It’s necessary to be equipped with warm clothes and waterproof  jackets, but don’t be afraid it is just a precaution and if sunny and on  land, you will have chance to wear T-shirt.

All boats are supplied with bed linen and warm blankets; additional  heaters are also available to make the main saloon and cabins warm and  toasty in almost any conditions.

Nevertheless you should keep in mind that it is better to bring all  staff in soft bags or backpacks because space on the boat is limited.  Take the most comfortable clothes (wool socks, wool sweater, waterproof  jackets, water resistant shoes, wool hats), sunglasses, and protective  sun cream, personal medicines, toilette accessories and gloves.

Places of interest

Places of interest

The island's north-west coast is especially scenic, with its  terraced cliff sides and hidden coves. Once you venture away from  crowds, this area will give you a pleasant sense of isolation. It's  craggy coast is dotted with watch towers, ancient monasteries and  churches and picturesque idyllic villages.

Sun Marroig, estate of 18th century, has been converted into a museum with a great collection of pottery and paintings.

Mirador del Ses Animes, the former defense tower, standing on a steep rock, is visible from far away.

Port d'Andratx, used to be a small fishing port, now harbors  expensive yachts for the rich and famous. The cute town, with its white  shuttered houses and cobbled streets, lies in a valley, while the old  watch towers are formidably standing on the hill above it.

Another popular attraction is the pearl factory at nearby Manacor.

On the island's east coast, near the fishing port of Porto Cristo,  are the Caves of Drach, which contain one of the world's largest  underground lakes.

Mallorca's Caves

Mallorca's Caves

Caves in Mallorca are formed out of limestone rocks. Some are the  size of a cathedral with dripstones that form fantastic forms and are  illuminated for better impression. Once they provided shelter for early  settlers or hiding places for pirates. Although Mallorca has about 200  caves, only a few of them are open to public. And it's worth taking a  tour! There is a number of caves with underground lakes. They have great  acoustics and concerts can be performed by the musicians seated in  boats.

Beaches of Mallorca

Beaches of Mallorca

Mallorca has about 80 beaches. The best are around Badia de Palma.  Some of the beaches include restaurants, fun parks, water sports and  beachside bars. But it is still possible to find secluded beaches:  however they may have quite a few facilities and could be difficult to  reach.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

Palma over the years has transformed itself from a provincial  town into a metropolis. With a quarter of a million residents, it is  Mallorca's main city and the capital of Baleares province. It captivates  you by the evident signs of its rich history: dominant cathedrals,  grand public buildings, exquisite private mansions.

On a hill overlooking the port there is Bellver Castle, a fine  example of the 14th century military architecture. Caiman Forum Palma,  built in 1902, the most impressive 20th century building, now serves as a  cultural center. Palau Reial de I'Almudaina, the former royal residence  built in 1309, is now turned into a museum. And here is the Gothic  Cathedral, built of golden sandstone, is one of the most breathtaking  buildings in Spain. Palma Cathedral is one of the best-sited cathedrals  anywhere - it is positioned high on the sea wall towering over the  harbor. The construction began in 1230 and finished in 1601. At the  beginning of the century Antonio Gaudi remodeled most of its interior.

Among other structures of interest are Arab Baths of the 10th  century, Church of San Francisco of the 13th century and The Forn Teatro  (Theater Bakery), well-known for its impressive facade and it's  delicious pastries.


Spanish cuisine is as varied as the country itself. Good  quality local cuisine is always available. Most of the Balearic dishes  are Catalan in origin: ensaimadas  - spiral pastries dusted with icing  sugar or sobrasadas - spicy pork pates.

But the influence of each occupying force over the centuries - Arabs,  French or British – also has left its mark on the local cuisine, as  well. Sobrasada - a sausage-meat spread. Embutits – cured meats.  Surrounded by water, there is no wonder that seafood (especially lobster  and cray fish) predominates here. Caldereta de llagosta (lobster stue),  once a simple fishermen's dish is now a delicacy. The classic Mallorcan  dish is Pa Amb Oli, a slice of toasted bread rubbed with garlic and  drizzled with local olive oil. Tapas are popular bite-sized snacks,  often served hot with chilled wine or beer.

Sailing itinerary

Sailing itinerary

We offer several options of sailing itineraries in Malloca  depending on the duration of the yacht charer weather conditions, your  personal preferences and starting point of your sailing vacation. There  are three major charter areas in Mallorca: Palma, Porto Colom and  Alcudia or Pollenca. Alcudia is a great starting point for all types of  itineraries including one week sailing to Menorca, while Palma and Porto  Colom are the best to explore Eastern or Western part of Majjorca  icluding round the island sailing trip.

Option 1

7 days itinerary, 150 nm. Sailing from Mallorca to Menorca. Day 1 – Pollenca (Mallorca) / Arrival in the afternoon, grocery, check-inDay 2 – Ciutadella de Menorca / 33 nmDay 3 – Fornelles / 24 nmDay 4 – Mahon / 20 nmDay 5 – Cala Galdana / 24 nmDay 6 – Colonia San Pere / 34 nmDay 7 – Pollenca / 16 nmDeparture Day - Check-out 9am

Option 2

7 days itinerary, 120 nm. Sailing eastern part of MallorcaDay 1 – Pollenca (Mallorca)Day 2 – Colonia San Pere / 16 nmDay 3 – Porto Christo / 26 nmDay 4 – Cala Figuera / 15 nmDay 5 – Cala Santanyi 2nm / Cala D’or / 4 nmDay 6 – Cala Ratjada / 25 nmDay 7 – Pollenca / 24 nmDeparture Day - Check-out 9am

Option 3

7 days itinerary, 170 nm. Sailing round the MallorcaDay 1 – PalmaDay 2 – Port D’Andrax / 20 nmDay 3 – Port D’Soller / 25 nmDay 4 – Pollenca / 36 nmDay 2 – Cala Ratjada / 25 nmDay 3 – Cala Figuera / 28 nmDay 4 – Palma / 35 nm

Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo

Is a small town located on the eastern part of Mallorca. It was  not affected by mass tourism and preserved most of its charm and lovely  white sand beaches. Here you will find no trendy bars or busy  nightclubs but tranquil atmosphere where you can lie on the beach and  drink a cold beer without being disturbed.

The must-see attraction are two cave complexes called “Coves del  Drach and Coves dels Hams” that offer and incredible experience of  Mallorca’s natural beauty

Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera

More than in any other part of Mallorca, Cala Figueres retains the  atmosphere of an authentic fishing port. Here you will see white washed  houses on the water’s edge and fishermen fixing their nets. It’s a good  idea to arrive early and buy some catch of the day.

Cala Santanyi

Cala Santanyi

Cala Santanyi located on the south-eastern part of Mallorca, is a  popular beach and diving area. Local diving school offers great diving  courses so or you can just bask in the crystal-clear water. There are  several resort style hotels in the area

Cala D’or

Cala D’or

This place is famous for many hidden calla’s and coves in the  area. For the food lovers, Cala D’Or offers a number of diverse  restaurants and busy bars.

Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada

Sailing east of Mallorca you will find this small fishing  village known for its fine white sand beaches, pristine clear water and  turquoise sea. If you’re looking for a slightly more serene experience  take a short walk away from the beach to the lighthouse at Punta de  Capdepera which offers fantastic view over to Menorca.

For the foodies, take a lunch trip to Es Coll d’Os which has a great  atmosphere and prides itself on home grown food. For a traditional meal,  Reco D’es Moll servers the finest Tapas in the area.


Sailing to the north tip of Mallorca you will find Pollenca, a  well sheltered anchorage, but there is also a marina if you’re looking  for some creature comforts. You should also check to see if there are  any festivals or fairs happening whilst you’re visiting as they are  popular and frequent here.



Mao-Mahon is the capital city of Menorca. It also known as the  second deepest natural harbor in the world; 5km long and 900 meters  wide. Sailing to Mahón harbor you will see La Mola Fortress, former  military prison during the Franco dictatorship and the Saint Felip  Castle. These sites certainly make entrance to the harbor quite an  experience. Once you are in Mahon you can choose either to take a  mooring, anchor or shelter in the harbor.



Fornells is a traditional fisherman's town on the north coast  of Menorca. Here you will find large well protected harbor, surrounded  by picturesque white washed buildings with local restaurants and bars.

Sailing to Fornells you see how this place retained its charm by fending off major development.

Near Fornells bay you will notice couple of pretty coves and three  small islands home to the indigenous blue green lizard 'S'argantana  Balear'. These coves and islands can only be reached by boat.

Must try local cuisine. Dinner in Fornells is a real feast for fish  lovers. This place offers number of fantastic fish restaurants which  Fornells has become renowned for.



This is a former capital of Menorca, a small charming town,  with old cobbled streets and reminiscent of a bygone era. Entering the  harbor, you will be amazed by stunning beauty of this town. Take a  mooring in front of the pier that is lined with bars and restaurants, so  you can literally hop off your yacht straight into a bar; and then roll  back out again.

The old town Cuitadella it's definitely worth visiting. You will  reach it by heading up some cobbled stairs where you will find many  remains of what the town used to be like, including the still standing  Cathedral of Menorca in the old town.

Frequently Asked Questions about yachting in Mallorca

→How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Mallorca ?

The price of yacht charter in Mallorca depends on number of factors (age & size of the boat, time of the year). On our web site you may find boats from $755 per week and all the way up to $109,619 per week. The median price for a one week charter in Mallorca is around $55,187

→How many boats are available for rent in Mallorca ?

We offer professional fleet of 236 yachts available for bareboat or crewed charter in Mallorca.

→What are the main yacht charter bases in Mallorca ?

→What boats are available for charter in Mallorca ?

The following yacht types are available for bareboat charter in Mallorca : 331 - Sail yachts 67 - Powerboats 117 - Catamarans
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