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Taiwan is a small island located 180km from China. This quite new yacht charter destination can attract sailors with modern cities, traditional temples, hot springs and stunning terrain views.

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Taiwan boat rentals

The northern and southern coasts of Taiwan are washed by the East  China Sea, the South China Sea, and the eastern by the Pacific Ocean.  The second name of the island, Formosa, that means "beautiful" in  Portuguese: in the 16th century European sailors were so impressed by  the beauty of this island that they simply could not find another name  for it’s place.

Frequently Asked Questions about yachting in Taiwan

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Taiwan ?

The price of yacht charter in Taiwan depends on number of factors (age & size of the boat, time of the year). On our web site you may find boats from $0 per week and all the way up to $0 per week. The median price for a one week charter in Taiwan is around $0

How many boats are available for rent in Taiwan ?

We offer professional fleet of 0 yachts available for bareboat or crewed charter in Taiwan.

What are the main yacht charter bases in Taiwan ?

Most of the boats for charter in Taiwan are available at the following bases:

What boats are available for charter in Taiwan ?

The following yacht types are available for bareboat charter in Taiwan :
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