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This fleet operator offers crewed and bareboat yachts for charter in the following countries: Antigua, Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Spain South, Mallorca / Spain, France South, France / Corsica, France North, Tahiti (French Polynesia), Grenada, Guadeloupe, Greece, Croatia, Italy coastal, Italy / Sardinia, Italy / Sicily, Montenegro, St Martin, Martinique, Maldives, Mexico, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Seychelles, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, U.S.A., BVI / British Virgin Islands, USVI / US Virgin Islands. The main office of the company is located in 1st floor, THE FLORE, Rue Dairy 74110 Floreal. Official name of the company is Dream Yacht Charter. On our web site you may check availability of their boats and make an on-line reservation. Dream Yacht Charter has the fleet of 647 boats and company can offer for charter the following yacht types:

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Need help? Call us:

Need help? Call us:

+1 888 917 37 73
Need help? Call us:

Need help? Call us:

+1 888 917 37 73
Need help? Call us:

Need help? Call us:

+1 888 917 37 73
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Apr 2022

“Awful Charter Company”

Absolutely the worst cruise ever! If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering Dream Yacht Charters (DYC) for a charter. I’ve been sailing for a long time and my best advice is to find another company…no matter how good DYC sounds, YOU CANNOT TRUST THEM. There is a detailed Terms and Conditions (T&C Contract) for their charters, that apparently only apply if it is in their favor. We did a ‘Cabin Charter’ from Nassau to the Exumas (Bahamas). There were several things that the booking agents and charter operators disregarded that ruined our trip. 1) Our cruise was ruined by a screaming 2.5 year old brat that threw screaming tantrums several times a day. The parents were unfamiliar with any form of discipline. All of the DYC descriptive information indicated it was an ‘Adults Only’ cruise. Their home office even admitted they discouraged booking young children. However, the agent who booked the screaming-kid-family said it was a “Family Friendly” cruise. The disruption in the peace desired when sailing was complete. DYC actually has a written policy in their T&C Contract (Clause 8.5: “The Captain will disembark any Passenger whose behavior could endanger or seriously inconvenience other Passengers…”). Even though the Captain was completely aware of the negative impact of the child’s disruptive behavior, he took no action (likely because they would have had to reimburse the charter fee) and all of the other passengers were seriously impacted by the child’s behavior. You may think you can ask the agent if there are any kids onboard, but their answer means nothing because of the potential for late bookings and they can move you to a different boat as they desire and without any consultation with you. 2) There were 2 non-meat eaters aboard our trip. DYC is supposed to provision adequately to accommodate any dietary needs of their passengers… which they did not do. As a result, the 2 non-meat eaters were given a majority of the fish rations intended for everyone else. There was an opportunity at our first stop to acquire appropriate provisions, but the Captain and cook did not do so. The non-meat eaters ate well and the rest of us did not. 3) The departure on our voyage was delayed by several hours while we waited for someone who never showed up. We never actually caught up on the intended schedule because of the delay. Once again, DYC actually has a written policy in their T&C Contract (Clause 9. 6: “If Charterer is not present at the time of Embarkation… this will be treated as a cancellation of reservation… the Charterer will lose its entire charter fee.”) There was no word from the missing passengers that they would be arriving late, but we waited anyway. 4) We were told by the booking agent that we would have first choice of cabins, as they are supposedly assigned in the order of booking for the cruise. This was confirmed as the policy by the DYC Customer service office. However, the Captain decided to assign cabins by raffle. We got LAST choice. 5) The agents indicated COVID vaccination status would be checked at the base (all passengers were required to be vaccinated). This check was never performed and as we learned later one of the passengers had been ill with COVID less than a week earlier. Again, DYC did not hold to their verbally stated policy. There were several other issues that affected our enjoyment of the trip. In summary, the DYC policies (written or verbal) are easily disregarded by them and apparently only apply if it is their interest to enforce them. AVOID THIS COMPANY. There are many other good quality charter companies and, as I discovered recently when looking for a bareboat to charter, the DYC prices were higher for the exact same boat at the exact same period. They screw you on both the price and service provided. Their “Customer Service” apparently only exists to defend their actions and not to provide any actual service to a customer.

United States
Mar 2022


This company is the worst! Chartered a monohull out of the Bahamas. There were bedbugs in our boat and they did nothing about it! Nothing! Filthy boat, everything rattled, head broken, moldy mattress.

United States
Nov 2021

“Dream Yacht charter”

So after purchasing a 2021 Bali 5.4 thru Dream Yacht Group (Dream Yachts Charter, Dream Yacht Sales) and finding out after 7+ Months of trying to get them to approve warranty work to be repaired I have come to the realization that they care more about their bottom line than any of their customers and leave those holding the bill. Stay clear of these guys. I have included two of my many issues with my new boat that they continue to drag their feet on in hopes that I will just go away and eat the coat of the repairs that are clearly warranty issues. Missing bottom paint and many other issues. Not going to happen. I’d love to post my website but I can’t. A simple search for Dreamyacht Fraud will show more information 1 star to 2 too many

United States
Sep 2021

“Worst Travel Experience Ever!!!!”

Worst travel experience ever! DO NOT use this company, zero integrity. We were left on the dock before the boat even left due to the agent selling us a trip that we were told we shouldn't have been sold, after flying all the way to BVI! Not only were we out the cost of the charter, but flights, time, the cost of additional flights home, etc. The company is refusing to refund our money, and conveniently, the agent is "no longer there." We have had to contact our attorney to resolve. Horrible company and management. I have been in the incentive travel business for 25 years and have never experience such a mess, I would certainly never let my clients use this company.

United States
May 2021

“No Dream here”

We had to ask for another boat as this one had no working heads, electric winches did not work, a/c not working in all suites, ripped cushions, no swim platform, no grill, rusted fridge, no top sheets provided on 4 beds, generator noise was so loud could not sleep, oven did not work...

May 2021


BE CAUTIOUS WHEN CHARTERING from Dream Yacht Charter, La Paz MX - APRIL 2021 Please be careful when bareboat chartering from Dream Yacht Charters (La Paz) or from anywhere for that matter, due to the potential for breakdowns and loss of charter days. When we arrived in La Paz, my family and I were excited in anticipation of sailing the Sea of Cortez after a 1 year delay due to the pandemic. After checking in at Dream Yacht Charter's (DYC) office in Marina Costa Baja on Sunday, 4/18 we began the orientation and boat checkout. We quickly learned of several problems that needed to be fixed before we could accept the boat, Camano, a 2018 Lagoon 52 catamaran. It was important that everything worked properly because there is no cell phone coverage in "about 70% of the sailing area", and the VHF emergency channel 16 is often unreliable and should not be counted on. As the former owner/operator of a sailing charter company, I have experience with boats which, in salt water, are subject to frequent and often significant failures. Over the next 4 days we discovered several more equipment failures that delayed our charter from Monday morning until Thursday afternoon including a faulty bilge pump and emergency tiller that did not work. The tiller was corroded and would not fit into the receiving device that is needed to operate the rudder manually, an unacceptable condition should the steering linkage fail. The base manager and dock mechanics worked diligently to make repairs and get us out of the dock, the manager extended our charter by one day, and scheduled a captain at their cost to resolve any potential equipment failures that might arise, which was appreciated and needed. However, we still lost 3 days net that we paid for in advance. As it stands now, we have requested a refund for the 3 days we were stuck at the dock during which time a properly operating vessel was not available for our enjoyment. We paid $12,571 (US) for what they consider a 12 day/11 night period. As we actually had a properly functioning boat available for just 9 days/8 nights, we have requested a pro rata refund of $3,142 (US). A detailed report has been submitted to Dream Yacht Charter and their broker, Ed Hamilton and Co, along with the request for a refund of the lost days. I will post the results of their response as soon as it is known.

May 2021

“DYC Bottom Line More Important Than Clients”

I had booked a bareboat sailing adventure with Dream Yacht Charters in the USVI for this month (May 2021) and had an unexpected acute health event that necessitated cancellation of this trip. I requested a refund due to medical issues and was denied. Dream Yacht Charters were not even willing to let me book at a later date. Apparently, the management at Dream Yacht Charters has made the decision that they need my $4,000 more than I do for my ongoing medical testing expenses. Dream Yacht Charters has followed their cancellation policy to the letter, but has squandered the opportunity to do what is right for a potential repeat client. Had Dream Yacht Charters made a different decision, then they would have had a loyal client who would be an ambassador for their brand. Instead, management has shown that their bottom line is more important than their clients. When my health issues are resolved and I book my next sailing adventure, it will NOT be with Dream Yacht Charters.

Dec 2020

“Everything was fantastic!”

Everything was fantastic! We had a few issues with the boat and the Dream Yacht Charter crew had to come out 3 separate times to fix them but they were super responsive and resolved all problems. We're already looking for a charter to book for 2021!

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