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By the cabin charter sailing cruise in Bali. Explore Indonesia from the board of crewed catamaran for the price of a cabin. You will love visiting this paradise on earth: beaches with fine sand, turquoise lagoons, year-round warm waters ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

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Indonesia sailing vacation

If you are looking for an ideal sailing trip, Indonesia should be  one of the top destinations to choose from. Yachting is quite new in  this country and that is why Indonesia can offer you a completely new  cruising experience. Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands,  covering area of about 735,358 square miles, that makes it an ideal  place for yacht sailing vacation. Each and every island is totally  unique and offers something new, exotic and exciting to its visitors.  Indonesia sailing trips are gaining popularity thanks to clear ocean,  warm climate all year round, vivid nature and stunning underwater world.  This region represents more than 10% of all corals reefs of the world  ocean.

Weather in Indonesia

Indonesia has hot and humid clime almost all year round with two  hardly distinctive seasons. April to October blows southeasterly monsoon  and this period is known as a dry season, November to March it changes  to the north-western monsoon that brings rain and humidity and the air  temperature varies from + 24C to + 33C. Since there are no distinctive  seasons in Indonesia, you can go for sailing vacation on a yacht any  time of the year.


This is beautiful and harmonious country with pristine nature,  unique combination of culture, long history, numerous ancient palaces  and temples. With an estimated population of over 253 million people,  Indonesia has is highly diverse culture, with more than 300 different  ethnic groups. As the fourth most populous country in the world, it is a  nation of contrasts and rich mix of cultures with strong influence from  China, Europe, India and Malaysia. Indonesians are open, friendly and  peaceful people. Nevertheless, any cultural awareness can ease the  culture shock and assure you avoid any embarrassing situations in a  daily life while you are on vacation. Indonesians are taught to remain  always calm in public, avoid disagreements, speak quietly with  consideration and not get angered by little things. You should do the  same. Adopt a humble demeanor, practice patience and remember to smile!

Bali sailing tour

On the first day of your sailing cruise in Indonesia you should  visit Bali island – the very heart of Indonesian culture. This place is  known as the island of thousands of temples, simply because there are  more than 11,000 temples around the island. And it is not surprising  since Balinese religion combines Hinduism, Buddhism and many other  beliefs. But apart of a great spiritual heritage, this island is also  famous for its lush nature, great infrastructure and fantastic resorts  with golf clubs, tennis courts, fashionable hotels and boutiques.

If you want to learn more about Indonesian culture and traditions,  you should definitely visit Taman Nusa Park, one of the stunning  cultural destinations located on the island of Bali.

It is a new park that represents all types of houses and buildings  (in total there are 78 objects) from different parts of Indonesia on the  territory of more than 15 hectares. Apart of exploring typical local  houses you will have a chance to see original inhabitants of the most  diverse islands. This museum contains examples of the traditional tools  and utensils used by the locals and brought here from various parts of  the country.

Thigs to do in Bali

The most popular entertainment on the island is, of course,  surfing, diving and rafting. Also, Bali is a real paradise for golf and  horse riding. Fans of surfing prefer the south and east of the island.  Here you can rent outfit and take some surfing lessons. Those who love  diving travel to the east part of the island or to the west where Barat  National Park is located, famous for a breathtaking diving in coral  reefs. Rafting fans can try rafting on Ayung River and Telaga Vaja, but  in this case, it is better to plan your sailing vacation during the  rainy season. And this is only a small part of the activities you can  try in Indonesia, not mentioning kitesurfing, windsurfing, fishing,  kayaking and numerous excursions around the island including hiking in  the remote parts of the island. As you can see, Bali is really a unique  island where dreams come true.

Indonesian cuisine

You may be surprised, but there is no other place in the world  where people eat rice in such great amounts. Even in McDonald’s, you  will get rice instead of potatoes. Nevertheless, Indonesian cuisine is  very diverse with great influence and traditions brought from nearby  islands. Sate is the most popular Indonesian dish. These tasty meat  skewers are cooked on hot coals and usualy made of chicken meat or  mutton, served with vegetables and two sauces – spicy and peanut.  Another popular dish is otak-otak – a casserole of minced fish, served  in banana leaves. Most of the dishes are served with free crackers or  krupuk, which are made of flour with the addition of dried squid or  shrimp.

During your sailing vacation in Bali you should try most local dishes  that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. First of all, try  delicious pork, fried noodles (mie goreng) and rice. In particular, try:  bali guling, bebek tutu, ikan pepes, pisang molen and cap cai.  Indonesians say that Bali is the beach capital, Yogyakarta is the  cultural capital, and Jakarta is the culinary capital.


Lombok looks as if it was specially created for tourists who  want to plunge into the world of peace and quietness, or just to stay  away from civilization. It attracts by the splendor of lakes and  waterfalls. Here you will feel the harmony and tranquility that we all  miss in everyday life.

During you sailing cruise to Lombok you will plunge right into the  beauty of this tropical island: infinite white-sand beaches, shady palm  trees and majestic mountains with lush vegetation. Near Lombok you many  find number of small coral islands most of which are still uninhabited.  The best time for Lombok sailing tour is from May to September – dry  season with zero chance of rain and very comfortable temperature.

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