Maldives 8 days cabin cruise

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Maldives diving - Theia - low - 1
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Maldives diving - Theia - low - 3
Maldives diving - Theia - low - 4
Maldives diving - Theia - low - 5
Maldives diving - Theia - low - 6
Maldives diving - Theia - low - 7
Maldives diving - Theia - low - 8
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Snorkeling; Diving;

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This yacht cruise will give you the most incredible chance to explore the Maldives in such a unique way, where you may truly enjoy the local hospitality first-hand and relax in the elegant vide soaking the unparalleled views of the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.

As a rule, the yacht is at sea in the morning and at anchorage for night. It gives you plenty of opportunities to explore truly uninhabited islands (only 200 out of 1,200 islands are inhabited), where you may enjoy sedate sunbathing or unforgettable diving experience.

In the midst of your cruise adventure, "Theia" will take you to one of the stunning secluded islands for a palette-pleasing barbecue. Other nights you will treat yourself to some authentic Maldives dinners, accompanied by breathtaking sunsets, or challenge yourself to tune to "body beru" local dancing.

Since "Theia" is very popular in England, there is no wonder that the British passengers constitute the majority. But no matter where you come from or what activities prefer, diving or relaxed cruising, you will find the friendliest easy-going atmosphere here. The dress code is very simple: casual - no matter what part of the day or night it is.

There is a long-term and well-established crew with an experienced captain on board. They will make you at ease and very comfortable with their smooth-going professional services, so that your trip will be the most memorable in every positive aspect of it.

The yacht cruise, in this respect, has the most advantages over the holiday inland resort, where you feel like " you are missing the boat".

Kuda Huraa



Kuda Huraa

2:30 p.m. – departure for the island of KajDiving or scuba-divingLater p.m.: cocktails and captain' welcome dinner





With a very remote setting, even for the Maldives, the Medhufushi Island Resort is very popular and boasts a gorgeous location. Beautiful as it may be, the house reef surrounding the resort is in fairly shallow water, so diving and snorkeling are done by special daily trips further out. There are plenty of other water sports and beach activities available as well, along with three restaurants and bars. Morning diving activities or sun-bathing





Bathing, sun-tanning, divingSailing to Kendhoo, where you can visit the dwelling of Barakat, who converted the local population of the Maldives from Buddhism to Islam.





Sailing to Hanifaru. This bay is famous for whale sharks and Mantas. Hanifaru Bay is a sanctuary for people who love snorkeling with manta rays and whale sharks. Later in the afternoon you may challenge yourself scuba-diving in the area populated with various exotic fishes, including mantas and whale sharks. Do not worry, though, you will be safe.

Maaya Thila



Maaya Thila

Maaya Thila is one of the reasons the Maldives became one of the world's best scuba diving destinations. Maaya Thila is one of the most famous dive sites in the Maldives and is known as a great spot for daytime and night-time scuba diving. We will visit local fishing village and then enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing  in the evening. Do not be ashamed to bring your catch of the day, our cook will prepare it and serve you for dinner.





Great choice for those who has ever dreamed of escaping to a tropical paradise. Meerufenfushi is 90-acre island that combines everything the Maldives is famous for: gorgeous sun, expansive sparkling seas, white sandy beaches.





Maadhoo Island, Maldives in Indian Ocean is the home of one of the world's oldest civilizations, and several of the world's great religions.


There is any type of rental equipment for diving. The crew will give you necessary instructions and useful information for your day/ or night diving, even to the ruins of the ships on the bottom of the sea.


The best way to catch yellow-fin tuna, barracuda or bonita is by fishing rod trolling in the open sea. At night fish goes to the riffs, so you'll have better chance there.There is a great variety of fishes that you can catch year around: black and blue marlins, yellow-fin tuna, sharks, dorados, barracudas, etc.


The Maldives is a pure paradise for surfing, though not popular yet, which can be considered a blessing. The favorable winds and sizable waves provide you with the best conditions for surfing, although it is always a smart thing to consult with the expert before your first try.The best surfing season is from April to October/ November.


For the beginners, there is an introductory lesson for 20 US dollars. The complete course, with 8 or more lessons (each lesson lasts one hour), will cost you 200 US dollars and that includes your certificate. There are also private lessons, as well.And you can rent a windsurfing board on hourly basis.


You will have the theme night dinners, the beach-site barbecue, cocktails nights, hosted by the captain and lobster dinner.

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Additional information

"Theia"– is a luxury motor yacht that will take you to the moat stunning and pristine island of the Maldives archipelago. The yacht is built to withstand rough weather, provide safe sailing and comfort for the most demanding clientele. 3 decks, 8 cabins (which can accommodate 16 guests). Length is 32 meter, width is 9,4 meter. Nautical speed is 12 knots. In addition, there is a special boat for diving. Each cabin has a double bed, that can be separated into 2 single beds; safe; mini bar; air-conditioner (220v); telephone; cartoon/ comedy entertainment center/ unit. Bathroom has a shower and a toilet in one room. Each cabin is spacious enough and has large windows that deliver fascinating view of the ocean and the islands.


Professional crew of 10: captain; engineer; 1st mate (or captain assistant); 2 cooks; barman; waiter; steward and 2 diving instructors. Crew will be responsible for all operations of the vessel, sailing, cooking, cleaning, and servicing meals, drinks and snacks on board. Crew offers a wealth of knowledge, great service and make the sailing trip an unforgettable experience.

Price includes

  • Accommodation on board (Monday to Sunday from 2pm till 9am)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Mineral water (club soda) - 1,5 let daily
  • Diving (according to the package chosen)
  • Transfer (from and to the airport)

Price does not includes

  • Cocktails, liquor, wine, alcohol and other drinks at the Bar
  • Equipment for diving and other extras
  • Fishing rods, surfing boards, scuba-diving equipment
  • Telephone calls, Internet, faxes
  • Laundry and ironing services
  • Airfare and visa
  • Local tax in the amount of 8.00 US dollars per person a day

Our base is located on the island of Male, next to the international airport. Crew will meet you at the exit from the airport with the sign "Theia"/ Cruise Maldives and take you to the yacht on the motor boat. The transfer takes place twice a day: at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm.


It is the international airport of the Maldives Republic in Male. You may choose any flight for your convenience on

Here is the list of charter or airlines that fly to Male: Aeroflot, Air Berlin, Air India, Air Italy, Australian Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Blue Panorama Airlines, British Airways, Condor, Edelweiss, Emirates, Eurofly, First Choice Airways, Livingston Air, Malaysian Airlines, Monarch Airways, My Travel Airways, Neos Spa, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Thomson Fly.


If you come days earlier or decide to leave a few days later, here is "Four Seasons Resort Maldives" at Kuda Huraa for you to stay.

Important info

The Republic of Maldives, which declared its independence in 1965, is the archipelago of atolls and islands in the Indian Ocean, located to the southwest from Sri-Lanka, and just north of the Equator.

It has two distinct seasons: dry (iruvai) – from December to March and rainy (hulhungu) – from May to November. The sea is usually quite and pleasant in the middle of April and the end of November. The average temperature throughout the year is 86F/30C.

Visa. On the arrival to the Maldives everyone should have a valid passport with the expiration date no later than 6 months from the date on your return ticket. Tourist visa, which is provided at the airport, is free of charge and is good for 30 days.

*No alcohol is allowed to enter the country. Any alcohol found – will be confiscated at the airport by the custom as officials.

Local currency. Maldivian rufiyaa





Price / Person


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