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Grenada sailing vacations


Grenadines sailing vacations

The Grenadines - volcanic islands in the Caribbean Sea with the  closest mainland neighbor Venezuela. The largest islands of the  archipelago are: Bequia (the islands of Saint Vincent and the  Grenadines) and Carriacou (the islands of Grenada), their areas are 17  and 34 square kilometers. It is interesting that the population of the  islands is only 16 thousand people. Grenadines sailing trip with 12  Knots is an amazing opportunity to plunge into the paradise world of the  Caribbean islands.

Sailing holidays in the Grenadines are yet not so popular among the  tourists. Discovered in 1498 by Christopher Columbus, these islands are  still untouched and authentic. Book a cabin on boat and explore pristine  beaches of Grenadines with "12 Knots.

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