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China or Zhongguo, as the Chinese call it, is one of the most amazing and mysterious countries in the world. The birthplace of paper and printing, gunpowder and a compass, silk, porcelain and many other useful inventions and discoveries, attracts sailors from all over the world. Located in the southeast of the Asian continent China shaped looks like a huge bird hovering in the sky.

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Sailing in China

China coast stretches from the North Korea to Vietnam and has  an overall length of 14,500 km washed by the East China Sea, the Korean  Gulf, the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea. Yacht charter China is  rather new and offers a great opportunity for sailors of all levels to  explore this magnificent country and to see with their own eyes how  ancient civilization coexist with modern cities in harmony and peace.  Huge cities piled with skyscrapers and invaded with modern cars are  surrounded with rice fields like centuries ago. And the Chinese still  light candles of luck while talking on the mobile phone. 

Country with tropical climate all year round and unforgettable  scenery, China yacht charter vacation should not be missed. Sailing in  China you may discover beautiful beaches and exotic floating markets  offering delightful seafood delicacies to try.

Hong Kong boat rentals

Hong Kong is a main yacht charter base. It is also a state that  has its own laws, regulations and culture, place where West and the  East, where high technologies coexist with the traditional way of life,  skyscrapers - with fishing villages, and modern shopping centers - with  chaotic floating markets. Historically, Hong Kong is a former colony of  Great Britain, and at present it is a special administrative district of  China, striking all visitors with pace of its development.

Frequently Asked Questions about yachting in China

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in China ?

The price of yacht charter in China depends on number of factors (age & size of the boat, time of the year). On our web site you may find boats from $0 per week and all the way up to $0 per week. The median price for a one week charter in China is around $0

How many boats are available for rent in China ?

We offer professional fleet of 0 yachts available for bareboat or crewed charter in China.

What are the main yacht charter bases in China ?

Most of the boats for charter in China are available at the following bases:

What boats are available for charter in China ?

The following yacht types are available for bareboat charter in China :
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