In light of the new entry requirements to the USA requiring all visitors, residents and US citizens to show proof of a negative Covid19 test (PCR or Antigen test) within 72 hours of their departure from Belize, we wanted to provide an update and further information.

Puerto Rico

Negative Covid test and Travel declaration for are required. In addition to completing a travel declaration form provided by the Puerto Rico Health Department, anyone over the age of two who enters Puerto Rico will be required to supply proof of negative molecular tests (nasal or throat swabs) from 72 hours prior.


Every traveler who aged five and older who enters the USVI is required to use the USVI Travel Screening Portal and submit Covid test results.


Negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test and 4 days quarantine required upon arrival. All incoming travelers will have to provide a certified RT-PCR COVID-19 negative test within 5 days prior to arrival from low-risk countries and within 3 days from medium and high-risk countries. Incoming travelers will also be required to test on arrival, which if negative allows for controlled movement within the confines of an approved property and test after four (4) complete days of quarantine, which if negative would allow for movement within the Territory.

The Bahamas

Negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test is required no more than 5 days prior to the date of arrival. Travel Health Insurance visa should is required. Travellers who are staying in the Bahamas longer that four nights / five days will be required to take rapid Covid-19 test.


PCR test obligatory upon arrival and will be done on spot. Open for international tourists. Flights are available to Varadero and Santa Clara, La Habana should be open soon.

St Martin for US travelers

Once you arrive to st Martin you may go to the French part by taxi (restrictions for clearance are very blurry, even though France implemented restrictions nobody is checking tourists at the moment, so bars and restaurants are full and people moving from one part of the island to the other). The base manager will do check-in procedure and you’ll be able to sail only French part (Grand Case, Friars Bay, Tintamarre, Pinel), up to Fourchu.

Regarding St Barth, it is advised not to go to Gustavia as now they request clearance out of Saint Martin to stay in Gustavia. Also you can not sail to the Dutch side, because you won’t be able to clear back to the French side. For one week charter is is better to stay and cruise on the French side (the base manager will give you detailed instructions and sample itinerary, so each day you’ll have a different place to stay).


Whether you have to quarantine or not is determined by Antigua quarantine authority. Unfortunately the whole procedure and how they make decision to quarantine or not is not quite clear. It is honestly a gamble. To enter the country it is necessary to have negative covid19 RT-PCR test done within 7 days of the arrival, or better within 72 hrs. But good thing that even if you required to quarantine you can quarantine on boat and allowed to sail. However, you will not be able to go to restaurants or bars etc, to mix and mingle. This is what you should expect only if you are asked to quarantine.

St. Lucia

Hard copy of negative Covid PCR test is required to enter the country. Test should be done not more than 7 days prior to arrival. In addition Travel registration form and Health screening form must be completed. “Quarantine entails being and remaining on the boat the first night at no point in time to leave vessel. After briefing following day, you can sail providing that you don't go ashore at no point in time, no interactions with anyone, if you leave saint Lucia waters you must abide other countries protocol and must have another negative covid exam no older than 7 days old to allow reentry.”

St. Vincent

Must arrive with a negative result of a COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test done no more than five (5) days before arrival. Will be retested for COVID-19 (RT-PCR) on arrival in SVG. MUST Mandatory five (5) day quarantine in a Tourism Authority/MOHWE approved Transition/Quarantine Hotel at their cost. Must arrive with proof of the fully paid reservation.


Negative PCR test required within 7 days (children 5 & under are exempt) of travel. Minimum 5 days quarantine required upon arrival at approved accommodation.