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Greece is well known as the cradle of European culture and boasts the longest coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. Located between Europe and Asia and surrounded by the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean seas, Greece has become a top yacht charter destination for sailors around the world. With 18 different bases we can provide numerous itineraries for you to explore the fabulous sailing grounds of Greece.

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“We had a great time in Greece”

We had a great time in Greece, the first three days we had constant 20-25knots of wind, so we were able to do a lot of sailing. The boat was also in good condition and everything in working order…the boat did however look a bit older than a 2018 mode…

Alberto Goosen





“We had a lovely time and the boat was really easy to handle”

Grigory, we had a lovely time and the boat was really easy to handle and only about 5 months old. All the equipment was in really good order and everything worked without a hitch. We had a really good handover from Nomicos who got us through the chec…

Charlie Clarke

United Kingdom



“Everything was great! The boat was perfect for our needs”

Dear Grigory, Everything was great! The boat was perfect for our needs and the skipper, Slavin, was really friendly. The only downside was that the boat was late getting ready - 6:30pm - but we were still able to make it out of port that night so in …

Trisha Lawrence




“Thank you and your team so much for arranging everything”

Dear Grigory, I have been wanting to write you since I got back. Thank you and your team so much for arranging everything. Everything turned out as planned and we had an unforgettable trip! There were some unexpected surprises along the way…. but tha…

Alberto Goosen





“We all enjoyed the vacation very much”

Hi Grigory, The boat was in great condition! and it really is a beautiful location. Thanks for all the organizing you’ve done to make the trip a success. Mark

Mark Etheridge

New Zeland




“Everything was perfect!”

Dear Grigory, Everything was perfect! Thank you :) Please see the attached photo.

Ven Dobrinov





“Thanks for helping to coordinate!”

It was terrific, thanks. Sail Marine is a great outfit. Thanks for helping to coordinate! Best, Matt

Matthew Gunnison





“We tried to make the most of it, but it was far from ideal”

Hey Grigory, thanks for asking. The boat was not in good condition. For example, there were no mooring, deck or motoring lights, so we feared a boat would hit us while we slept, and were not complying with the law while sailing at night. The anchor w…

Oscar Serra





“We enjoyed ourselves and have a bundle of stories we can now laugh about”

We’ve chatted about this a few times and how it be best addressed. I think constructively would be the best way. Overall the captains skill level, regard for safety, approach towards ensuring the guests are happy with the path and desires they are se…

Andrew Wade





“The boat was in super condition”

The charter was excellent, everything perfect. The boat was in super condition (brand new), and very clean. The staff was helpful, and very kind. We enjoyed the trip very much and are looking forward to our next booking.

Gerzsenyi Andras





“The sailing was great. The Exuma Islands were amazing.”

I apologize for the delay. We have been out of the country for almost a month. The sailing was great. The Exuma Islands were amazing. The staff at Navtours were helpful and professional. On the last day (on the crossing back)—the impeller went bad. W…

Duy Vuong





“Thanks for arranging everything”

Hi Grigory, thanks for checking in! It was awesome! Boat great condition and the charter company very professional! Thanks for arranging everything. We are planning two trips next year, maybe you can help: 1. 2 week trip St. Vincent / Grenadines with…

Alberto Goosen





“Everyone had a very nice time”

Thank you - it was a really nice experience. You were very helpful during our departure and arrival. The boat was amazing, well outfitted, and everyone had a very nice time. I'll be sure to send you some photos over the weekend. We also have some dro…

Jeff Ott




Puerto Rico

“Spanish Virgin Islands are stunning / March 2019 / Puerto Rico / Dufour 412”

The experience was beautiful and the Spanish Virgin Islands are stunning! Even though we started off with a few setbacks (had to switch boats because of technical issues), the marina made good and was very accommodating....they did the very best they…

Flori Grottoli





“с погодой не очень повезло”

Все было отлично, с погодой не очень повезло, самые холодные майские праздники на моей памяти. По яхте все ок, понятно что она не новая, но претензий нет, все работало

Воробьев Илья



Gastronomy in Greece

Gastronomy in Greece

While on your sailing vacation in Greece, you don't want to miss the local cuisine.

As indisputable fact, gastronomy has its own very special place in  the land of the Twelve Olympians. Local specialities are truly delicious  and flavoured with famous spirits, offering a large selection of  traditional tastes.

Mediterranean union of the sun and the sea expresses itself in a  gastronomy experience that  you’ll never forget. Try taking part in a  game of discovering new aromas, tastes, check out some fresh  combinations of foods and fruits of the Greek earth!

The gastronomy here is all to excite and please both lovers of good  food and healthy lifestyle fans: traditional Greek breakfast, authentic  Mediterranean cuisine, fine wines — what else on the planet ever made  mankind feel better? Greece is also well known for great variety of  handmade cheeses, produced by family farms in various regions.

The drinks and spirits that the Greek land generously offers  put the  extra zing in those memorable holiday moments. Be sure to sample the  traditional meat and seafood dishes accompanied by a glass of local uozo  – anise liquor which is the traditional local drink, very aromatic and  flavourful. Besides, Greek beers have been gaining more and more fame in  recent years.

You may also wish to discover Greek wine from historic vineyards, still highly appreciated and winning many awards.

Sailing conditions in Greece

Sailing conditions in Greece

Yacht charter in Greece is a good option for sailors of all  levels. Rather gentle morning breezes become stronger in afternoon,  offering perfect conditions for short island passages and line of sight  navigation. With an average temperature of 80F (27C) in summer, wind is  generally northwest, ranging from 10 – 20 knots in the high season from  June to August, with acceleration between the islands.

Many yachts and boats sail here from May to October — this is the  exact season when the winds come. Probably it’s the perfect time for you  to enjoy the best sailing conditions when considering a yacht charter  in Greece.

The seasonal winds may attract experienced and amateur sailors from  all around the world to improve their skills sailing between the islands  in the Aegean waters. It makes Greece a particularly attractive  playground for those who really love sailing and support the idea  “Journey is the destination”.

By the way, regattas and sailing races are held here quite often at  this time of year, so once you should definitely make your mind come to  compete and get yourself 100% rewarded.

Besides, you can sail even in winter, if you wish to do so: in the  middle of January there comes a period that locals call “Alkyonides”  (“short summer”). So it may be a good time to enjoy the beauty of  impressive seascapes, lovely villages with coastal pine forest  landscapes and archaeological sites.

Most popular yacht charter bases

Among numerous yacht charter bases in Greece, most of the sailing fleet is concentrated in five locations.

Athens yacht charter

The yacht base in Alimnos marina, Athens is an ideal spot to start  your Greek yacht charter. Along with lazy days spent sunbathing aboard a  yacht and snorkeling near secluded local beaches, you can visit some of  the world’s most incredible heritage sites: the Acropolis with  Parthenon and Daphni Monastery, or you might enjoy a day exploring the  National Archeological Museum. All this makes yacht charter in Athens a  great way to begin a superb Greek sailing vacation.

Sailing in Athens

Located in the protected Saronic Gulf, this base is ideal for  scenic and coastal cruising for skippers of all levels. Winds range is  from 10 to 20 knots (11-23 mph) with predictable changes.

If sailing in the Argolic Gulf and along the east coast of  Peloponnese, drop an anchor to explore well-organized port facilities in  some of the popular historical cities like Napflion and Tolo and visit  marinas in Porto Heli, Astros and Leonidio.

Lavrion Yach charter

Lavrion is a small town located in the southeast of Attica, famous  for its silver mining - a key source of Athenian state revenue in  ancient times. This second largest charter base in Greece opens gates to  these antique ruins as well as easy access to nearby islands.

Corfu yacht charter

Corfu base in Guovia is the nearest to the airport, so you can  step on board your yacht almost 15 minutes after arrival. Corfu boat sailing offers green-carpeted mountains, terrific beaches, diverse  nightlife and historic sites - all you need for a perfect sailing  vacation in Greece.

This region provides rather diverse sailing conditions and warm  summer weather, the main reason why sailors keep coming back to the  Ionian year after year. The southern part of Corfu has moderate winds  and calm seas, and is a great area for novice sailors hoping for a  relaxed family vacation. The northern part of Corfu typically has higher  winds which can make the sailing a bit more exiting.

Ionian Yacht charter – Lefkas

Ionian Yacht charter – Lefkas

Lefkada is a beautiful Greek island in the Ionian Sea. Its  nature is fascinating: turquoise seas, rolling hills and mountains, lush  vegetation and many lovely beaches. A yacht charter in Lefkas will not  leave you disappointed, many sailors prefer it to all other Greek  islands. The beauty of the white cliffs that stretch along the western  side of the island are both frightening and fascinating, and certainly  unforgettable. It is these captivating white cliffs that gave the island  its name - Lefkada - meaning "white" in Greek.

With a huge variety of picturesque anchorages, spectacular scenery,  white beaches and mostly flat seas, this sailing holiday will be one to  remember.

Kos yacht charter

This Greek island was once called "the garden of the Aegean  Sea" for its variety and beauty. Kos is still famous for its pristine  environment and varied landscapes, as well as rich cultural and  historical heritage. This tranquil region combines the true spirit of  Greek antiquity and all the amenities for a great yacht charter  vacation.

Kos is a small island located in the southeastern part of the Aegean  Sea belonging to the Dodecanese. Despite its size, it has become home to  some rare and interesting species of animals and birds. While on a  sailing vacation in Kos, you might see pink flamingos, Mediterranean  seals or the Caretta-Caretta turtle. The name Kos originates from the  word "crab" which served as an emblem of the island in ancient times and  was depicted on the local coins. 

The Kos area provides easy sailing in protected waters, with plenty  of picturesque stops along the way. The friendly locals will ply you  with the fruits of their winemaking and beekeeping, always happy to  share their products with visitors. A visit to Kos offers the  opportunity to enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle the islanders cherish,  with good health and longevity a top priority. It's no wonder that the  famous "father of medicine," Hippocrates, was born here. (Who lived for  nearly 100 years, by the way!)

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