• Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Main image - 0
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Toilet - 1
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Gangway - 2
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Cabin - 3
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Interior - 4
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Outside Area - 5
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Plan image - 6
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Cockpit - 7
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Interior image - 8
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Layout - 9
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Barbeque - 10
  • Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Main image - 0
    Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Toilet - 1
    Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Gangway - 2
    Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Cabin - 3
    Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Interior - 4
    Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Outside Area - 5
    Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Plan image - 6
    Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Cockpit - 7
    Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Interior image - 8
    Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Layout - 9
    Bali 4.8 (Calypso) Barbeque - 10

    Lefkada (Greece)





    Number of people

    Lowest price from 14/10 to 21/10/2023

    Price for 7 days
    $10,365 $7,038

    Price per 1 day

    Price per 1 hour

    • Mandatory services:

    • Optional services

    • Total price

    • Damage deposit

    Total price $7,656

    for 7 days

    Free cancellation of reservation, no obligations! The boat will be on hold for you for 4 days free of charge.
    VISA and MasterCard accepted.
    mastercard visa

    Catamaran Bali 4.8 (2020 )

    14.06 m
    7.88 m
    1.35 m
    2 x 57 hp
    • Bowthruster
    • Generator
    • Air conditioner
    • Watermaker
    • Electric Toilet
    • Furling main sail
    • Batten main sail
    • 220V Inverter
    • Air-conditioning
    • Aluminium-teak gangway
    • Anchor chain
    • Benches and seats with fixed table and sunbed
    • Bimini
    • Complete navigation system
    • Dinghy with Outboard
    • Electric gangway
    • Electric winch
    • Electric windlass
    • Electrical davits
    • Full set of electronic instruments
    • Gas oven
    • Generator
    • Genoa
    • Icemaker
    • Lazy bag
    • Lazy jacks
    • Mainsail
    • Solar Panels
    • Watermaker
    Unit price
    Mandatory services
    $419 (per charter)
    Mandatory services
    $16 (per charter)
    Mandatory services
    $10 (per charter)
    $209 (per week)
    $199 (per day)
    $188 (per day)
    $199 (per day)
    07.10 - 14.10


    14.10 - 21.10


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    18.11 - 25.11


    25.11 - 02.12


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    30.12 - 06.01


    Customer reviews

    Rating: 1 / 5
    calculated from 1 reviews

    Douglas Baillie
    United Kingdom
    “Do not use. Dishonest Company”

    We hired a yacht from Kos through this company but their customer service is non-existent and once they have your money they don't care. I wouldn't use them again. Better to hire directly from the Company who actually own the yachts (Archon) rather a company who have no-one actually there to help you if there is a problem (Ionian). Interesting to read the other negative reviews. If you hire from them it might all be fine but if there's a problem then good luck! I don't think they are an honest company. We hired a yacht in Kos last summer from Ionian Sailing. I found them to be somewhat misleading in that they made it sound like they were the company we were hiring the yacht from. They weren't. They are an agent. We were told to check in at the marina and spent a frustrating 15 minutes wandering about trying to find the 'Ionian Sailing' Office. There isn't one and they hadn't thought it necessary to tell us this!? Not a good start. At it was we were amongst the last to check in on the boat. Things got worse from there. We had spent a considerable time arranging provisions to be delivered to the yacht before our holiday, this was done directly through Ionain. The lady we checked in with knew nothing about it. The delivery never arrived. It was extremely difficult to do anything about this as there was no-one from Ionian Sailing physically there who could help us. I phoned someone who was part of Ionian but she wasn't any help. Eventually a representative of the company onsite (Archon) took on our problem and was extremely helpful. We had to completely start again and make the order there and then (stressful and difficult with everything else going on, especially with 2 young children). We finally got our provisions after 5.30pm. The Archon rep told me that normally the provisions ordered in advance were delivered prior to the guests coming aboard and Archon stored them for you. This is very far from the service we received. The result of this is that we were practically the last to leave the marnia more than 2 hours after we should have left. This made our first journey far more stressful than it should have been as we were now concerned about reaching our destination before sundown. I accept that things like this can happen and it's when they do you learn how good a company is. This is where Ionian Sailing completely let themselves down. They refused to accept any responsbility for the delivery failure and merely blamed the supermarket. I didn't accept this, Ionain were offering the provisioning as a service and set our expectations that this would be provided. Any failure on this rests with them. It is is similar to the boat itself. They are not directly responsible for the boat (Archon were) but were taking responsibility for it as they are providing the service. This failure had a significant effect on the first day of our sailing holiday and for Ionian to point blank refuse to do anything about it was unacceptable. They charge a (frankly outrageous) cleaning fee of 150EU and I know that this is often used as a convenient way of negotiating compensation for unsatisfactory aspects of a charter. When I made these points to them following their initial refusal to treat my complaint seriously they didn't even have the grace to reply. I don't expect this sort of customer service from a company I have paid thousands of Euros to, it is outrageous, and I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth regarding the whole thing. So to repeat my advice, when you are looking at chartering a yacht I strongly recommed you try to hire directly from the Company that actually owns the yachts, in this case on Kos - Archon. Their employees were great, really helpful and the yacht was as expected. However, once they have your money, Ionian Sailing cease to care about you and I would recommend you look elsewhere.

    Does this boat have insurance?

    Yes. Catamaran Bali 4.8, Calypso is offered by professional charter company and has hull and third party liability insurance.

    Damage Deposit

    Damage Deposit (refundable) - amount you are liable for in case of any damages. $3,141 should be paid on the spot in Lefkada (Greece) before embarkation and will be refunded at the end of the charter if no damages were done to the Catamaran.

    What is Damage waiver?

    Damage Waiver (additional insurance). If you would like to reduce amount of Damage Deposit from $3,141 to a smaller amount, you may purchase additional insurance (Damage Waiver) that will reduce the amount of your liability.

    Do I need sailing or boating license for the bareboat charter?

    In most of the regions, like the Caribbean, South-East Asia, Oceania, no special sailing documents are needed for the bareboat charter. The only thing you need to provide is your sailing resume, so that the base manager can see if you are qualified enough to rent Bali 4.8 Catamaran in Greece. Once you get the approval, you are good to go.

    On the other hand for bareboat charter in Europe and some other countries you have to provide internationally recognized sailing certificates like: IYT Bareboat Skipper, RYA Day Skipper, ASA 104 plus IPC. Ask booking manager for the requirements. Detailed information here: BBC things to know

    Cancellation policy

    Free cancellation within 4 days after the on-line reservation. Once you’ve reserved Bali 4.8 on 12 knots web site it will be on hold for you for the next 4 days free of charge. If the booking of this Catamaran is cancelled 46 days prior to the charter 30% of the charter fee will be retained. There is no refund if the cancellation is less than 46 days prior to the charter. Pls. check booking agreement and charter terms for the actual cancellation policy, as these terms may vary from the example above.

    Booking procedure

    1. make reservation of the web site.
    2. manager will check your sailing resume (bareboat charter approval will be sent via e-mail)
    3. Booking agreement for the Bali 4.8 charter in Greece will be sent to sign electronically
    4. Invoice for the down payment (wire or credit card)
    Bali 4.8 is a comfortable Catamaran available for charter in Greece. With 6 cabins and 12 berths, it has the ability to cater up to 12 people overnight. This makes this yacht a perfect choice for families or small groups of friends who wish to explore the region. Make and online reservation with 12knots and experience a great sailing trip in Greece.


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