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Jeff Ott

Yacht charters Jan 2019 BVI

“Everyone had a very nice time”

Thank you - it was a really nice experience. You were very helpful during our departure and arrival. The boat was amazing, well outfitted, and everyone had a very nice time. I'll be sure to send you some photos over the weekend. We also have some drone footage I'll try to get to you.

Colin Bond

Cabin charters Jan 2019 BVI

“I was slightly nervous going in”

It was absolutely terrific and if you’ll let me know which websites you list on I’m happy to leave 100% positive reviews there. I was slightly nervous going in, because you have a relatively small English language web presence, but I couldn’t be more pleased. Happy to expand your service to more US based folks.

Alberto Monzoni

Cabin charters Jan 2019 Bahamas

“We have enjoyed a lot 2 weeks on Catamaran in Bahamas”

We have enjoyed a lot 2 weeks on Catamaran in Bahamas. We have sailed in Abaco and mainly in Exuma; we did a great tour. The catamaran was very nice and roomy. The captain, Tony, was great: very professional and capable, always at our disposal, familiar but not invasive. He knew how to sail safely in Bahamas (shallow water). We made him pretty busy to follow our request to see as much islands as possible. Thanks to him we enjoyed also some good fishing (and eating tuna and dorado). The 5 kids enjoy a lot. A great thank also to Carrie and the other guys that has covered our request at boarding in order to improve the kitchen stuff, local sim, etc.; we had to live and cook 2 weeks on the boat. I really recommend the experience we had in Bahamas. Ciao to everybody from the chilly Bologna (this night is snowing here) Alberto, Antonella and the 5 kids

Oscar Serra

Yacht charters Sep 2018 Croatia

“We tried to make the most of it, but it was far from ideal”

Hey Grigory, thanks for asking. The boat was not in good condition. For example, there were no mooring, deck or motoring lights, so we feared a boat would hit us while we slept, and were not complying with the law while sailing at night. The anchor was only 40m long, so we could only dock safely in around 10 meters depth, which was also too close to the shore to sleep well. The anchor switch did not work and released the anchor while docking, so we destroyed a few mooring lines. The oars were for a toy boat, and they obviously broke, and they wanted us to pay for them. If they do, we are going for a lawsuit altogether. Oh, and the GPS was a total joke so we had to purchase one for our phones for 50€.

Gerzsenyi Andras

Yacht charters Aug 2018 Croatia

“The boat was in super condition”

The charter was excellent, everything perfect. The boat was in super condition (brand new), and very clean. The staff was helpful, and very kind. We enjoyed the trip very much and are looking forward to our next booking.

Matthew Gunnison

Yacht charters Aug 2018 Sweden

“Thanks for helping to coordinate!”

It was terrific, thanks. Sail Marine is a great outfit. Thanks for helping to coordinate! Best, Matt

Andrew Wade

Yacht charters Aug 2018 Greece

“We enjoyed ourselves and have a bundle of stories we can now laugh about”

We’ve chatted about this a few times and how it be best addressed. I think constructively would be the best way. Overall the captains skill level, regard for safety, approach towards ensuring the guests are happy with the path and desires they are setting sail looking to achieve are admirable. He is a genuine gentleman. There was a couple of things that we were not clear on that we weren’t sure what the one thing is. Regarding food and drinks, is it considered standard that we cover all these expenses for the captain? All in all this wasn’t a big issue however we were left wondering if this was our responsibility or his. The impact of this was really felt when the expectation extended to his wife Brenda. He did the right thing and asked if we were ok if she came along as with her many years on the sea and a new boat there may be benefits attached. We said yes and we were fine with this on paper. The one mistake perhaps we weren’t clear on was the associated cost of her was pretty much left to us to pick up. In any normal circumstances a bit of give and take in this department would be fine. However overall there was no monetary or F&B contributions made by them other than a a little tea and coffee and a nip of rum on one occasion that they revealed from the room. Other than that every meal and every drink consumed on the boat by them was extracted from our supplies. This was unexpected. As I say a bit of give and take would have probably washed this issue right by but not so. I personally left the boat feeling like I had bought her a holiday and her overall personality and demeanor was detrimental to the holiday we should have had. I take responsibility for this as we allowed it. There were a few other small issues that arose that seemed a little awkward at the time but I get the fact the boat was his new toy and he appreciates it and perhaps looks after it in a way your average captain who doesn't have a vested interest wouldn’t. But these issues were nothing we couldn’t work through as adults living in confined spaces for a week. All in all the boat was fantastic. However if we elected to have a captain next time I would be a little reluctant to have him but wouldn’t rule it out. I definitely wouldn’t have him with her and I 150% would not want to share another confined space with his wife on a boat, plane, train or car. I am interested to know what sort of feedback you’ve received from others on the same question? I do imagine the feedback could be split sharply one way or the other. But overall we enjoyed ourselves and have a bundle of stories we can now laugh about.

Angelica Ziebe

Cabin charters Jul 2018 Seychelles

“We had an excellent time in Seychelles!”

We had an excellent time in Seychelles ¡Excellent staff, everything went perfect and we had a lot of fun! I really want to thank you for all your cooperation and help during this time! Now I am back home with very nice memories and experience Again thank you very much I hope we are in business again some day Pls let me know if you have something interesting.

Jennifer Tumlin

Cabin charters Jul 2018 BVI

“I had a great time and would definitely do it again”

We had a great time, the boat was beautiful, clean, and in working order. Our chef (Ina) was excellent and provided a variety of fresh dishes in astounding volumes. There was plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, water etc. Damien, the captain deviated from the itinerary but I trusted his advice, and we had fun swimming and snorkeling, etc. He was very gracious about taking us out in the dinghy when swimming (due to strong currents and waves) also whenever we wanted to go to shore. He always had our safety in mind, I nick-named him Captain Cautious, but I didn't mind as it never interfered with my activities and I understand his responsibility over us.

Meredith Mason

Cabin charters Jul 2018 French Polynesia

“The boat was beautiful and the crew was awesome!”

Hello Grigory, Our trip was great! We weren't really sure what to expect since we had never chartered a cabin before..... It definitely exceeded our expectations! The boat was beautiful and the crew was awesome! Definitely some of the best food and snorkeling adventures of our trip! Thank You, Meredith and Brandon

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