All this information you'll have at the tips of your fingers now! So many of us are often booking air tickets and hotels online (with, or It's easy and convenient. Information is available from different devices, offering you great selection practically within no time. And what about renting a sailing boat? No doubt, experienced sailors do know the procedure: where to send a request form, how long to wait for a response, etc. It's understandable - because there was no other service for yachts rentals. In December of 2015 company "12 Knots" launched first mobile version of web site for yacht rentals, cabin charters, cruises and regattas. This revolutionary project was the first of its kind in the world, designed "from scratch", to fit mobile devices.


The mobile version has the same three basics, as the main site: yacht charters on-line search engine; on-line booking of sailing cruises and regattas; detailed information on live aboard sailing courses on motor yachts, catamarans and sailboats. From now on your can easily find detailed information on any boat, sailing cruise or training simply using your mobile devise iPhone or iPad. 12 Knots offers more than 8,000 yachts for bareboat and crewed charter, number of sailing regattas and yacht cruises in more than 40 countries for any dates you desire.


Wide variety of sailing destinations around the world: the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, South- Western Asia, Oceania (the New Zealand islands). The company offers boat rentals in 300 different bases. The information on the web site is updated daily, so your search results are always up to date with real time availability and prices. User-friendly design of the web site makes it easy to find the schedule for sailing courses, special promotional deals or some discounts or special offers for boat rentals. It took 6 months to launch mobile version of the web, but more improvements are coming and new features will be available soon, which will make service even better. "We realized great necessity and importance of mobile applications. All our clients are very active, busy people, who appreciate technology nowadays. Our goal was to make their search and selection of sailing vacation easy and accessible. We are proud that we are the first company to launch this mobile site that makes it possible to rent sailing boats this way, “- said Grigory Elisseev, the General Director of “”