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By the cabin charter is the right choice when an entire yacht is more than you need. 12 Knots offers great alternative – all-inclusive crewed yacht charters in Caribbean, Mediterranean and South-East Asia. Perfect for couples and singles, stateroom charters allow you to indulge in the luxury Crewed yacht charter for the price of a cabin
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12 Knots offers cabin charters on a sailing yacht in Spain. Enjoy unforgettable sailing trip on skippered yacht for the price of a cabin. Great itinerary from Alicante to Ibiza, Formentera and back.

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from € 816 ($916)
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About stateroom charters on crewed yachts

Charter by a cabin is the right choice when an entire yacht is more than you need. 12 Knots offers staterooms on yachts in diverse locations to make you indulge all-inclusive crewed yacht charter for the price of a single cabin.

Over the past few years, demand for what is called stateroom charters in the U.S., or by the cabin charters in Europe has become enormously popular among couples and singles. All stateroom vacations include a spacious air-conditioned cabin with a double bed and a private bathroom aboard a premium yacht.

This type of sailing vacation could be a perfect solution for people who don’t have license for bare boat charter, or those who simply want to relax and experience life aboard of fully crewed luxury yacht, at a fair price.


Catering while on stateroom charter

You rent a stateroom or cabin, just like you would do on a cruise ship, but without thousands of people around you. Like in boutique hotel you will be among handful of chosen, where professional crew will handle all aspects of the yacht, and a chef prepares gourmet meals for the outdoor dining and drinks on deck under the stars.

Meals on board are prepared from fresh local products, while chef always tries to mix the flavor of traditional and local cuisine. On occasion, yacht crews even catch fresh Tuna or Mahi-Mahi right from the catamaran. Now that is a tasty meal!


Locations and itineraries

12 Knots stateroom charters are available in the British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Martinique, France, Madagascar, Thailand and other destinations. We can offer 4 to 10 days packages with the excitement and freedom of a private yacht charter.

Your sailing vacation will be on board of a 59 to 82-foot luxury catamaran that will take you to private anchorages and special snorkeling spots unavailable to large cruise ships and tourist crowds. By the cabin charter on crewed catamarans you will experience a far more intimate vacation exploring unspoiled lagoons, reefs teeming with sea life and splendid anchorages with pristine beaches.

All sailing vacations itineraries are made with short passages from one to maximum five hours each day. So, you will find enough time for excursions and water sports or for hanging out and relaxing on the sun lounges of your luxury catamaran.

Luxury yachts usually have from 4 to 10 cabins, which is a far below the number of cabins on cruise ships made for the mass tourism.



Most charter guests are from different nations, intelligent, successful and open to a great conversation and lasting friendships. Great, attentive company, with discrete service, all this will create unforgettable vacation memories.

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