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Spain cruises

Spain is not just the country that started the era of great  geographical discoveries it is also known as a birthplace of yachting.  So, if you dream of a sailing trip, probably Spain is right place to start.

It is the fourth largest country in Europe, located in its south-west  of the Iberian Peninsula that includes Canary Islands and the Balearic  Islands. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean  Sea, so all kinds of sailing cruises are very popular all over the  country. We hope that Spain can be a starting point for your vacation as  well, as it has a lot to offer: 300 sunny days during the year, nice  warm sea and moderate winds and over 329 comfortable marinas all over  the coast and islands, with excellent service and infrastructure.

Climate in Spain

Despite different climate zones due to the size of the country,  Spain still considered to be one of the warmest countries in Europe.  Planning your sailing trip on the southern part you may expect  Mediterranean climate characterized by hot and dry weather in summer and  mild rainy winter. The average annual temperature on the Mediterranean  coast does not exceed +25-30C.

Places to visit in Spain

It is worth saying that the main feature of yachting in Spain is  its numerous marinas. Due to their extremely good location you need only  a couple of hours to get from one anchorage to another. When you are  going to visit this region pay attention that there four main locations  for yachting: the Canary Islands, that are located in the Atlantic  Ocean; the Strait of Gibraltar; the Balearic Islands in the  Mediterranean Sea; the coast of Spain itself. All these locations are  extremely popular for sailing cruises and can offer vast variety of  entertainment on shore and at sea: windsurfing, kayaking, beachcombing,  diving, museums, exhibitions, numerous bars and restaurants.

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