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Seychelles sailing trip

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 coral and granite  islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. Northeast of Madagascar.  This pristine hideaway of white-sand beaches, majestic cliffs,  palm-fringed jungles and azure waters is a mostly uninhabited paradise  for those who can afford cabin charter cruise in this costly  destination.

Hop from island to island in perfect harmony with this unspoiled  paradise and discover new islands that will illuminate your senses. With  number of diverse itineraries with different emphases, anything from  diving to relaxed cruising, you will be surrounded with amazing fauna  and flora.

Experience nature, corals, palm trees, jungles, mountains and  stunning natural landscape as you explore the islands and come away  feeling like a whole new person. There’s nothing quite like gently  floating on the blue waters, surrounded by nothing more than the sound  of water and the heat from the sun.

Snorkel or dive and uncover an amazing underwater world. Walk into  centuries old rain forests with unique species of wild life and sight  the rare black parrots, the world famous Coco de Mer palm trees or giant  land tortoises.

Seychelles yacht cruises

Whether you’re choosing a sailing trip for a romantic honeymoon,  or just a break away from work, this island hopping cruise will leave  you with pleasant memories for the rest of your life. Dive, relax on the  beach, or visit Seychelles capital – Victoria and immerse yourself in  the relaxed island culture. Check local markets, enjoy fresh seafood and  walk around the streets while mingling with friendly locals. Seychelles  sailing trip can make everybody happy and that is only one reason to  call it a paradise.

If you want to get away and experience an  unforgettable sailing holiday in the sun and sea, make a reservation for  a Seychelles cruise and get ready for an experience of a lifetime.

Best time for sailing trip in Seychelles

The climate is predominantly sub-equatorial with two main  seasons. December to May in the Seychelles is hot with average  temperature reaching +29°C, while from June to November it is much  cooler with the average temperature around 24°C.

Dry season lasts from May to October when the southeast trade winds  (Southeast Monsoon) bring a relatively dry air. July-August is a peak  season with little precipitation and temperatures around 27°C. During  this period seas can be a little choppy.

By November, winds start to change, bringing light, warmer air and  indicating the start of the rainy season. From December to March with  Northwest Monsoon, Seychelles gets extremely wet, especially in January.  Though during this time the vegetation is lush, the winds are mostly  light and the sun is warmest. This is also the cyclone season, though  only the most remote southern islands are within the cyclone belt.

The best time for diving is spring from March to May and autumn from  September to November. From May to October is a great time for  windsurfing and sailing in Seychelles, but you may enjoy cruising on the  islands almost all year round.

Seychelles cuisine

The mixture of Indian, Southeast Asian, British and French  influences reflects itself in the blender of international and Creole  cuisine - fresh seafood, fruits and local spices. Octopus is frequently  seen on the menu and is very good in all forms (in salads or coconut  curries); red snapper is a favorite grilled dish and the adventurous  ones may try a fruit bat curry.

There is no other way to truly enjoy this piece of haven, but to hop  from one island to the next on a sailing boat, anchoring at snorkeling  or other spots of your desire. Beaches with rough currents will be  signposted, so watch for the warning. Many Marine National Parks invite  you to whale- shark sightings and turtle nesting sites, as well as to  explore rich underwater coral reefs with abundance of incredible sea  life. This country with astonishing beaches and tropical waters is one  big playground for diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and etc. And  sailing will be the ultimate way to indulge the essence of this part of  the world.

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