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Cuba sailing tours

This caribberan island is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, the  Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Cuba's nearest neighbors are the  United States, the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and  Mexico. Sailing vacation in Cuba begins from the city of Cienfuegos,  where you will get on board and discover legendary Royal gardens. Then  the catamaran will sail to Trinidad, a beautiful colonial town with rich  history. Here you will explore an amazing underwater world with few  hundred species of fish. And it is also possible to remain indifferent  to the magnificent white sandy beaches and crystal clear water that is  ideal for snorkeling.

Sailing trip

Cruise holidays in Cuba are getting more and more popular for the  unique character of island and its wonderful climate. Cuba is located in  tropics, with prevailing trade winds. As a result, the temperature of  the island rarely drops below 22 degrees Celsius. High humidity creates  abundance of flora and comfort during your stay.

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